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Grimdark Gensokyo thread

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I've found that grimdark Gensokyo is just regular gensokyo but with slightly darker colors and slightly more grownup-looking girls.

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Even the moe moe Touhous are hunting and eating humans off-frame.

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FACT: Touhous ARE monsters and they WILL eat you.

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Grimsokyo Patchouli

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I love this artist, very good.

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[x] Jump in the lake

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Those are the same things I would have done.

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Dark enough?

god...the eyes...

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OP here, I'm going to my appointment with Hypnos and Thanatos... and Komachichi, later.

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Now the eyes won't get out of my head, fuck

thanks for robbing tonight of sleep

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I really shouldn't like that picture as much as I do.

Or this one.

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.../jp/ can I tell you my secret?
when I think of Gensokyo, I see stuff like this. and I like it much more than the lighthearted canon...

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It can't be helped.

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Grimdark Kisume does have her appeal.

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this isn't true, right?

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Reimu is the scariest thing in that image.

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That's because you long for the void.

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...you read in my black and cold heart.

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grimdark isn't going to much entail plain shitty gore.

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I will show you a world of pain.

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an amazing artstyle

wow how did I not see you posting recently, least you aren't dead.

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This has been nagging me for a while, who's the one next to Patchouli?

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the best Rumia around.

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Is that so?

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Was this picture a parody is something? Looks like I have seen it somewhere before.

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really nice, but I still prefer that one.
probably because once I've seen a thing like that.

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Not that I know

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These are my favorite interpretations of my Touhous.

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ah, the grand guignol.
luckily, we have Maruo Suehiro keeping traditions alive.

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sorry, I forgot the pic.

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Secondary is /x/ material

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I like a bit of the Grimdark Meiling simply because it adds a bit of seriousness to a character who is very very rarely ever taken seriously.

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Begun to recognise recently that many people can't tell the difference between "grimdark" and "dark and edgy". A shame since they are entirely different things, but also something that little can be done about since the definitions of where exactly both end and something else begins are fluid and largely subjective.

However, happy to see that /jp/ seems to have a firm idea of GRIMDARK that hasn't changed much since 2008.

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A classic yukarin.

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The occasional work acknowledging the fact that she's actually a youkai is also very nice, but goddamned hard to find.

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Grimdark = creepy?

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Perhaps as an example of GRIMDARK (as being atmospheric), original Rogue Trader, Flesh, 1970's Judge Dredd, Kristian Wåhlin's record covers.
And as comparison and example of "dark and edgy", live action Transformers movies, modern remakes of 1980's cartoons, the King Arthur movie, every Sonic cartoon since 1995.

However, as said, the definitions are subjective. For example, by this defintion it could be argued that GRIMDARK is a product of its time and that no proper GRIMDARK exists today, which clearly isn't the case.

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Source on the second image?

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Grimdark depressing Gensokyo


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While I know what GRIMDARK means (and I'm aware that many people, /a/ in general for example, don't), I have absolutely no idea what "dark and edgy" is supposed to be. I even tried to find it with google just now, with no coherent results.

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I think its more a matter of "Less sunshine and teaparties, more seriousness".

I mean, Youkai eat humans. This isn't just some speculated shit that only some people agree on, its actually goddamn cannon. But more often than not its simply ignored because most folks don't like to imagine their favorite little girls mackin' down on a human arm.

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Not all of them do.

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Oh I know, it was just an example, primarily referring to >>7566039 's post.

Most the rest of them though, have plenty of room for similar development.

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In a darker and edgier world, Rumia would have cool hair, assorted spikes, and various quasi-functional sort-of-metallic armour pieces emphasizing her womanly curves in a still rather child friendly way.

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>Youkai eat humans.

But not local humans, since they're off limits by mutual agreement.

And not all youkai, since many of them have different raison d'etre than simply devouring flesh.

And in fact you never see or hear of any of the named youkai actually eating one, the closest being Remi/Flan's blood drinking.

