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I lunarians are so advanced, how come they fight with bows and arrows like african niggers, and not with lasers and plasma guns?

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They passed the future tech stage and have made their way to tier 2 bows and arrows

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You're calling the particle accelerator shotcasters low-tech? Either a ballistic spread of supersonic splinters or launching solid rounds of fucking exploding ordinance set up not to trip magnetic decelerators and made of nondetectable to radar EM scanning nonferrouscomposites?

Those fucking casters?

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Dear /jp/, is Eirin a slut?

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no, but she has the lewdest images and is the most sexually attractive

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Lunarians don't actually use magic do they? Or maybe since nobody can tell the difference their science is pseudo magic? Advanced magical-science-technology? Or wait, was their civilization tech powered by purity of being untainted?

ok now im confus so

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Why is she so lewd?

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Because artist draw her that way.

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I find Eirin's ass to be the most sexually attractive.

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exactly this

her ass is powerful

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forgot to say that Eirin threads lack content

i'm going on a noble quest to make a whole folder of her butt/pussy/penis/tits for those who enjoy her lunarian lewdness.

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Why do Jedi fight with Lightsabers when they could use blasters

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Lewdest doctor.

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Excellent. Fantastic.

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Oh hi

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>implying niggers have the advanced skills to forge an arrowhead made of steel.

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Zulu have steel spearheads though....

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Want a taste /jp/?

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Eirin cured my erectile dysfunction.

Original joke do not steal.

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Oh Eirin you have the wackiest ideas

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just saw this one browsing gelbooru (making the folder).

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I'm not sure I could trust her with that.

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Someone had to parody that didn't they? Jesus Christ.

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What's that from?
The Human Centipede?

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I hope so. If someone else has already had the same idea, then I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

Brain bleaching that out with some nice schoolgirl outfit Eirin.

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You will never sit next to Eirin at the pool

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Eirin will never sit on my face at the pool, either. ;_;

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Why makes this picture my penis so hard?

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Because the moonlight reflecting on Eirin's lewd body is an insta-boner (for me)

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This sucks. I've got far too many lewd Eirin pictures I'd like to post but don't feel like getting a 3 day ban again.

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The pubic hair looks good.

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There are already many lewd pictures of Eirin in this thread, go for it

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They're bowcasters. Spess bows. The Lunarians introduced them to the Wookiees.

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They can.
They don't give a fuck about efficiency.
Also laser weapons + mirror = counter

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How about Lady Taka cosplaying as Eirin?

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Unless they'reaiming at the mirror to start with, odds are you aren't going to be able to intercept in time to avoid damage. Light speed and all.

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How about Lady Taka cosplaying as Eirin?

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I don't know if this thread is serious anymore or what, but still

It's only Eirin that uses the bow anymore, and that's because she got it from her mentor. The rest of the Lunarians (like the rabbits) use regular guns and the like.

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You know you'd play it

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Bad medicine.

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Just coat yourself with something reflecting.

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Is that why everything is chrome in the future? To end the great laser wars?

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It's difficult to maintain a perfectly reflective surface (technically impossible, but for all intents and purposes perfect), so it's not an absolute countermeasure...

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Not when you can summon gods.

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It's because Apple buys Earth, dooming everyone to an eternity of gaudy product design in everything to computers to cars to clothes.

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Their design isn't what I would call gaudy...

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How much bigger would Eirin's breasts get if you knocked her up?

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Seems a waste of time.

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I'm not sure you know what that word means.
Alienware is gaudy.

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Sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic, etc

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Eirins breats are a bicolor wonder of life.

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Thanks for drawing attention to that. I like nakadashi.


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Integrated technology.
Remember how they said a couple of years back how the computer as we know it would cease to exist within ten years? The idea was that the need for a large, stationary computer that can do a bit of everything would become obsolete and replaced by increased computing power hidden in other devices and tools we use without really thinking about it.
As expected they turned out to be wrong, but the other half of the prediction turned out true and more. We don't really think about it a lot, but the average electric toothbrush today is a more powerful computer than the average PC was a decade ago.
This is something Lunarians excel at.

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For the same reason that nobody posted portal methods in my threads or for the same reason that I don't jump under anything - it's not practical or they simply don't like it.

Also Lunarians weren't looking so advanced in ZUN manga. Maybe they were advanced in comparison to Gensokyo but it didn't look more advanced than this world world.

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So, like, they have really awesome electric toothbrushes?

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Long story made short, Lunarians are so good at putting stuff that does other stuff in their original stuff that they don't even think about doing it.

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As a hypothetic example, a Lunarian electric toothbrush produces fresh, ripe honeydew melons out of thin air if you rub your nose with it while poking your navel with your other hand.
Hypothetically. You get the idea.

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I've always wondered how the Lunarian society works in Zun's mind.

Because from what I've understood, the "lunarians are hyper-advanced and ultra-hightech" is from his own writings, and "lunarians use what's basically flintlock rifles" is from his SSiB.

I know he has contradicted his own canon before, but still.

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In Gensokyo everything is out of order. Technology and chronology as well.

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Flintlock rifles that shoot candy, nonetheless. Not a small achievement shooting something made of sugar and starch from a gun.

Anyways, the whole part with the guns is basically just warmup, and - as much as I hate to admit it - most of the idea of the Lunarians having spaceships and military technology we'd even recognise really only exists in fanon. The Lunarian superweapons shown in SSiB are Yorihime's sword and Toyohime's fan.

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So they don't have super technology - just magic and some post middle ages inventions that were everywhere in world expect Japan - and this way appearing modern for Japanese based Gensokyo.

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Rude bump

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He has multiple personalities that take over when he writes

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Seems courteous to me.