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People and things seem to pass the great barrier quite frequently.
Considering all the stuff Rinnosuke sells in his shop and that humans sometimes stay at the human village, how come that Kappas got all the technology?

Outsiders seem like a valuable source of knowledge for the villagers so why don't they use it?

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Requesting more fanart of the two touhous on the left.

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Who are those two?

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Because the humans might suddenly with their grasp of technology decide they no longer need gods, and attempt to destroy by putting faith in the technology.

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Village Extra #2 and Village Extra #5.
2 is my waifu, fyi. Hands off.

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Fucking secondaries

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I want some fanart of that smug looking asshole in the background, in front of the building. I mean, look at him!

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No love for Leaning Man and Cup Man? They look like real bros.

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Because humans of this world only know how to use technology, not create it.

Or can you tell me exactly how to make a cellphone using materials in the Meiji Era of Japan?
Or how to find oil using the same materials?

Keep in mind that Gensokyo is quite small a place, though large enough for populations to live in, and is not a place that will likely have many minerals, or even coal.

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why start with cellphones?
A steam engine would be a good start.
And don't tell me that creating steam engines is an undoable feat for vilagers who know how metal is used for stuff like farming tools and such.

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Why would you need a steam engine when everyone can learn to fly?

Even Akyuu, apparently.
(See footnote of Flandre's article in perfect memento)

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well at least i'll get to extract potassium nitrate and amaze everyone with fireworks/gunpowder (unless they already have fireworks or gunpowder)

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Gensokyo is told to be a Meiji-like era. And lifestyle.
Culture and tradition may be holding it together the way it is.
If it weren't Gensokyo simply wouldn't be itself.
Besides, technology simply might not be in their best interest.

Here, enjoy some Rinnosuke.

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>Besides, technology simply might not be in their best interest.
And who are you to deny an entire civilization industrialization?

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The people of Gensokyo, who survive in a world where monsters exist.

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>(unless they already have fireworks or gunpowder)

Of course they do.

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Change requires the fuel of people to move it forward, otherwise it just dies out.

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How large is Gensokyo?

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As small as you assume it is.

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The size of Texas.

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Great... Why don't we start with something simple... The television you own OP.

Do you think you would be capable to build a television from the scratch and show it to the habitants of Gensokoy?

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What kind of dumbass are you to think a TV is simple?

A calculator would be more simple, if only because it possesses less electronics.

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oh lol is that a nigger tewi reference? xD
gensokyo is as epic as i can imagine it! ;P

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Gensokyo was the place for those beings/laws of nature that were in the mythological side of things in Feudal Japan, anything belonging to beliefs that wouldn't be real in the outside world, would become real in Gensokyo.

However, that aspect was only for the creation of Gensokyo itself. It can still advance and modernize itself without any critical-existence consequences, as seen by the occassional appearance of humans and objects from the outside world (most of the former are eaten by hungry youkai however).

Also Yukari's nigh-infinite outside-world object supplies. She can go there and interact with things/people as well apparently.

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TV's are simple, i could build one.
The only thing i wouldn't be able to do is get a signal in Gensokyo.

Also, it was just an example, don't stay with hurt feelings over this.

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Please inform me as to how to create a transistor using tech from Meiji era Japan.

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Thankfully, the Youkai sages cannot allow all of the humans to die or it'll be the end of them as well.
The endless cycle prevails.

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I meant that "fuel of people" metaphorically, not literally.

If people don't want change, change will not occur.
If they embrace industrialization, then change will occur.

Without the people, nothing will happen.
It's the job of the Gods to sway the hearts of men.

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Things are fine just as they are.
Too much change will bring homesickness.
And with that, an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.
This is why tradition is held so dearly.

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>and that humans sometimes stay at the human village

Err, they live at the outskirts of the human village. They don't mingle with them and always die alone. Says Rinnosuke at least.

>so why don't they use it?
Because it's simply not needed.

