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Welcome, son!

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I wish I could hug Kanako.

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You are not my real mother

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I'm not sure I know how to deal with a mother that's not batshit crazy...
....is it nice?

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Freudian Kanako thread.

You just made my weekend

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Wouldn't know either, personally. But I'm guessing it's wonderful.

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watching mom get dressed?

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I apologize for my inappropriate thoughts Lady Kanako.

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i thought her hair is purple?

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This one always makes me HHNNGG

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>post in Kanako thread
>listen to Christopher Cross' Charm That Snake

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This one always makes me HHNNGG

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Oh fuck, Dr. P does fanart? I must watch.

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Is that from that one doujin where Yukari invites Einki to her house to have an orgy?

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momma got drunk

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I don't know who Einki is but it's just her and Suwako with a bunch of faceless males.

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not sure... i think so

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I'm sorry, I know that's not her name but I just can't remember it ATM. Komachi's master.

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Now blue hair?

Another failed experiment with you hair-dye, uh?

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Well, you were close at any rate. Shikieiki Yamaxanadu.

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hiziri light-bending hair dye is a miracle of the universe

Would Byakuren make a better mom than Kanako?

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What about her?

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There was a doujin where Alice was a lost child found and returned by Reimu and Marisa. Shinki rewarded them by being their 'mother for a day'.

Is it bad that I fapped to the idea of getting to experience Shinki's love as a mother?

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She's already my Motheru.

I don't remember this, fucking source please.

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A Day Trip in Mystic Square

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That one was so great.

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i'm parsee for sanae

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if it's from kanako, i'd eat it

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if you were kaneko's son, would she let you cunnilingus her?

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I don't know. I couldn't do it. I am not one that should think such thoughts about her.

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She needs your faith, anon.

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I do believe in Lady Kanako, I really do. I believe in her might and her power and challenge youkai in her name. Is that not enough?

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Have you ever heard of a fertility goddess that does not have a maternal role? And a maternal figure with small breasts?

This is why, in my opinion, Kanoko is supposed to have an ample bossom and wide hips.

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I thought Suwako was the fertility one, rain powers and all

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Suwako is an earth and curse goddess.
Kanako is a wind and rain goddess.

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No one cares about your fucking life. This isnt your blog. Filtered.

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It was relevant to the thread.

Do you suppose you could use a trip or something so that I could filter you? Because whining is never relevant to any thread.

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could you put your name back on 「ロリあき」? I need to put you on my filter

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r u made

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>She's already my Motheru.

Is... this the maternal 'waifu' equivalent I've been looking for all along? Well, it still sounds awkward.

And Byakuren is mine.

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This is what some retarded children really believe.

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D'aww 「ロリあき」, why u so mad?

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I think we're done here.

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Yes, added to my filter good sir

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If you don't stop bickering, mummy's going to crush you between her legs

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you will never have a maternal harem ready to sternly tell you off when you go wrong and occasionally be lenient and let you fall asleep on their chest(s)

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I don't even know what happened in this thread....

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You became Mugen you assorifice

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I wish i had a mother ;_;
Even more so one like Kanako-sama~

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There there
It's all going to be fine

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And then things go downhill very quickly...

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Why is Alice so mad?

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Read this.

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I'd persoanally have spelled it Maza. However, that is just a matter of semantics.

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How did the author expect one to go along with the cutesy Mother-plot after this part?

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pics and vids related, enjoy /b/rothers

www.uploaded to/file/640u6eu6/Hanna12_and_Mark18.rar
www.uploaded to/file/cmqcrujz/daughter_and_father_russian.rar
www.uploaded to/file/qtc9gmm6/new_pics_from_EAST_EUROPE.rar

www.filesonic com/file/1373251011/set_of_4_ONION_MOVIES.rar
www.filesonic com/file/1153736611/mother_daughter14_son15.rar
www.filesonic com/file/1160210431/romanian_TOR_short_movies.rar

www.tinyurl com/6c9y9eu/bulgarian_twins_onionforum.rar
www.tinyurl com/5vcdupt/colombianas_LS_videos.rar
www.tinyurl com/646gtd7/HUGE_SET_from_DEEPWEB_set.rar

www.uploadstation com/file/SkFJ94U/teen_TWINS_photos.rar
www.uploadstation com/file/M96Z9NV/julia_jamie_FIRST_TIME.rar
www.uploadstation com/file/G5YaEUr/pics_from_FREENET.rar

www.fileserve com/file/nQJpVx9/onion_niece_huge_set.rar
www.fileserve com/file/kvvk2Sb/random_onionforum_pics.rar
www.fileserve com/file/2YRbJ2F/random_tor_pics.rar

