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Loose tea or tea bags, which does /jp/ prefer?

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I just got 5 boxes of tea bags delivered yesterday. Loose tea is very nice but I need to get me a new teapot and stuff before I make it at home.

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Loose when I can afford it.

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Why would anyone prefer loose tea over tea bags?
sage for dumb question

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Loose, with some whiskey or bourbon or vodka...

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Why would anyone prefer tea bags over real natural tea?

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I like loose when I can get it but there is no place within 30 miles that sells loose so I settle with good bags. Also I like blacks teas much better than green and jasmine or anything chai.

I bought this package of something called irish breakfast and I am wondering what the hell I actually bought. Does /jp/ know a good way to prepare it?

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Loose by far. I barely drink bagged tea anymore. Sometimes it is a pain having to get the teapot out and that, but it is always worth it.

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Irish Breakfast is good with milk....
It's pretty similar to English Breakfast.

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Loose except when someone else offers to make tea and I insist they use the bags because nobody else in this house knows the first thing about it (excluding myself).

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Honey or sugar, no sugar maybe? I like to make my tea dark as night but I am wondering if it might be too strong like english breakfast gets if I leave to tea bag in too long.

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I don't know a thing about tea but I bet having loose leaf made by someone who knows what they are doing would be great. Hard to find such people in south Texas though.

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Asda own brand, 1000 teabags, £1.39

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Cheap bastard, get Twinings atleast.

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I'm not even terribly good at it, they're just much worse and I'd rather just have foolproof measures in place to ensure my tea isn't terrible.

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Loose tea, although I don't personally own a teapot and a strainer is annoying to use and defeats the purpose anyway.

As a matter of fact I might go buy a teapot right now along with a new hdmi adapter.

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I'm not a fan of using honey. Masks some of the tea flavor.

Irish Breakfast is stronger than English Breakfast by default, so you'll probably have to tinker around with the brew time.

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There's really no possible way bags could be considered better than looseleaf.

Where do you live that doesn't have looseleaf in 30 miles? Not even like a Whole Foods or something?

Well, it is sorta straightforward...
Though that kinda makes me want to make tea for some /jp/er sometime.

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Some people are just plain and utter savages. I asked for Green Tea in a Restaurant once and they made it with boiling hot water, my tea was bitter and unpleasant. Why are people more fond of Coca-Cola than the art of fine tea?

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I can taste and smell the astringent garbage from here.

I would just love to hold a tea party for /jp/! I have a few beautiful tea sets that would be great to share with someone else.

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>Why are people more fond of Coca-Cola than the art of fine tea?

Normals are idiots of course. They simply can't take it easy well enough to sit down, enjoy and appreciate a fine pot of tea.

Also, http://www.sacred-texts.com/bud/tea.htm

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Oh man, that reminds me. Check out this translation.
Not Japanese of course but even I was able to tell what the original said.

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I asked for a cup of tea at the local coffee house, and they gave me a tea bag and a cup of hot water from the hot tap on the coffee machine....
Tastes bad man.

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What is tea like? I've never really experienced it admittedly, my taste buds are easily what you'd call unrefined since they can't taste anything that doesn't have a strong flavor.

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A soda is fine as well. Don't be so supercilious, you're not an aristocrat

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>Constant taste

>Better taste
>Time consuming
>Needs equipment

I want to drink, I don't want a tea ceremony.

So bag.

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70~80 = Full boiling?
I don't think so, Kim.

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Dear god, that is awful.

If any other Australians are on, where do you get your tea? There is a Tea Centre somewhat near my place that has a good selection, but if it exists, a more specialised or boutique store would be nice to visit.

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Can't have a proper cuppa with loose tea.

HobNobs are also essential.

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It's not really time consuming, it takes like 15 seconds at most.
The equipment is like two bucks.
And you can reuse many loose leaf teas to get more mileage out of them.

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Put bag in cup. Pour water over it. Dump bag.

Put tea into whatever device of your picking, remove the device, clean the device, dispose of the tea in the device.

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Loose leaf.
Flavor is worth the effort. Otherwise I'm just drinking meh tasting warm leaf water.

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Again, no more than 15 seconds. You don't really have to clean it all that thoroughly, just run some water over it and wipe it slightly with a rag or something. Or not even bother with doing that.
It's very much worth it for how much better loose tastes.

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>you can reuse many loose leaf teas
Absolutely disgusting, you are a savage.

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C'mon, what were you going to do with that extra minute of your time but spend it here?

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Bumfuck, Texas
Have to go to San Antonio to get anything that a Walmart can't provide.

Yeah, even the hipster coffee places I have been to did that, it was unpleasant and very unprofessional.

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I've only ever had tea bags, so bags.
In the first place the places around here don't sell loose tea leaves, or if they do I've never noticed it.

I'll say this though, if loose tea is supposed to taste better than bag tea than loose earl gray black must be good enough to send me to heaven, because even this flavor bagged the scent alone makes my mouth water.

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Nah, you're supposed to reuse a lot of Oolongs, and some darker black teas are good for two or so steepings.
Not so good for green and white I guess.

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Just brewed some, packs a punch but it is going well with my breakfast of sausage and eggs. Definitely a keeper.

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Oh most definitely. The first loose leaf tea I had was an Earl Grey, and oh man it was incredible. An immediate convert.

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Once you have had that loose Earl Grey, THERE IS NO GOING BACK.

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To think that Coca-Cola cannot be artfully prepared just because there isn't some Japanese ceremony attached is the thinking of a philistine. Not the 1 litre crap you buy for home, but the perfect fizzle from a fountain drink.

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But Tea originates from China thousands of years back, it's not Japanese.

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Shmups are originally American.

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I know that. But the interest for most people in tea, especially the elitists, is derived from the esotericism surrounding Japanese tea ceremony or the elegant ojousama-ness of British tea drinking

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>Japanese tea ceremony
I just like tea.

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And some people just like things that aren't loose tea.

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Do tell.

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Go make a cup of tea and enjoy it like a classy little lady.

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But my pinky is already out....

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>tea bags


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people who don't drink loose leaf tea don't care about qualitys

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>phrase not found

lol...why the HELL does no1 use powder? cuz i make ice tea with powder from a can .__.

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I never trust others to make my tea; after all, half the fun of tea is the preparation.

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I love the spiced Chai too. But I'd never buy it in bags.

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Neither, I go out in the forest and flip over trees for roots and rip berries from the ground and whip bees out of their honey to make my own brew which I let ferment in a t-rex skull for 20 years before I consume it by injecting it into my eyes.

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No no no, you got it wrong, that's not how wtH would post like, try being less specific and more mundane in your posts. Also limit them to one or two sentences only.

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You don't inject it directly into your scrotum? You're small time.