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Started off as just a impulse story, but I felt like continuing this into a chapter. I'm by no means a writer, and only dabble in the occasional smut from time to time. It's too big to post here, so I uploaded it on Megaupload, not really knowing where else to upload it.


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more erololiterature?


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>not really knowing where else to upload it.

mediafire, for anything under 200mb, always mediafire

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Oh, okay. It's lolirific so I assumed most boards/erotica sites would ban it.

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you could also just split it up and post in multiple posts, unless you wrote a veritable book, in which case its still possible, but it'll take a while

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It's only nearly 10k letters, so that would be around 5 posts depending how I split it up. That might be spammy though.

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That would take up one thread. This, too, is taking up one thread.

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Couldn't you have posted this on pastebin?

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I don't know what pastebin is, but i'll start posting it here.

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I don't know how long I was wandering through the forest. It felt like entirely too many hours. It felt like I was making no progress at all. I was venturing to the mountains when the bamboo almost swallowed me, and the sun, with hundreds of feet of stalk. "I'm going to wander this place for the rest of my life, arn't I?" I said to myself. Pausing briefly to rest against a tree. To wipe the sweat of me head and to refresh myself with the last of my water. Crawling back to my feet, I mumbled tiredly and trudged on for an hour, or two. I couldn't tell anymore.

In the distance however, a mile or two further in the forest, a small bunny was at war with a carrot. It was to her, the biggest carrot she had ever seen. Sticking out of the ground, it's leafy tail sticking up, mocking her. "I will defeat you!" she exclaimed, and tackled the vegetable again. The frilly night dress that she was wearing, unprepared for her physical activity exposed much of the bunny's butt to the cool, crisp air. A large fluffy tail, waving in defiance of the carrot, while her bottom arched, waggled and waved with her exertion. Clung to by her delicate, ruffled panties. tucking to the shape of the bunny's young shapely bottom. framing her fragile innocence almost pervertedly.

Grunting loudly, digging her bare feet into the ground, she pulled with all her might untill she tugged the giant carrot free. Musing proudly to herself, she hoisted the large carrot up over her head, before starting to strut heroicly through the forest. Humming some little joyful diddy, because tonight she would be going comatose on all the meals and desserts she would be creating from this carrot. She was so distracted, she didn't even notice someone was infront of her.

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You could always cut the shitty parts and then post it.

Like this:

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Whether it was delerium, or exhaustion, I didn't know anymore but before my eyes I could see a small girl, she looked no older than 10, dancing about upon her feet with the largest carrot I had ever seen in my life. She seemed proud of herself, and as she got closer to me, she seemed suddenly surprised by my presence. I smiled sheepishly and raised my hand, telling her my name, she buried her face behind the stalk of the carrot. "M-my name is Tewi" her cute voice whispered, peaking out at me behind that monster vegetable. Smiling, I landed my hand gently on the top of her head, ruffling that tuffled mess of hair upon her cute little head. "Let's play a game!" she beamed back at me.

"A game?" I thought, but that was indeed what the little bunny said to me. I tilted my head, and repeated it. "Yes, a game, catch the carrot silly.. i-if you get my carrot, i'll lead you out of the forest..." I leaned back, I was almost twice as tall as this little girl. Something about her innocence stirred something inside me. "Sure--" And before I could get that word out of my mouth, she bolted off, like a white and orange blur. Shocked, I couldn't believe how fast this girl was running. "H-hey wait!" I cried out before I started to give chase.

I chased after Tewi through the tall grass, through rows of Bamboo. Listening to her giggles she raced off at an almost blinding speed, I was having trouble keeping up with the little thing. "H-hey wait!" I weezed, but she was having none of it. She only giggled, and put her foot to the gas. Groaning I felt like my heart was going to explode in my chest. Hesitantly I reached out for her shoulder, missing it by precious inches. Instead my hand fell down, grabbing what it could. The trailing edge of her night dress bundling up in my hand.

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Isn't pastebin, you know, google?

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Looking back at me, seeing my hand, gasping with shock before she ground to a halt. I couldn't catch myself in time, I couldn't stop before I rolled forward, catching Tewi's small frame as we both fell to the ground. We tumbled together a few feet before I eventually landed upon her. Our bodies buried in the tall grass, looking down between my arms. Looking down upon the little bunny before me. The little dress hiked about her chest, exposing her midriff. I gulped hard, trying the swallow hard at the knot that formed in my throat. Unable to take my eyes of of her, off the supple, milky babyfat, and her frilly panties. The frilly cloth tucked between her young thighs, clinging to a hidden, immature swell of her blooming womanhood.