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>Because it's simply not needed.
Stop pulling shit out of your ass, go read the wiki or something.

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>humans sometimes stay at the human village

I don't get this, I mean, don't humans (general, weak humans) supposed to ALWAYS live in the human village?

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Tradition conforms to the present, and changes as habits change.

Adhering to the past grants no boon to anyone, and stagnation breeds degeneration.

To change is to survive, and to change is to thrive.

Gensokyo is not fascist.
Well, not to the extent of dictating where you should live by species.
Unless you belong in the underground.

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What part of the wiki do you want him to read?

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Somebody strong like me could survive alone, in the beginning i would hunt weak fairies and with time i would get stronger and stronger...

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>they live at the outskirts of the human village. They don't mingle with them and always die alone.
This is from CoLA, just in case you didn't read it.

>Because it's simply not needed
Or are you disagreeing here? Why?
There are no diseases, no famine, no real dangers.

There is part in CoLA where Rinnosuke complains that the humans in Gensokyo have no interest in researching and moving on, as opposed to him who takes interest in the outside technology. It makes pretty clear that the humans don't WANT to go any further.

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>Despite using those tools, they know little of the theory and construction of them.
>mobile phone is an example of this.
>Therefore, it is impossible to reproduce the tools of the outside world in Gensokyo. Regrettable, indeed.
> 1- Lately, a sport called "soccer" has become popular. In this manner, Gensokyo is halfway infected with the outside world.

They ARE interested in our culture.

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That doesn't mean it's necessary for the maintenance of Gensokyan life.

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Yes the native humans, but the outsiders live on the outskirts. It wasn't mentioned why though.

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Interest in sports != interest in R&D tech

Any child is interested in a new card game.

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Those who don't adhere to the past are bound to repeat their mistakes.

It's through reflecting on the past that men earn wisdom, and it's what separates the fool from the sage.

Change is a double-edge sword. To live a life tomorrow, today's life must be lost. Is that life worth giving up?

Such is the tale of this.

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Of course they are interested in games. This is Gensokyo after all. But not in developing new stuff and industrialization.

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Probably because these outsiders, having just been transported to a new world a century or so behind them, decided to live near other humans, rather than risk their life farther away.

And that, still intrigued by this magic and youkai presence that is new to them, they want to be close enough to the wild to catch a glimpse, perhaps, of a fairy or tengu.

Or, at least, that's my guess.
Could also be that they can't afford rent in the inner city, and so built their own house on the outskirts with the farmers.

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Those who don't remember the past are bound to repeat mistakes. Adherence to the past is nothing more than obsessive attachment.

All it takes to avoid past mistakes is to keep an ear to the past and an eye to the future. To give the past any more regard than that is to be chained by the past out of fear of making mistakes.

One cannot live in fear of new mistakes any more than one can live in fear of repeating past errors, else one would fall into degradation.

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Why would all of them do that? And you have a greater chance of meeting friendly youkai in the human village than outside, really.
Meeting real youkai isn't as fun as we might think for an outsider. Just remember Maribels ordeal during her short visits in Gensokyo.

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I imagine those who would be against meeting youkai would not stay in Gensokyo.

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Fear is the key to survival.
Wandering blindly into the new world to reveal all of the world's secrets- this was the cat's tale. This cat was murdered.

The chains are a prison who's shackles keep him from self destruction. Like a bird's cage, if the doors stay locked- the bird will not come out. But the bars keep the cat out.
And a bird who's cage was never opened will never know freedom- the harmful knowledge that breeds rebellion.
Ignorance is bliss.

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Can't say I know how to argue with one who praises chains, cages, and ignorance, save to just say that my goddess would have less work converting the populace to her than you will to have them worship your prison.

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But mind that the populance of Gensokyo would take Huziwara's side if you really would be competing...
Not because they are afraid of change, but because it's easier to not change. Never stop a running system.