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Fuck yeah Marisa.

>> No.761991 west coast

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Fuck no, Geranium ;_;

>> No.761999 novice canada

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>> No.762023 EC
Some sort of medium-casual battle machine...
I don't have mumch time, though, so only FT3.

>> No.762027 EC
Some sort of medium-casual battle machine...
I don't have much time, though, so only FT3.

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>> No.762042, low-casual?

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here's some tips to all alice players:

-only use 236 and 623 alts. the 214 sucks, 22 is too advanced to be of any use

-don't charge C. worst thing you can do as alice except maybe.. no the worst thing you can do

-blue bomb and single beam are the only spell cards alice ever needs. others do too little damage (5aaaa 66a does more damage than 5aaaa lv4 legion) or hard to use (sacrifice, triple beam)

-when in doubt, 6a/j6a. at least if it connects, you can dash out or launch a 236

-after all melee, try to use 2/5/6c + 236b/c. if you see them try to graze, do a 6a and repeat

-and for god's sakes, if it's alice mirror, manner sit during storms please.. you can do nothing

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/v/ dosen't like good games.

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US West

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>the 214 sucks
Horrible advice. That is one of her best moves, imo. Especially during super armor. As long as you have more life than the opponent, you can spam that until you win.

>-don't charge C
Also horrible. Lasers catch people QUITE often.

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I've never seen any good Alice charge a doll into laser. Ever.

>> No.762097

I'd show you but you never play me ;_;
I actually learned it from another player.

>> No.762099

>super armor.
nice argument here

why use alt 214 when her 214b gives her air meat shields/oki, and 6a / iad j6a serves EXACTLY the same purpose plus wallslam?

>Lasers catch people QUITE often.
yeah. graze + bnb. people aren't stupid

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I have, and this was a very good Alice player. Albeit, the lasers were used sparingly, but they were timed nicely.

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i have yet to lose majority of the battles, or even more than 2 a session, in alice mirrors here and irc. show me this very good alice of yours and i'll prove you wrong.

i'm not pulling these out of my ass here people. been researching with irc since the first demo came out, til... i guess yesterday. i'm trying to help with conclusions i got from long time playing, so i suggest you to try before saying anything

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Intermediate Reimu US West

>> No.762124

I'll try it before I start badmouthing it, I suppose, since I don't play Alice.

>> No.762125

Kelrey and his 4 shangais and 4 inanimate returns

>> No.762127

>why use alt 214 when her 214b gives her air meat shields/oki, and 6a / iad j6a serves EXACTLY the same purpose plus wallslam?

alt 214 can be used at point-blank range, unlike 6a. alt has 6a beat in super armor. 214 has only been semi-useful once. I never saw you use 214 during our matches.

>yeah. graze + bnb. people aren't stupid
Yet I hit you with them quite a bit.

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GGS anon, even though that last round was retarded.

>> No.762134

No reason to get offensive about it. This is why people complain about 'tourneyfags'.

>> No.762141

You know, I keep on forgetting to change my deck name. GGs.

>> No.762154

Oh u, Damage. Oh u.

In other news, I'm back form taking a dump, re-host >>762027

>> No.762159

stop using tenshi D:

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GGs anon

>> No.762166


Get out.

>> No.762169

...Whatever, JetM. Re-host >>762027

>> No.762172

Fuck, I forgot to change my controls. I was trying to figure out why I wasn't dashing or attacking correctly for a good time there. Sorry.

>> No.762173


play me with your delicious mexican IP.

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Good games. Your Marisa put the pressure on for a minute there.
Intermediate Reimu US West

>> No.762189

I fail at hosting. Anyone wanna play a west coast noob?

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>>only use 236 and 623 alts. the 214 sucks, 22 is too advanced to be of any use
>>don't charge C. worst thing you can do as alice except maybe.. no the worst thing you can do


>>manner sit


>> No.762196

here >>762042

>> No.762200

5aaaa 66a - 2162
5aaaa lv4 legion - 2654
5aaaa lv4 legion charged c - 2828

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did a new patch come out? because I just CANT seem to connect anyone.

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Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

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Indeed it did, my good man.

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Goddamn tourneyfags.


>> No.762224

Holy shit, I just realized The Dude was Obediah Stane. Awesome.

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Maybe with the new patch I can host.

>> No.762232


updated and ready, who still has time for me?

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>> No.762257

GGs, I always get really nervous during Suika mirrors. After watching my Marisa get brutally raped by 2/5Cspam though that sounds like a good idea; think I'll start using it more often.

