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What do you think of these
divine spirits, Lady Yuyuko?

Well, I wager some troublesome individual will make a return.

I doubt there's any secrets or anything in,
say, the graveyard behind the temple...


So how mnay of you actually expect Mima to return? I know that ZUN is being a huge tease, but I can't help to hold out some hope.

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It's Sariel.

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That's so absurd it might actually be true.

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But seriously, if Mima DOES show up in Ten Desires, I'll be fucking elated.

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Mima is like the most popular PC-98 char

she should come back, i can feel it in my bones

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It's not like him to pander. I want to believe, but..

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What I do know is that if Shinki returns, Fuantei is gonna cream his pants.

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My bones feel nothing. Mima will never come back.

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>It's not like him to pander
>A lousy Stage 2 boss gets her own game

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Zun is just trolling fans who haven't gotten over the fact that yuuka and alice are and forever will be the only pc-98 characters to appear in windows games.... Its probably yukari or something.

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Sure she will, we just have to BELIEVE!
... I'll shut up now.

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It's Mima. Believe it.

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She's not coming back, nerds.

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There are better pc-98 characters that would be better fitted to come back.

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Only one month until her glorious return.

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Well, yeah, we say that every year, but this time, it might actually be true. First of all, the whole game is about spirits, what more could you ask for? Second, he has brought not one, but two characters from previous games back and one of them is a spirit as well. Third, he seems to be in a mood to bring back PC-98 elements, like Devil's Recitation, recently. I mean, come on.

On the other hand, how does Yuyuko know about Mima? Could it be someone else she was talking about?

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Even Sakuya has more possibilities of coming back.

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There are literally zero PC98s who are more suited to return than Mima.

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why would you want some legless spritual hag to come back anyway?
Of all the great PC-98 characters, why Mima?
Besides, Shinki is more popular.

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Yuyuko always knows what's going on. It's her thing.

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Shinki only appeared in one game, though.
Mima was in four. AND she was a playable character in two of those four games.

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I'd laugh if it was actually Genji

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I like Shinki more. In fact I don't really like Mima at all. However it would be much more interesting if Mima came back.

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Yeah, Mima's pretty ugly, just sayin'.

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Your point? Alice was pretty unpopular, but ZUN brought her back.
Besides, Shinki doesn't need a resurrection, she isn't dead. :\

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I think that's what everyone loves about Yuyuko, the fact that she suppresses her powerlevel.

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I bet you would have said the same thing about windows touhou game characters that would have been better suited to have their own game than Cirno. And guess who was right?

If Sakuya doesn't come back, it's her<.

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I wasn't talking about Shinki...

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Get out of /jp/.

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Hey look I don't even like Mima. But the rest are either totally unknown or have no reason to ever show their faces again. Mima has history with main characters.

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Plus I think ZUN understands that if he brings back one more PC98 who isn't Mima he'll be killed by a crazy fan.

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Mima AND Shinki. You know you wanna believe it.

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Them's fighting words.

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ZUN is trolling us hard. I can feel it in my bones.

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>Hey look I don't even like Mima.
Good, me neither. Actually, I do but there are better characters than her
>But the rest are either totally unknown or have no reason to ever show their faces again.
Like Yuuka and Alice, RITE?!
>Mima has history with main characters.
Not a pleasant one from what I hear.

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>Not a pleasant one from what I hear.
Isnt that what makes Danmaku fights?

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I only ask for Yumemi to come back

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I'd rather not have any cheating jerks come back.

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Deal w/ it, nerd.

I'll kick ur butt when Touhou net battle gets unhacked.

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Gengetsu would be pretty hax as a Windows boss

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>I'll kick ur butt
It's time to stop posting.

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It was supposed to be ironic. ;_;

I'm pretty tired anyway, so I guess I'll take your advice though.

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What's that white line between attacks? Is she peeing on Mima?

Also is that from a real game or just a "what if" if she was on PoFV?

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This calls for appropriate music for achy bones.

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don't troll

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You mean five games.

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This one would be better:

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Name them

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Nitori is player 2 Yumemi, she's all scientific and stuff.

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I'm not...

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Can't have Yumemi without Chiyuri

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Mima is dead. She just denies it.

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Mima-sama ;_;

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Nitori is an engineer

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It's why it's so appropriate. That and Fuki has an excellent voice.

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I'd love to see Mima come back just to see the fanbase explode.

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Hoping for Shinki. But will be content with anything pc-98. Even dat turtle.

btw, Sariel is dead, right?

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BONES, etc.

It would be nice if Mima and Shinki returned as stage 4 midboss and Extra boss, respectively.

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It's funny because you're having a one-time final boss and two-time playable character return as a mere midboss.

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didnt one of you guys had a dream about ten desires
and zun said not mima or something like that?

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It's because Mima was back all along.

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Sensibilities = Shaken

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Funny how an ex-PC-98 is one of the most popular characters.

Not that Shinki's too bad off. She probably gets more attention than Medicine even.

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I'm awful at japanese. I don't suppose you two would care enough to give a loose translation? I just love the sound of the song, I can't actually understand the lyrics

God, this thread reminds me that I need to work on SoEW

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Don't mind me, Anonymous, just screwing up a perfectly good run.

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You're tricky Meira, but you aren't shit compared to that stage 3 boss, whatever the fuck that eyemachinerobotwallofdeath thing is called

You still get my vote for being coolest PC98 character after Mima, though

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Hahaha, oh man, that stage 3 boss. I still have no idea what the hell it's supposed to be. I think my very first run through SoEW consisted of me getting body checked by Meira and then later losing what few lives I had left on that stage 3 boss. I felt pretty pathetic.

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The language seems way too flowerly for my mediocre Level 2 Japanese yet.

The bit >>7608275 quoted is something along the lines of

>Even if you can't see me
>Even though we're apart right now
>The day we'll meet will definitely come

Possibly someone with more experience with this kind of language than me can have a better crack at it.

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>The day we'll meet will definitely come


Thank you, Anon. I needed that ;_;

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So what date is comiket, again?

Also if Mima comes back Zun will play it as comedic as possible.

"Hey guys!"
"Oh shit, Mima! where you been?"
"Hawaii. I got an bitching tan."

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It's going to be Elly and the world will be a better place.

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Elly can come too I guess. I haven't worked my way up to Lotus Land Story yet, so I have no strong opinions either way on her

Well, actually I did play it, like once, and got to the fifth stage on the first try. It seems kind of easy. But anyway, I knew it would be wrong to beat it before I beat SoEW, so I couldn't keep working on it

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Gah! My fucking eyes!

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I wouldn't mind it. She's the only PC98 character left that isn't shit-tier. The rest of them can stay buried in history.

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You are the kind of person who makes the Lord of Makai cry.

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I won't be convinced by you guys and your bones until the game is out and I actually see her.

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It worked with Yuuka.

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The magic stones are nothing, stage 4 is where it gets serious.

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Byakuren makes Shinki's existence moot so shes out.