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The mods hate Marisa.

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Are you absolutely certain there aren't other reasons?

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Nah he just caught you posting porn. Don't cry about it.

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No, the mods just like to punish Marisa.

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There are no trains in Gensokyo.

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Now, I know Sakuya is supposed to be one of the taller, if not the tallest human Touhou, possibly except for Rinnosuke. But she's got to be around two metres tall for those legs to work out.

That, or Marisa is way shorter than the qualification for dwarfism.

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Eirin is the tallest. (Lunarians are humans, but not Terrans.)

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That picture is best viewed on Danbooru when you can read the book titles.

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Ah... yes, forgot.
Must be getting old. Or maybe getting a total of 20 hours of sleep last week is to blame.

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Sakuya's thigh is actually only slightly longer than Marisa's. (Don't pay attention to Marisa's calf, it's "shortened" by perspective.)

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Marisa's feet appear to be closer than Sakuya's as well.
Maybe some kind of time dilation phenomenon with a complicated name with only one vowel shared by several words.
Or maybe it's not worth overanalyzing spanking fetish art.

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You keep forgetting Marisa's best asset.

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Her sluttyness ? Did those 2 missing pages ever get translated?

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It's like her bottom is entirely made out of fat.

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Is it da-ze? Is it da-ze? IS IT DA-ZE?

>her ass


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Wow. That is some super shitty image editing.

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It's the phenomenon of foreground not matching the background, basically.

>maybe it's not worth overanalyzing spanking fetish art

Travesty. Spanking art is always worth analyzing.

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No, but they are about Marisa slowly losing control over her body. Probably the best insertion scene in any Touhou doujin I've ever read on one of those two missing pages.

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Marisa is a strong, cheerful young lady.

Lewdness is unfitting.

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If that's true, why am I so hard?

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I didn't know of this. PARANOIA CAT is godly.

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Marisa breaks into the library, because she's a thief, and that is what thieves do.
Sakuya catches Marisa, because Sakuya can and will always catch you. No exceptions.
Sakuya punishes Marisa as a problem child.

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This is the kind of plot line that the fanartists should pursue more often.

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I googled the file name but all I got was Sakuya getting fucked.

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Haven't seen much of anything Sakuya/Marisa for the last few... months? Years? Is it 2011 already?
Mostly been Sakuya/Meiling, as always. Which is great, don't get me wrong, love the pairing perhaps a bit more than I should. But at the same time, do understand a need for variation.

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As if that's not a pleasing result. But you were meant to use e-hentai/ExHentai file search.

Or Meiling is his usual good natured self.

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Look no further.

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It's weird. I look at, browse through, and occasionally save touhou porn. And yet I get absolutely no reaction out of it. i just kinda look at it to look at it.

It makes me feel like a stranger in threads like these.

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Indeed, Sakuya can and will always catch you.

In reply, old but always relevant variation.

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why is marisa so lewd

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That was... curious and peculiar.

Suppose if you want to go with plain vanilla women-fap-to-feelings /u/, Sakuya/Meiling is the final word.

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It comes with the sluttiness.