>> No.762279


I'm guessing I can't...

>> No.762285
semi noob, us west

>> No.762287

No, it didn't work for me.

Still hosting.

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>> No.762293

>No, it didn't work for me.

Sir, you should feel ashamed of yourself. He clearly said he was new to the game.

Shame on you.

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Hosting from Atlanta, GA, USA.
Version 1.02 - Weather: ON
Intermediate+ Yukari, Intermediate- Everyone else

>> No.762311

Good games. I hate Youmu so much -.-

>> No.762315

GGS limiter. I had trouble figuring out what the hell I was supposed to do against Youmu as Komachi.

>> No.762316

gj, tatari. gj.

>> No.762319

i dont know exactly what im doing breaking guards consecutively.

>> No.762324

GG. Did my custom Reimu colors show up, BTW?

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GGs. No. I didn't see anything special. Sorry.


>> No.762330

I don't know either. I was like 'What the hell, why is my guard constantly getting broken for no reason that's not even a guard-break goddamn RAGE' then I stopped letting myself get pressured so easily.

>> No.762332

Probably hit Guard Crush weather. Any wrongblock is an InstaCrush.

On a related note, I hate that weather almost as much as I hate superarmor.

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>> No.762345

Oh, that makes sense.

>> No.762360

God, I suck with Sakuya.

>> No.762369

Hey, guys, is there a character you really want to learn but you seem to suck completely with her?

Iku is mine.

>> No.762372


but I think it might be her fault more than mine.

>> No.762373

Suika, because she looks cute. Other than that I have no other character to play besides my favorite, Marisa.

>> No.762376

Ouch, the lag was a tad disruptive, but GG's Pear.

>> No.762377

US East Coast

>> No.762379

GGs Jetm. i'm tired now, Chardo if you are there i play a FT3

>> No.762381


Iku with me, too. I've been practicing with her hard and on netplay, but I can never make anything happen. I've dropped her for Sakuya.

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Alice lol

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>> No.762400

Right spacing, 6A, 2A in corners, 2C anywhere as setup, 236B on wakeups. Alice are not hard.


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Youmu,somehow I can't chain her combos right plus I lose pressure on the opponent easily.

>> No.762406

Second'd. Filling the screen with wisps and 2Cing is fun to do but unfortunately that's all I can really do with her.

>> No.762411


Youmu strategy: 6B -> elbow -> dial a. That's all you'll ever need.

>> No.762425

623BC, teleport

Sadistic shit.

>> No.762430

Not sadistic enough to make her a good character.

>> No.762433


In other words, she's too soft?

>> No.762450

Surprise tactics are sorta good.

>> No.762458

needs more hosting

>> No.762501

I'd host, but want to save my replays before I install the new patch.

>> No.762517

link 2 patch?

>> No.762519
North East US
Low Level/Casual
Slacker/Slut+occasional Youmo

>> No.762523

Version 1.02 patch user EUfaq

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GGs, Anonymous, but I'm falling asleep at the keyboard.

I've had enough Suika for one day. Far, FAR too much drunken loli for my tastes.

>> No.762548


Hey GGs, you made my alcoholic loli cry a lot lol.

>> No.762555

Re-host out of boredom

>> No.762565

moar hosting plz

>> No.762566

is called testing. why would i play full strength here?

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>> No.762584

ggs, cheap yuyko lol.
nice youmou.
I'm working on my aya, i used to be a patchy spammer.

>> No.762585

GGs Garwood

>> No.762586 canada east

>> No.762588


What, you think we're too soft to handle you or something?

>> No.762591


ggs. I kept picking random and it kept giving me the same character I was playing before, haha.

>> No.762596

How do I stop sucking with Patchouli?

>> No.762601

>>762596easy to own with her lol, spam fireball while using other spells once in a while to catch em off gaurd lol.

>> No.762610

I, for on, don't care much for those who go easy on me.

>> No.762612

Fire spam patchys really are the worst.

>> No.762613

I, for one, don't care much for those who go easy on me.

>> No.762620

yeah GGs. i suck so bad with all but like the 4-5 characters i like. yuyukos not one of them, was just running out of ones to play hehe. all i can do with her is spam.. i hate the slow moving people even if they are good, which is why i love youmu actually

>> No.762628

they are cheap and will easily and successively beat most noobs - low intermediate.

