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Who is objectively the most beautiful Touhou?

This is NOT a tuhu fuk thread.

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id rape sakuya because shes a maid

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oh great if it's not actually one of this spam thread then i answer, for me i prefer momiji, then it(s all about opinion

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Well, you're asking for objectivity on something inherently subjective, but...>>7601714 has a point, considering folktale history.

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Well... remember ten years back or, somebody tried piecing together a "universal concept of beauty" by digitally combining faces with various traits considered beautiful in their respective cultures. And yes, as far as you can identify any facial features in ZUN's rather peculiar style, it sort of did look like Kaguya.

Now, not that that was a very serious scientific study, and personally don't give much for it. But considering it's thus far the ONLY scientific study to produce any concrete material, guess it's as close to an objective idea of beauty as you get.

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pick one

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Yep, Kaguya alright.

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>Who is objectively the most beautiful Touhou?
So what's the subject in that sentence? Would it be "the Touhou" being objectively the most beautiful, or "who" being objectively the most beautiful Touhou?

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What would happen if you tried to mix all fetishes together in a similair study to get "the fetish"?

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Well obviously Kaygua is the most beautiful objectively. Just imagine her as a computer or a refrigerator or something--beautiful.

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When you say
>most beautiful Touhou
do you mean, the most beautiful touhou character, or the most beautiful touhou youkai?

Also, what is beauty?

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True beauty is on the inside. Ergo, the most beautiful touhou is the one with the most loving personality.

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Which board on 4chan is objectively the most autistic?


pic please

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>Which board on 4chan is objectively the most autistic?
/jp/ of course.

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gonna have to go with the queen of rude here

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Byakuren then?

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My penis yearns for Yukari. Please post pictures of her.

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Tales of her unearthly beauty led men something something

pretty sure kaguya

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Would've posted it if I had. Believe it was in the last issue of Facts & Phenomena back in 1997.


It may be possible.

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Yes. Just look at all of these hearts and how she doesn't frown once in UFO.

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nue is the sexiest

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Why do I find that Nue so sexy?

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this is sexier.

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Tenshi. I love her long blue hair, her boots, her peaches, her sword, and that rainbow thing on her dress.
A beautiful girl in a beautiful outfit.

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As I understand it the bamboo cutter tale doesn't necessarily specify that she is the most beautiful female ever. Also, even if she is the most beautiful "human", shouldn't a youkai or goddess be able to surpass her in beauty?

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But Ran is fat and has big, saggy tits. How can she be beautiful?

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True, it never says she's the MOST beautiful, only extremely beautiful. However, this is really the only datum I know of, so it's the only means I have to make an objective decision.

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>big, saggy tits

>How can she be beautiful?

You some kinda faggot?

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>Why do I find that Nue so sexy?

Konno Roricon donome!

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A truly lovely Touhou

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New design Yuyuko.

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As everyone said, Kaguya is the one who canonically had lords left and right falling at her heels for her beauty.

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Oh shut up, I'm sure Kanako was more popular in her youth 3000 years ago.

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Looks like a tsundere...

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which touhou would you go to rocky horror picture show with?

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Rinnosuke. Because it's the fucking Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Which ever character in ZUN's portraits look the most similar to the "average face".

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forgot the link

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The problem with a completely stoic face like this is that beauty is just as much in the way a girl carries herself.

I would have to agree on Kaguya, though.

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But that's fucking ugly. Looks like a negroid natalie portman.

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Beautiful is subjective.

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Whatever the case, I can objectively say that there is shit on the front page.

Also, the bad moon is rising and you will be caved by lions and cows.

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This guy knows his stuff.
Tenshi is the most beautiful Touhou, hands down.

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but mokou is a BOY

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But does the Hourai elixir give eternal youth as well as eternal life? Because if not, 1,200 years is gonna be hell on her looks.

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are you saying that boys cannot be considered beautiful?

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Maybe he likes boys.

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The touhou girls are in general toxic to your health.

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So are a lot of things I enjoy.