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Radiative moe zone.

Be cautiously when entering one~~

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This board is just not complete without a thread specifically pertaining to each of the secondary fap favorites.

Okuu, Yuuka, Flandre, Cirno, Sakuya, and [your favorite touhou]

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Shut up and learn your place.

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you seem sad

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Why does that artist love drawing Touhous getting poked in the cheek?

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Cause it's fucking adorable.

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Gonna need an artist sauce on the cheek poking.

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I don't know much about Okuu but that arm had better be a cannon.

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Don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

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It isn't. It's a graphite rod, akin to what is used in Nuclear energy plants. That thing on her right foot represents the "Elephant foot of Chernobyl"

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Right newbie. On here we're self-sufficient, and you need to be as well. Learn how the site IQDB works.

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What does she do with a graphite rod on her arm? That doesn't seem useful at all.

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She tends to the nuclear fission going on in... Hell, iirc.

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Well that isn't a cool as a cannon arm but I guess someones has to control nuclear fission in hell.

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Addendum: It isn't graphite. Graphite is a medium that serves to slow them movement of atoms, allowing for more fission. It's still a control rod, anyways.

Still, most of her get-up is just symbolic of her magical, nuclear powers. Cannon or not she can probably blast you with energy~

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Cute bird

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So.... this is an okuu thread right?

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Posting a superior bird in a bird touhou thread

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Hourly Okuu thread
/jp/ otaku culture moar like /jp/ okuu culture XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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As much as I would love to help in this thread.... to tired. Maybe in ~8-10 hours when I wake up. Good night/morning/evening/whatever guys.

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Why is Okuu looking surprised while failing to eat hard boiled eggs and practice calligraphy simultaneously so cute?

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>radioactive moe zone
>radioactive moe Zone

Would you go into The Zone to go artifact hunting with Okuu?

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Because it's Okuu

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It all makes sense now, thanks.

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You will never have enough vodka to keep your radiation down to last 1 hunting trip with Okuu nearby.

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>implying I didn't get that mod a year agp

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Am I the only one who believes that Okuu DOESN'T leave trails of radiation everywhere she goes anymore?

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>Okuu DOESN'T leave trails of radiation everywhere she goes

Well that's not very funny at all

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Is she an amputee with a granite stick on her arm or is her normal arm just encased in granite?

This is important, I find amputees creepy.

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>I find amputees creepy.


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It's a modal arm attachment, with a special tentacle penis hand.

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think we nid some hentai here :X

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Get out.

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lewd thoughts about utsuho are bad

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What if I want to have loving consensual sex with her in the missionary position for the sole purpose of reproduction and making a family? Is that so wrong?

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cannibal, ornitophagist!

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As long as they're unfertilized, it doesn't count. Then, the problem is that she's attempting to eat products of (probably her own) menstruation.

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Touhous don't menstruate.

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Sauce on this yet, anyone?

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Yeah. Read >>7622706

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Well that's no fun, it's only Yuuka and Okuu he's drawn being poked in the cheek.

I demand the entire Touhou cast be lolified and cheek-poked.

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First you demand to be spoonfed, and now you demand pieces of art?

Go back to /a/. Your attitude reeks of it anyway.

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Why is she so perfect?

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Did any more of these ever get uploaded?

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Sure is bird youkai on the front page.

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That chocolate doesn't look very safe.

I'd still accept it.

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Owner of those books here. I wanted to try better methods of scanning and compression before I uploaded the rest but I've been lazy this past week. Not sure if many people on /jp/ are experienced with scanning though so I don't know how to really get better quality without lots of trial and error. I'll upload more soon if I can find out how to compress it into smaller PNG's but as of now each page was like over 5mb.

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Who knows, maybe it'll turn you immortal, a man can hope right?

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Sometimes I wonder if Okuu has a good sense of humor and can make people laugh.

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And then I see those rude tits and I realize that I don't need to care about her personality.

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>can make people laugh
Rin is laughing at how dumb Okuu is.

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>rude tits

This is for you.

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New save-worthy image released in a while.

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Just the thread I was waiting to see on the frontpage.

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Guess I'll save Okuu from death one last time.

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Good morning!

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I wonder if I could get Okuu to help me with my job at plant Farley....

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I do enjoy me some batshit crazy Okuu.

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She looks more happy than mad. In a malicious sort of way.

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Such a cute smile.

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Not mad like "I'm angry at you". Mad like, "I've lost my fucking mind, and you look like a cheeseburger. And I'm hungry. Fuck you, human!"

Like that.

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Me in the middle with my head snug between her enormous milk jugs.

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Those panels made me cringe. Good thing she was okay.

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Few things in life have made my feel nice inside. Not the birth of my godson. Not the return of my friend from overseas. Not the blessing of my elders. But this comic has made me feel okay.