And the closer you look at it, the more it appears that, no, they don't. Sorry.

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You want depressing?

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well here you go

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She'll be back next year.

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Would say it's rather interesting how Meiling has gotten caught in a sort of catch 22, being bound by regional agreements not to eat locals, but allowed specifically by Remi to eat miko.

Then again, Meiling isn't exactly a local herself, being Chinese and all.

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Ah, figures.

I guess saying "EX-Rumia" would suffice.

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You want depressing?
Read this

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There have been (rare) GRIMDARK EX-Rumia, but yeah - that one there is pretty deep on the dark end edgy side of the pool.

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My personal interpretation of Gensokyo is that the current happy place is a delicate paradise that follows centuries of darkness. It's not even implausible. The number of Gensokyo who have or probably have committed murder is vast - off the top of my head, Remilia, Flandre, Mokou, Yukari, Rumia, Kanako, Suwako, Murasa, and of course Yuyuko. And that's only the most obvious.

But those dark days are over.

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Eirin is a canon murderer.

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That picture...

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It's a nice interpretation. I like it.
But keep in mind, we are firmly in the far East, with all that comes with it. History is circular and keeps repeating itself - there is nothing wrong with that, but to try and break the cycle is to go against the principles that hold nature together, with even worse results. So when you say something is "over", you are really saying it is laying low and waiting to catch you unprepared.
It never ends.

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Gensokyo has been sealed off from the rest of reality and no longer plays by the rules. It's tea and yokan from here on out.

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That's why they're not breaking the cycle. Youkai still attack humans. Humans still exterminate youkai. Only nowadays, they all have tea afterwards.

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Eirin, one of the few among Yukari's possible equals, put the world in a pot.
We know how that worked out.

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That's why they aren't breaking the cycle. Youkai still attack humans. Humans still exterminate youkai. Only nowadays, they all have tea afterwards.

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I see Gensokyo as the lighthearted canon side during non-incidents. During an incident however, it is hell on earth.

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There is good in all humans and youkai and as such there is no reason for them to live in eternal strife.

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Says the traitor who just watched as her entire fleet of ships was sunk.

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Maybe not GRIMDARK, but seeing how it looks rather handmade, would put MSPaint Yuyuko closer to GRIMDARK than to dark and edgy.

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Also, while still in the GRIMDARK borderland, giving a character a sword - particularly a katana - out of nowhere is a clear warning sign of dark and edgy.

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Byakuren never abused her powers even when she was granted super natural powers and became a magician.


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Enjoy some art


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>out of nowhere
Well, part of Youmu's job description is sword tutelage to yuyuko, so it's not exactly completely unexpected.

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Youkai also never abused their powers once they joined Byakuren. She even adviced Shou to conceal the fact she is youkai as she would become hated even though people liked Shou for her determination.


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>Maybe not GRIMDARK

Look at her mouth. They devour everything in their path.

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I know, just a rule of thumb.

In a vain and rather embarassing attempt at a witty parable, the thumb on one hand is not the same size as the other.

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Don't you mean this?

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Don't you mean this?

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izzat Mortal Kombat?

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I loved that game.

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Finally I can post "that"

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Youkai with a wounded heart. Once a human in love with a man that betrayed her causing her jealous rage drive her into madness, becoming a demon of jealousy. Because she took revenge upon the cheating man she was sealed underground where she oversees a bridge people no longer cross.


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You've drawn yourself a masterpiece.

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Life as a vengeful demon wasn't quite as good as advertised.

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Join Gensokyo Duty Squad to fight with terror and defend world from horrors of youkai!

Actually as fighter of any sorts you won't have to worry so much about Youkais, but still tea party happy Gensokyo is better.

And these pictures unless they have blood are really cute since they are just in "darker" colours and have more details.

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Cute and bloody? Yuka moe?

