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So, what is really up Yukari's dress?

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Delicious futa.

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tentakels how do you not know this?

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They saw a train.

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Well, Chen has 2 tails, and Ran has 9, and she is probably by that much stronger(?), and Yukari is really strong S rank, so that means.... TENTACLES

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A portal into another dimension. I mean, that's her power, is it not?

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She gapped a penis on.

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This is called normal bowl of mayohiga?

Can't seem to find it anywhere, got a link?

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What the fuck? She does not have the power over other dimensions. Jesus Christ rage.

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Yukari is a Tanuki, therefore she has really huge balls.

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How Schrödinger-esque...

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>Yukari is a Tanuki, therefore she has really huge balls.
>Yukari is a Tanuki

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Does Yukari have bigger boobies than Ran?

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Akyu thought this one up.
She took Chen in cat form in during the rain one day - then regretted it when she saw the cat was a nekomata - and Yukari spirited her away that night for a feast.
Since there was the nekomata and then there was the kitsune, Akyu assumed Yukari must be a tanuki.

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They are equal

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BUT, what does Tanuki mean?

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Giant Raccoon with even HUGER testicles.

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stupid sexy ran

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The unspeakable horrors

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Of course she doesn't have power over other dimensions. She CREATES PORTALS to them. Big difference there.

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I'd her unspeakable horrors.

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Borders. She is able to create them with extreme accuracy over a certain distance, so no, she cannot create one on the other side of the world. Although she doesn't have the power over dimensions, she is able to "cheat" by creating borders and leaving items in between them and closing, to allow for storage.

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Yukari's power is Omnipotence.

If she can think a border, no matter how retarded and unrealistic, she can manipulate it.

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So you guys are telling me that Rinnosuke fucks a tentacle pussy?

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Rantits are canon

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No, he only goes for Reimu, Marisa and Remi.

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u seen nothing yet anon u seen nothing...
oh the horror! fap fap fap

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This is what's under Yukari's dress.

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I love that face Yukari does.

Love it so much.

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Yes, that too.

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The hem of Yukari's skirt forms a gap to the border of the Shikima realm.


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What chapter is this from?

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You must be new here this makes more sense than all 3.

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Oh god, those TITS.