>> No.762631

oh and yeah and i hate fighting patchy lolol fireballs :( woulda helped if i was playin as youmu or somethin

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>> No.762636

Komachi's not too hard to get the hang of. f.5A and j.2A to confirm knockdown, then money shot to force graze or block on wake up (or if spacing is right, catch them full in the face). Then backdash, 5C->j.5C. Congratulations, you now have an awesome setup. If the enemy grazes your two 5C projectiles, you can j.6A or j.2A for a free melee hit and set up all over again. Or, if he makes it through you're projectiles, dash past him and 22B in the air to teleport him right into your still going 5C's. Odds are he ends up knocked down, which means...


Also, f.5A should be your general punisher at any range. If they make a bad move, punish with f.5A or if too close to do anything about it, dial A into NICE BOAT.

>> No.762639


If I didn't play seriously against someone, I'D feel bad myself.

>> No.762643

komachi seems so bad to me.. i understand what your saying just seems to hard to pull off, id like to see/fight someone thats amazing with her. also NICE BOAT

>> No.762649


I doubt I'm amazing, so I might not meet your needs, but I could play you a few rounds.

>> No.762652

Why do I find this to be cute?

Hosting one more time before I knock out.

>> No.762665

ggs dimglow. I'm sleepy as fuck.

>> No.762669

GGs. I am not sure why I kept getting hit on wakeup for absolutely no reason. I was losing 20-30% of each round's hp just eating random shit on wakeup. I think Alice has something that knocks Yukari down backwards and she gets up facing wrong.
Also fucking rage at the ridiculous roof and corner keepaway on almost everyone you played. It's a valid strategy and all, but god damn. Also 6+ magnetic weathers vs Alice made me decide that is the last time I play with weather.

>> No.762671

That is all.

>> No.762679

That's pretty neat. I saved the replay for future reference.

>> No.762681

Fucking noknock noblock weather

>> No.762684

Lol, all i read is: MAMIIIII, I LOST!!!

>> No.762692

GG Finally beat your Awesome Reimu,plus I got the hand of Youmu.

>> No.762698

ur gonna have to speed it up more if u want to keep that pace.

>> No.762699

GGS Bench. Nice recolors. How'd you do it?

>> No.762702


Hope it helps

>> No.762706

Can't get away from Komachi's reach, good games Tatari.

>> No.762708


>> No.762709

If you say so. I'd say going 30:70 against an opponent playing offensively against someone who was turtling is pretty good when you have no blockstrings. Once I stopped suicidally rushing in I went 2/2 on the last matches. Power to the defender.

>> No.762710

Yeah lol I get confused,Im too used to using two buttons to combo so I tend to his A+B and change my cards which throws me out of balance.

>> No.762713

Alternate costumes, hold D then A.

>> No.762724

...Oh. I was hoping there was a full recolor thing out since the last 5 minutes and nobody had told me. Oh well.

>> No.762730

You can recolor locally I think.

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Well Rounded Amateur Hostan (Central)

>> No.762739

I know, but there's no fun in recoloring if I can't annoy people with all-neon green characters.

>> No.762743

I hated that so goddamn much in IaMP.

>> No.762745


Yeah, it might be best if you can't see the other guy's color. Just have fun with your nigger Reimu or whatever.

>> No.762751

Even worse someone picks the white blob, gets snow stage, inviso-touhou.

>> No.762753

Sure it can be annoying, but there can be some awesome palettes, I don't see what the big prob-
-... Well, let's say the snow stage should get banned anyway for invisible bullets.

>> No.762762

It really should Tasofro has a bad habit of doing that with stages. There are stages in EFZ with ridiculously white backgrounds that cause all kinds of projectiles and sprites to become undetectable.

>> No.762771
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Sorry if someone tried to connect, was making sure my decks didn't change with the new installation. REHOSTING NOW.


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So, how can I get past that full body electric attack on stage 5.

>> No.762779


>> No.762780

GG man, sorry but my fingers are too tired

>> No.762781


Graze through her body.

>> No.762790

SOMEONE HOAST. oh wait i guess i will

>> No.762803

GGs, Garwood.

I'm fucking tired now, so I guess I'll be off to bed.

>> No.762820


Yeah, I really need to pick a character and stick with her. I want to love Iku, but she's just unwieldy.

>> No.762823

Force yourself to love her. I'm doing that with Sakuya, and I lose almost all my matches, but...

>> No.762824

Mid level casual, trying to learn Iku.

>> No.762837

That's why I decided to stick with Yukari. It does start to pay off as you accumulate specific counters. It also builds up experience in hit exchange and knowing when/how you will win or lose a priority check.