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The women whom are the most dangerous are always the most alluring and beautiful.

They're off limits.

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I know, right?

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I know

My mum used to say I'm really talented.
She never actually did, the slut.

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The grimmest touhou.

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But could we really call them 'women'? They're youkai. Genderless monsters. That 'woman' visage may just be a front.... cloaking their unfathomable, insanity inducing true forms.

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>cloaking their unfathomable, insanity inducing true forms.

So, a woman?

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>Youmu's visage when you doubt her softness and girlhood

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I wish there were more adventures of Aya Jerusalem. That's the kind of reporting Gensokyo needs.

>> No.7567479

Touhous aren't Cthulhu, get back to TVTropes.

The sheer fact that they possess a feminine visage and display of human skin shows that they have at least knowledge of the common mammalian style of reproduction, that is, attractiveness.

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Was NEETori even posted in this Grimsokyo thread?

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Better quality

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>get back to TVTropes

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That only applies to Presence Youkai

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Grimsokyo Koishi looks so happy and excited all the time, surely this can't be grim.

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I like how she shakes her head.

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>>7566795 me again, had to go out most of the day, lost the thread, nice to see it continued.

I guess I let a little too much of my own personal ideas sound like I was trying to state canon. Just from a writing perspective, I like to set up Youkai as being very different creatures from humans, compared to the way I typically see them handled which is more like they're just humans with some silly extra bits stuck on. They aren't born like humans, they (typically) don't have families or live in villages like humans. I just think there are interesting possibilities on what you can do with that kind of different mindset. One such example being how they can spend time with and live casually around humans when they at the same time can consider them as food.

So, I like my Grimdark Gensokyo where more of the dark is on the inside rather than the out, I guess you could say.

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a little bump.

>> No.7570359

The canon endings to the games are nowhere near grimdark and even touhous that eat people are cutesy. Many of the characters in this thread make absolutely no sense to be shown in some grimdark fantasy setting in light of canon manga and books.

Not saying it isn't cool. Just try not to say it's somehow more realistic.

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Agree, I mean somehow the closest canon really gets to Grimsokyo is with some characters and their tragic pasts (Yuyuko, Murasa and Parsee from the top of my head) storyline in games aren't really all that grim, Remilia wants a scarlet sky because she doesn't want to walk around with a parasol, Yuyuko forgets it's actually her under the Saigyou Ayakashi, Eintei wants to set up a fake moon, Komachi slacks off on her job, there are new gods and a miko in the neighbourhood, Suika throws a party, Okuu misinterprets Kanako and does the usual world domination scheme and finally, girls go on a treasure hunt and stumble upon unsealing of Byakuren who wants to unite humans and youkai.

>> No.7571728

And then you have some Touhou that just don't work in Grimdark settings at all.
Any of them that have to go into towns on a regular bases.
Those that can be chased off by just lone humans.
Hell, Look at the Aki sisters. How the hell could they be Grimdark?

>> No.7574219
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>> No.7574224
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>> No.7574352


Would it really be all that different from regular Touhou where once you start asking too many questions everything kinda falls apart?

Just roll with it and let people have their fun.

>> No.7575370 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.7575471

>Look at the Aki sisters. How the hell could they be Grimdark?

Well, Shizuha is the goddess of decay. Kind of.

>> No.7575485

I don't know, but I think the scariest thing about Gensokyo is that, maybe, just maybe, the girls are considered cute, can talk and socialize to humans, "normal living" and all but, they could also do grimdark things like acting youkai. That is, to say, they could eat human flesh. To get what I'm trying to say, imagine passing by the forested areas and suddenly, you see this cute little girl munching on a dead guy. She looks cute or beautiful or generally attractive but there she is, eating a corpse. You know, if you refer in this post >>7566039, imagine the Chen in the "secondary" picture doing the things below.

But it could also be morbid and humorous at the same time.

>> No.7575499

I would devour her

>> No.7576280
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So dark