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You will never be viciously mocked by a Chinese girl after she kicks your ass in a fight ;_;

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competent China is best China.

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But China isn't Chinese and isn't a girl, she's a supernatural monster that shares some superficial similarities with humans.

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Stop disgracing our glorious national symbol Corean swine

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I wonder if Meiling has to act like one of those British guards and remain completely impassive. I could stand near her, whip out my dick and start masturbating furiously until I shot my load on the ground in front of her, her expressionless face as I perform my lewd act making my orgasm all the more intense.

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>I wonder if Meiling has to act like one of those British guards and remain completely impassive

Those guards aren't /required/ to stand still. They are real soldiers who have the discipline to ignore annoying tourists. But if you start doing lewd or threatening things in public they certainly are capable of removing you... as such I think you might end up a eunuch if you were to behave as such.

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By Jove this thread is relevant to my interests.

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This seems to be a repeat, yet still delicious.

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Meiling be all like


At the slowness of this thread

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Oh, your waifu has a husbando and he's not YOU.

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why is she crying then?

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>crossover shit

Haha, no.

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Never heard of tears of laughter?

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I'd really love to keep posting, but I also really don't feel like mostly single-handedly supporting another imagedump thread.

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I love this Meiling's outfit. Also, I like the depiction of her as dragon-esque but I keep forgetting to save the picture.

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Who wins /jp/?

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I think it would be smarter to deepen your relationships with china another way. I mean they are the superpower of the future.

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You are right, i guess i have no choice but to become her personal cumbucket to ensure the future for us all.

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>viciously mocked

I don't think Meiling would do that.
If you did terribly (didn't even last 5 seconds) she might even give you some advice.

She's one of Gensokyo's nicer characters.

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Why you gotta go and try and ruin a man's fantasy?

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>You will never be viciously mocked by a Chinese girl after she kicks your ass in a fight ;_;

Maybe I've been playing too much Monmusu Quest, but for some reason this is arousing.

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There are a number of pictures like that, though this is probably my favorite.

If you're still, I can post a few more.

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As do I. Which is why I started the thread.

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>You're all not there yet! You're all children compared to 4000 years of history!

Not vicious, but still mocking.

But still, barely any Touhous bash each other after winning, instead they just talk about something that happened recently or X thing about their particular attributes (eg: Alice's dolls), maybe even invite the other to a walk.

Touhou's dialogue consists mostly as friendly chit chat, no matter how rough it may seem, says so ZUN.

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That is exactly the picture I was looking for. Thank you.

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I wouldn't mind getting lessons from her, it'd keep me active at least.

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Part-Dragon Meiling is an interesting double-edged sword because, while its an interesting concept and a fun bit of possible character development, it's also such a ridiculous power boost that it makes it hard as fuck to write in a way that doesn't seem like fanwank.

Dragons aren't considered the highest order of gods because they have nice smiles.

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Wait till you get to endurance training

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Reading her fanfiction?

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I used "it" and "interesting" a few too many times in this post.

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She's crying because she's afraid that you'll hate her now since she beat you up when you challenged her to a duel. However, she's trying to hide her discomfort by making fun of you for losing. She only wanted you to keep visiting her every morning in front of the mansion and do Tai Chi with her like usual... but you just had to try and pull the "student becomes the master" cliche on her.

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Well, I wanted that one picture to display the concept of the character I wanted to make for the Heroes System. She'd/He'd look normal, but transform upon certain conditions and look much like >>7623338, granting much higher physical strength, body, endurance and stun scores. I also like the concept of her colorful energy blasts in Hisoutensoku and would incorporate it somehow.

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Well that's adorable.

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No problemo. I've got a few more similar (mostly mid-transformation) I could post if you want.

Also, I apologize for the image sizes.

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You will never have 4 hakurouken in your hand at the same time in soku as Meiling ;_;

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more abs, please

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Oh god what have i done..
All i wanted was for her to be proud of me and not look at me like a child but as a man, or atleast i...

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There is such a small amount of good Meiling abs artwork, that I'm pretty certain it counts as a warcrime under the Geneva Convention.

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Just reassure her that you won't hate her, accept that you have not yet and likely never will surpass her... but perhaps train alongside her not as student or master but as companion.

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I hate posting all this huge-sized stuff, but some of it is just too good not to.

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Then you can just sit down and laugh about it.

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Actually I'm mocked by my female, Chinese martial arts instructor on a daily basis. I'm also occasionally smacked with a bamboo cane.

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Oh, I am sorry. But your Mei Ling is no longer working on the SDM. She is currently working in a maid coffee

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Wow. Seems like you're getting some special attention if you know what I mean.

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china is the scarlet devil

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I've looked into the idea and it does seem interesting.

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Sorry but Butler Meiling is vastly superior.

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but Koakuma is the scarlet devil.

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damn it

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Everybody in that mansion is the scarlet devil.
Except for Sakuya she is the only person who doesn't wear red.

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That was an interesting doujin but I didn't really agree with it all that much.

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I didn't either, but it's still a fun idea to toss around.

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Meiling's ass is a lethal weapon

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The deadliest.

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A dyke will never give me a good whacking. fuck

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You will never ride into the sunset with your perfect chinese girl.

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I love a girl in uniform.

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Not nearly enough uniformed Meiling.

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Would you be sad if something happened to China?

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Requesting uninformed Meiling.

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There's practically nothing. Dayum shame too.

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Bah, it'd take more than that to take Meiling out of commission.

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