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this is /jp/ not /china/ you stupid fagit

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kaneko voted for best momma

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>mfw I thought this was a Yoshika thread at first

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Go back to /a/

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Every time I pass by this picture when I look for pictures to post, I think this is Kanako.

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I love /jp/'s oedipus complex

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Funny, "everyone" says they're loli fanatics. Really they're people from lots of different backgrounds. Some common interests but no those at all.

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They're just very vocal. It's to be expected with all the persecution they face everywhere. This is their safe haven.

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Puffy Volvo.jpg

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It somewhat worries me, to be honest, that I have these desires to be coddled and cared for like this.

Supposedly, one should grow out of that at a very early age, yet I gain pleasure from it. Not sexual pleasure, mind, but more like emotional pleasure.
It makes me really happy to be praised, to be pet, to be pampered, and elsewise treated with excessive indulgence like this. And because it makes me happy, I've fantasies and day-dreams of various Touhous becoming a mother figure to me, or a dependable big sister figure, or an owner, in the case of Satori.

It makes me feel like my affections for those few are cheap because of why they exist.

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The best kind.


You should forgive yourself for being a human being.

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That's the only way I interact with people. I was my mother's "favourite", and got doted on by certain other family members -- combine with being a shutin faggot so they're my only points of contact, and I'm fucked. I get all shy around women, but not for the /jp/ reasons, it's more because I'm expecting them to coddle me and treat me maternally. I even do it with men. I noticed doing it with the doctor the other day, he asked if I'd been taking pills for this stomach bug I had and I was acting all coy and shit like a bashful child because I hadn't taken them.

Then realised the doctor isn't my mum.
No one is.
And I shouldn't be acting like that.
Because I'm a grown man.
/jp/ - blog culture

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It's more a worry that stems from, "If I were to ever meet Satori, how much disgust would be on her face the moment she read my mind?"

All humans have their desires for protection and stability, I know, but I also understand that such a desire for this overprotection is perceived as pathetic, and I can't forgive myself for that.

Well, I don't know about that...

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sleeping in kanako's lap. smells like warm and vagina?


...go on.

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What does warm smell like?

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Go on what?

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Dinner is ready!

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Like sunlight

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You now realize that if you were Kanako's son, you'd be gifted with beauty, considerable physical and intellectual prowess and some form of divine powers, and wouldn't be a worthless NEET.
You'd probably also have snake eyes.

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Sounds like a great deal. It'll never happen though. Oh well.

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If Kanako was my okasan, things would be tsubete ga chigao around here.

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Jimmies slightly rustled.

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does anyone have kanako_eggplant.jpg or any other variation? much obliged

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Uhh... does that mean you liked it, or disliked it?

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It's all nice and fun trying to motherly, but how many kids is it that you had again, Kanako?

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It's all nice and fun trying to be motherly, but how many kids is it that you had again, Kanako?

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Want me to get you your blankie, anon?

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Not him but I had a blankie until I was 15.
I still got him hidden somewhere.

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I turn 23 in a month and sleep with my blankie every night. I've had it since I was one.

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My blankie is in the same place as my plushies.

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I love you guys so much

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Your post reminded me that I want a giant Kanako plushie to hug. Aww yeah.

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I dont remember my mother, nor have i been coddle before, to tell the truth i really don't care for the opposite sex, and no i am not gay, i pretty much raised my self sense the age of 7, before that i dont really remember my mother's face,her voice or what she look like, she does call but i hate talking to her even after all these years that i havent heard from her she calls out of the blue wanting to be my "mother" again i just find it really pointless.

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Wow, that's really interesting!

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Yay for Sarcasm!

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Fatherly Kanako?

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