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no stupid sexy Tewi thread? unnacceptable.


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that video

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Sorry, I just fapped.

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Wow, the other one died? Surprising.

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did somebody say Tewi? :3

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What do you think, anon? Should I take this carrot, or...?

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Also, yes, I know you're all masturbating to me~

You guys... don't you know it's bad for you to do that so much? Well, it's not really my problem. Want a bit of charity, then? :3

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Does 'bury my face in it' count as touching?

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Just try not to bite~ <3

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Stop roleplaying, please. You'll make me sick.

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And for anyone almost ready to go off, here's a target for you all~

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Terrible picture. Boner destroyed.

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Post the flash version.

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Only a huge slut would go around barefoot like Tewi...

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Y-you guys are just being mean for no good reason. See if I come back and offer this kind of pittance to you again, anon!

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Gonna blow chunks because of RPers, huh?
Don't mind me, I'll just be watching the ensuing hilarity through my gaps.

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Yukari would never say "ensuing hilarity".

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oooh, a voyeur, eh? :3

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Fine, anon. Enough bickering then. If you really want me, come and get me. I won't stop you...

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The advantage of this trap is that once it's sprung, you still have Tewi.

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And how would YOU know that, hmm? Are you secretly ZUN? If you are, is Mima going to be in Ten Desires?

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Would you really trust a youkai rabbit in the dark~?

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If you went on a date with Tewi, where would you take her and what would you do?

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THe question is, can a youkai rabbit trust ME in the dark. I'm already caught in a trap, what have I to lose?

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Yuka's sunflower field. There is nothing more romantic then a field full of flowers. You can't go wrong! And it's a free pass to do whatever you want!

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twister is fun too~

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I'd rather we do something more interesting than go to a boring flower field.

I like fishing...

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but if you really want to show me a good time, just take me somewhere where there are carrots <3

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And make sure you enjoy it!
because it will be the last thing you ever do

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We could always play pranks on people and torture them together too :3

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Yuka and I are cool, so it's okay.

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God fucking damn it, /jp/. No roleplaying. Stop this shit. This is /a/ level retarded. Just shut up and post pictures.

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fine, fine, have some pictures then.

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more pictures

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Please don't torture Reisen. Torture Kaguya; she's a cunt.

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not lovin' it

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Fine, I wont' torture Reisen. Better?

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...yes, actually. Though I probably shouldn't trust you.

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Geez, quit being so uptight. Look, I'm even jerking her off now...