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I'm starting to suspect this Lowtax fellow doesn't approve of the 2D ideal.

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You don't say.

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So why would you cry about SA banning you on /jp/?

Go bitch about it to them, or /b/, I hear they love drama between different forums.

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Welcome to 2004.

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The moderation was also heavy-handed and randomly enforced. Lonely and underemployed losers served as mods and took out their many frustrations out on users entirely to the profit of the company as each ban required an additional re-registration fee. Saying anything at all contrary to the opinions of these mods or admins was “sass”, a bannable offense. If you were a member of a subculture that was not of the admins’ liking, you would not fare well for very long there. Furries in particular were subject to serious harassment.

I had been a fan of the SA front page and like all the best decisions mine to join was made while drunk early in ‘03. I was largely afraid to say much of anything on SA as every attempt at discussion was potentially a costly one. On the bright side, the place by this point was mostly a front for a collection of bittorrent trackers which turned out to be very much worth the registration fee.

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SA is the worst place for anime. All the people left on that shitty anime boards are all normal fags who quadruple check their posts before posting to make sure they don't come off as what is considered a pedophile on SA.

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This just in, nobody fucking cares here.
This isn't SA.

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SA never liked anime. Nowadays they're even more bitter because their shitty site was made irrelevant by a site that was pretty much developped as response to that place.

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>paying money to post on a forum

Stopped reading there.

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Why would you use SA for anything other than the LP forum?

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I joined for the torrent forums

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A permaban for liking something he doesn't like?

And people willingly pay $10 to post on his forum?

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isn't that why moot made 4chan?

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More or less. Also, because imageboards.

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I was tempted to join because I figured the $10 fee would at least weed out the teenagers and kids.

Then I remembered moot was an SA member before he made 4chan, and he made 4chan when he was like 14.

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Forums like that make me puke

I got banned for being "Racist" in the spam section once.

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Funny how all the ones hating on SA in this thread are likely shitposters.

I would gladly pay money if it meant getting rid of the trolls, raids + the /a/ and /v/ crowd

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