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Best friends forever.

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New Okuu Dakimakura coming out sometime next month. Does /jp/ approve? I'll be getting her for sure.

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YES. Where are you getting her from?

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From here.

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I guess they don't ship outside of Japan? Guess i'll have to use a proxy cause all they say is that it is free EMS inside Japan. Did you preorder it?

Personally I think its quite better than the one in my pic, I just don't like the lewd side of it.... all... burned and stuff. Spoilered for mild nudity.

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>I guess they don't ship outside of Japan?

Most placed don't, so you'd have to use a proxy service.

This is the one I use for all my stuff.

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Aw man, its either one of those new griffon figs in August or this dakimakura. ... but... its... okuu.... Guess im gonna be going with the dakimakura. Haven't seen many of her and only about one other that I like at that. Might as well get it.

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All this attention and love for your favorite reporter corvid is making your favorite pet corvid jealous.

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Don't worry, Okuu, we love ya too. Birds are best, now and forever.

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Speaking of which, can birds actually get jealous?

>> No.7640283

Birds are pretty clever. Some of them probably have basic emotions like that. But, you know, this is Okuu we're talking about, so probably not. She's pretty much bottom of the barrel as far as that scale goes.

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How can you be so mean?

>> No.7640399

I once had a crow in my back garden that I would feed scraps to and after a while it got very friendly with me, it would come within a meter of me and just sort of sit and stare at me for a while or until I fed it, anyway, after a while it would start to chase off any other birds that I happened to spend any time looking at.

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To be incapable of jealousy is a sign of a pure heart.

Well, envy. But close enough.

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That's an adorable story. I bet he/she loved you.

>> No.7640403

Yandere stalker bird. Its all fun and games till you look over one night while masturbating and find her red eyes glaring at you through the glass.

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>and find her red eyes glaring at you through the glass

And equipped with an atomic mini-sun cannon.

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Why do people insist on assuming that is some kind of cannon. I don't see how someone can not know that it is, by canon, a fission reactor control rod, and still like Okuu enough to draw this shit.

>> No.7640523

i could go on about the correlations between grahite's electrical conductivity and it's tempereature and how it could be legitimately used, in theory, as a power source for some kind of electrical weapon, but the truth is it's not that complex - it's fanon, not canon.

>> No.7640552

the cannon is fanon?

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Because, don't you think it would be a little boring if every Touhou was drawn "As is" by everyone all the time? Most people find having artistic freedom more fun than following strict guidelines on how they should interpret something visually.

>> No.7640567

But it isn't a graphite rod, that's a moderator, not a neutron poison.

Still, it's deliberate ignorance.

>> No.7640574

The lack of, or presence of a significant accessory (perhaps one essential to their characterization) is a completely different thing than an artistic license. I reserve the right to be mad about things other people do.

Also, please apply your (noko)sages if you're responding to me. I don't trust this topic as being /jp/ related.

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>> No.7640591

On second glance, my grammar here is fleeting.
Neutron poison = Control Rod (more or less)
Graphite Rod != Control rod

I beg your pardon.

>> No.7640604

I believe she's seen without it in one of her manga appearances. It's not like she needs it when she's not managing the reactor.

>> No.7640607

This makes perfect sense, but giving her an arm cannon is inexplicable.

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>> No.7640803

wow op here, i didn't know my thread was kept alive for the whole 5 days! Im impressed with the okuu fans out there! keep supporting y'all!

>> No.7640824

I do believe that her control rod should not be a cannon but didn't it act like one or appear to act like one in soku ? Either way, yeah, it isn't an arm cannon, she ain't some sort of nuclear-female-hellraven-megaman.

One other thing that annoys me (more than arm cannon) is when artists draw either her control rod on the wrong arm or swap the positions of the electrons and elephants foot up on her legs. Also when they draw her with an arm cannon and no electrons (or elephants foot).

>> No.7640857

In 12.3 a few of her spell cards and her j.2[A] involve throwing a massive amount of nuclear energy from the end of the control rod like a cannon. Then again, taking 12.3 gameplay as canon is pretty questionable.

>> No.7640963

As much as I love control rod detachable okuu under the same argument the manga isn't canon either. I mean, it may have been written by Zun but not drawn by him. Not only that but do you really believe what happened in SSiB? I know this isn't the one where okuu has her control rod off but the manga isn't really very canon either. Similar issue is aya's wings, sometimes on, sometimes off.... Anyways yeah, I do believe it ain't a canon and I do believe that it is removable but unfortunately we don't know fully until Zun himself states one or the other.

>> No.7640979

Considering the actual functionality of a nuclear control rod, it seems like those attacks probably are a sort of (haphazard) visual representation of the chain-reaction fission that such a rod can induce in a reactor.

