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2hus are /v/ related material. They don't belong on /jp/. So if you like 2hus and intend to talk about it, kindly leave.

/jp/ is for VNs, vocaloids and 3D idols only. It is a place to discuss the latest VN translation projects and to feel as an overseas extension of glorious 2ch. Not a place to jack off to yukkuri scat porn.

Now that this is settled, please continue.

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>/jp/ is for VNs, vocaloids and 3D idols only

You forgot anime screencaps with either no text or >/jp/

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Imagine a piggirl touhou.

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nekofags and 2hu niggers are the cancer that killed /jp/

it's already too late

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>glorious 2ch
How can you be such a weeaboo? I bet you bought some shurikens and throw them in your garden.

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The one thing this copy pasta left out was figs.

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Which Touhou would you ruin Christmas for by telling her Santa Claus isn't real?

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>repost of a repost of a repost of unfunny copypasta
Please do it at /b/

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Dressing up doesn't count. If we lie to them like that it'll only hurt more when they find out.

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But Santa Claus exist, and she's called Letty Whiterock

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I bet at least 25 replies to this crappy troll. Any takers?

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Even for a 2hu, she is shit tier.

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You'd have to be pretty cold to say such a thing.

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If touhou was banned from /jp/, /v/ would turn frilly overnight.

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7+ serious reply

and i'm game

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Are NEET circlejerk threads allowed? What about dick sucking threads?

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Hear that silence?

It's the sound of Yukari giving a shit about OP

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Just imagine, a Touhou VN.

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In before >100 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

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Needs shmup gameplay in there somewhere....

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Alright I've been thinking
What about a tripfag fighting game?
You use moves based on their favorite lines or macro
Attacking fills up an autism bar, when it's full you can unleash a super move

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i'd like to fund your project

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There are a few around. None of them are translated, though.

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A bet for 100? Now we're cooking.

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Who should be heroines? We can't have all 100+ towhows.

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What, seriously? And they aren't overwhelmingly crappy?

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Pooshlmer's failed to translate a few. I think they're also making a Touhou OELVN.

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I liked the one with China/Sakuya yuri.

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If that's the case then it was stillborn

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Why do some people on /jp/ hate touhous? First of all, all the other topics are still talked about unhindered, and second, this board was made for touhou. Why, then? And where does this retarded "2hu" spelling come from?

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Typical 2hu fag

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Only illegals hate Touhou, which is what you and everyone else in this thread are.

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Welcome to

In before
>not a proper vn
>shit tier derp

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Can you even fuck them?

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Why would anyone hate Touhou? This isn't /a/.

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Because underage 2hukiddies are cluttering the board with their shit when we could be talking about mahjong, japanese politics and Corea.

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Suddenly things are so much clearer....

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Why is anybody still responding to people who say Touhou belongs in /v/?