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They use Windows in Gensokyo?

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No, only mac. Touhou have taste, you peasant.

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Windows, internet, computers... Everuthing was created there.

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Win 3.11 is probably already in Gensokyo. But still I own original 3.11 windows that I had on my first computer. And Win95 had a lot of blue screens without reason.

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Oh boy, I can't wait to report the coming max/windows argument.

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They're Touhous, not pretentious faggots.

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They are not capitalists, they use UNIX.

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Seeing how Touhou was made for the Windows Operating Systems, it's obvious they'd used Windows.

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trying too hard

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Then my Windows 3.1 machine, complete with DOS 6.21, has probably sneaked out of my basement and into Gensokyo.

Yes, DOS 6.21. If ever there was a "lost and forgotten" OS, that'd be it.

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All computers in Gensokyo are the PC-98.

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I like how you can potentially be both gay and straight, smart and retarded in this graph.

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Stallman is the form all Touhous assume upon entering the 3D realm.

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It's canon that there is atleast one iPod in Gensokyo. Touhous confirmed for hipsters.

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>not gay

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All smart or straight people also are either gay or retarded.


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