Regardless, they're all crucial details to her character- she's practically defined by her duties.

>> No.7641353

There's nothing to say that SSiB isn't canon. The only work you can really argue is non-canon is Inaba and that's because it's a gag manga.

It sure looks like a cannon. I forgot to mention that all of her regular bullet moves use it that way also. But you're right, seeing as she can summon nuclear energy out of mysterious floating symbols, thin air, and out of the ground, she could just be summoning energy on the end of a perfectly normal control rod.

>> No.7641420

Well, I've heard it said that crows and ravens are some of the easiest birds to domesticate. Not sure if that covers them going yandere on you.

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Goddamn captcha keeps eating this. Third time lucky?

>> No.7641430

>taking (...) gameplay as canon is pretty questionable

>the manga isn't really very canon either


Fine, nothing is canon, problem solved. Believe and do whatever you wish. ZUN would probably agree.

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Did you people forget that she took her control rod off in Reimu's A and B endings? That's ZUN-confirmed enough for me.

And the control rod is a cannon in terms of the word itself, while she can shoot a different wave of patterns using her other hand, her moves that involve the control rod apparently ''focus'' that energy and shoot concentrated beams and giant suns (mega/giga flares).

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Gameplay, not the games. It can hardly be said that gameplay is entirely canon, since Reimu and Marisa can either take thousands of bullets or take a single bullet before they die depending on which way they're facing and which one's larger.

>> No.7642391

No one ever said that spellcard battles have only one ruleset for all occasions. No one said they must necessarily be symmetrical either.

>> No.7642403

I'm very okay with Sanakan Okuu

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Would /jp/ bathe with Okuu and help her wash?

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Would /jp/ bathe with Okuu and help her wash?

>> No.7642819
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as long as there's nothing naughty going on

>> No.7642852

Something seems very wrong about a bird youkai using that phrase.

>> No.7642874

is that red eye thing actually part of her chest or just part of her outfit?

>> No.7643572
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Okuu at Ikea testing the comfortableness of office chairs.

>> No.7643594

Silly Bird-brain, that chair is far too big for her!
But this is what a control rod does! By inserting it or removing it into/from a reactor, it decreases or increases the availability of neutrons to control the rate of fission- vis. "focusing" the energy.

>> No.7643746 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.7643852
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Okuu, your shirts on fire...

>> No.7644157
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>> No.7644219
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>> No.7644222
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Oh God, the things I would do to that sexy bird...

>> No.7644236
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I would make love to her until neither one of us could move anymore...

>> No.7644248
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>> No.7644253
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>> No.7644272
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>> No.7644366
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And that's what a cannon does, at least the magic/superlaser ones, focus the energy from a source (in this case her ability itself) and release it in a concentrated fire. In essence, all magic/laser beams are actually control rods, at least, Okuu's control rod.

>> No.7644389
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How come Okuu seems to be the one that is most commonly associated with footbal?

Maybe it's because of the Japanese Football Federation's yatagarasu, which is suppoed to be Okuu's species?

Pic is related.

>> No.7644647
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(ノ) ・ω・ (ヾ)

>> No.7645859
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Look, its your child anon!

>> No.7645979

... I somehow doubt the veracity of your claim.

>> No.7646002

Egg and Chips, ni-WHAT?

>> No.7646026
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Words cannot describe how badly I want this book...


>> No.7646034

It is entirely possible to order from Toranoana from overseas using a proxy. Why not do that?

>> No.7646042
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That's the plan. I've already sent in a request to order it from a proxy along with half a dozen other books. Now I'm just waiting on a response and hoping pre-orders don't run out before it's too late. This is another book that I'll be sharing the scans with /jp/.

>> No.7646050

This you by any chance?


>> No.7646059


Yes sir.

>> No.7646073

Thought so. Have a big thank you for the things you're doing.

>> No.7646116
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By the looks of it, I can already tell my heart will shake off its spiderwebs and beat with happiness once again.

>> No.7646282


>> No.7647882
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Only stage 6 bosses get the privilege to wear their cape to the beach.

>> No.7648473
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>> No.7648568

what is it with 5+ days long threads this summer. I expected the summer kids to flood the board with kusothreads... and some threads survive anyway

you guys have determination

>> No.7648573

Summer sucks but it affects the large boards a lot more than it affects us.

>> No.7648576

You've obviously never seen Rika threads.

>> No.7648848

You might not have realized, but we're not exactly the most attractive board to normalfags by concept, top that off with being rather inhospitable towards them, even if they come they don't stay for long.

>> No.7651427
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I'll save you Okuu!

>> No.7655268
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>> No.7655281
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Our nuclear hell raven is stronger than you think

>> No.7659547
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