>> No.762876
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When they patch in the Strongest, they will give her the Strongest melee weapon.

>> No.762881

If they're going for a joke character, I'd much rather have Rinnosuke. I don't want to see everyone going '⑨ XD LOL' in SWR threads during summer. Then again 'MANNOSUKE XD ROFL' isn't exactly better. Depends on when they patch-in new characters, I guess.

>> No.762888
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Rinnosuke would rape everybody.

>> No.762889

Whoever was playing my Iku, really fun games.

>> No.762894

ggs, nice to see who im terribad with when fighting the same char lol.

>> No.762897


I wouldn't say you were terribad with any character, truthfully. And I really hate having to deal with weather when just trying to learn something.

>> No.762918

There's a no-weather .exe, use it?

>> No.762970

GGs, GT! Hell of a long streak, with me losing to your Suika each step of the way!

>> No.762976
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Pic related

>> No.762978

GGs. In all honesty though, I'm just glad my Suika managed to beat ANYONE's Reimu.

Anyway, just in case you didn't know, you can't graze rockthrow by moving FORWARD. And great Remi mirror; you've taught me that even my overpowered vampire loli has room to improve. Actually, a lot.

>> No.763005

Have fun

>> No.763014

THANK GOD!! I was starting to think that damn rock throw was h4x! Even so, without it, you still devastated me. You run her pretty well.

My Reimu needs ALOT of work to even contend with most the other Reimu players on /jp/, but I'm happy as long as I continue to run a nice Pad/Marisa as well as I did today. My Yuyuko's been slipping into plain pitiful as a late because of those two...

Yeah, that Remi mirror match was crazy! You and your damn chains and me and my damn bat spawns! I'll try to work with her more from now on. Maybe I can best Comrade with her someday...

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763024 West Coast US (California)

Looking for a couple of tango sessions before going to bed.

>> No.763050

GGs, sorry had to end it then. Time constraints.

>> No.763055

ggs. not gonna lie, most annoying play style ive ever played verse by a large margin lol. but whateva works

>> No.763058

Thats how komachi rolls.

>> No.763071
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I find that Crow to be a very annoying opponent.

>> No.763080

They need a timer in this game.

>> No.763094 EU

>> No.763111

GG, swedish! Damn that Iku is annoying, but I had a blast facing it!

>> No.763115

Yeah. Your Reimu was a pest, stay still. ;_;

>> No.763135

Still not sleepy, and can't read to past the time, so REHOSTAN!

Well Rounded Amateur Hostan (Central)

>> No.763271

To the front with you! YAH!

>> No.763282

>> No.763302

any ausfags!?

>> No.763331


>> No.763345

Yes, I'll play a few games.

>> No.763382

I cant play SWR when I download the new patch for some reason it was running fine on the last patch

>> No.763384

The sad thing is that was the first time I've ever used remi but I've been maining reisen since release.

>> No.763387 EU noob

>> No.763394

GGs. thanks

>> No.763395

GGs. I seriously hate that drunken bitch, though. Anyway, I'm busy these few days so it sucks to have no other Ausfag to play with (there's one other guy at most), but I'll be on all day after Tuesday.

>> No.763423

>> No.763424


>> No.763486


>> No.763487


>> No.763526

Aren't here any EUfaqs?

>> No.763536

EUfag here, my router here won't let me host matches though.

>> No.763542 EU

>> No.763554


>> No.763556

GG, you're a bit too much for me.

>> No.763568

Anyone up for a quick match? you have to host though.

>> No.763572

Everyone, please play more SWR, post more in this thread and let it hit auto-sage. I can't stand to see this face on the front page again. ;_;

>> No.763574
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I'm having this problem where I want to like the game but none of my favourite touhous are in it so it loses half of it's appeal. Needs a mokou patch.

>> No.763576

My first touhou game :( how many are there?

>> No.763584

I'd like to play against someone but they need to host :(

>> No.763591

Only got a few minutes I wanna get one match in lol c'mon

>> No.763594


>> No.763603

can't connect. You on 10800?

>> No.763607


>> No.763608
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>> No.763615

You're the strongest.

>> No.763624

Someone try, just testing yet again.

If this still doesn't work, I give up.

>> No.763628

Thanks Zanther!

>> No.763631

It worked for like 5 seconds.
No U.

>> No.763634


>> No.763641

That's because I left. Like I said, just a test run. I'll play games in a bit.

>> No.763645

Thread on auto-sage, someone make a new one.

>> No.763658


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