Biting my lip, and trying to forget the temporary thoughts racing through my head, I brought my fingers to her waist, it was just innocent afterall, right? I placed my hands under her arms, sliding up that lacy night dress. gulping again I began to tickle her. She began to scream and giggle at the surprising attack "Hey stop, not there!" she squeeled, something about it stirred something inside me. Looking down, I could not help but avoid the sight before my eyes the pale, virginal skin. Tewi's young, and soft, undeveloped breasts. The sweat pouring off my brow, my hands shaking as my thumbs extended almost by themselves, reaching for the tiny, pink swells of tender nipple flesh.

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Those small, perky nipples glistening under the light that bled through the canopy. Causing my pants to tighten instantly. My groin felt like it was going to burst. Tewi was looking at me so lovingly, her tussled hair, and big fluffy ears, It was driving me wild. Unsure of what to do, I continued to touch and expore her small body. Sliding my hands to her waist, guiding themselves to the lacy knickers while my eyes seemed to devour her innocence. Gently I leaned forward, breathing hotly as I pushed my lips to her's. Her small chest rising and falling, breathing rapidly as I drew closer to her. I could feel the heat eminate from her tiny loins. I kissed her, pushing against her young, soft lips, rolling against the pliant girlflesh. Sighing into her little mouth while my hands slid in deeper, pushing against the thin, girly fabric.

My heard once again began pounding in my chest as I recognized what my fingers were touching. Pushing against the soft frilly cotton, causing the little bunny to arch her body, and writh in my hands like a tiny firecracker. Crying out into my lips, begging out for the perverse touch as my digits pushed against her hidden sex, feeling the soft, young flesh drenched in fluids. The tiny swollen cleft of her young, undeveloped vulva. Breathing hard, the pressure in my pants was ragingly hard. I couldn't help myself any longer.

"I.. I want you do something for me Tewi." I muttered needily as I pulled back from her lips, drooling trails of saliva from our sweet lovemakings. The bunny laying back, eyes glazed with lust, her hair wild, untamed in the new, unfamiliar passions she was experiencing. I leaned back, pulling the waist of my pants down, pulling free the raging, veiny erection before the young, impressionable bunny. "With my mouth?" Tewi cooed softly, crawling forward on her knees, lifting the eager puff of her tail to the air, her young pantied bottom nervously rocking side to side.

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"Y-yeah" I could not help but mutter back to the girl as my palm held her blushing cheek. Her fingers reached forward, holding my cock with surprising enthusiasm. Her breath exhaling across the hot, swolen glans. In her small hands, my needy organ looked enormous. Throbbing painfuly at her touch. I gulped hard while I filled my need with blood, causing my pride to swell, and bob in Tewi's fingers. Slowly she leaned in, her little nose flaring rapidly "It smells funny.. but.. not bad.. it smells ..g-good" she whispered softly before kissing at my painfuly fat tip. "Ahhn.. Salty" She leaned in closer, dragging her tiny tongue across my huge girth. throbbing wildly as this little girl was now worshiping my cock.

"Tasty.." she cried hotly, making my heart skip a beat as she delivered her unexperienced adoratioon upon my raging need. Opening her lips nervously, her pantied butt rocking to and fro. Her fluffy cotton puff of a tail standing at attention. I listened to the lewd, almost obscene slurping sounds as this little bunny was slowly pushing down upon my cock. Shockingly I watched Tewi's face turn red with embarresment, gagging, gurgling on my fiery member that she began to slowly slide into her young, immature maw. I placed my hands behind me, thrusting weakly up against the little girl hovering over my lap. Delivering the surge of lust and need upon my erection, squeezing down tighter upon my veiny girth. I could feel her throat swallow me, gulping at my wide, throbbing crown. Needingly trying to pull more of me into her young little mouth. Adoring my member like a delicious carrot.

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Her tongue was pinned, weakly sliding by the underside of it's spongy, saliva coated surface. Trying to pull it deeper, deeper into her young, virginal throat. It was much too big for the little bunny, who began to blush feverishly. Her fingers cradling my impressive need, slurping, gagging upon it's girth while my heart pounded in my chest. Each throb causing me to swell, making the little bunny to muffle little squeals upon my need. The buldging girth forced she needily forced down her own young, throat. I couldn't help myself, the sight before me. Tewi's eyes looked up, her large brown orbs staring into mine, glazed from lust. It was too much for me. I placed my hands upon her young head, coarsing through her silky, tusseled crown. Wrapping around her large, fluffy ears. Holding the poor, lustful little girl down upon my cock before I exploded down her tender throat. Groaning loudly while thick, gooey globs of semen gushed into her stomach. Emptying my impressive load into her little belly before I slowly pulled her free. She was gurgling, gasping for air as ribbons of cum poured obscenely from her drooling tongue. "Tasty..."

-the end-

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Please discontinue discussing Tewi on /jp/. It is the worst touhou.

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Well, people wanted me to post it here, so I did.

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Just to let you know, I tried to compliment your story and critique it. But I mistyped the captcha. Oh well..

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I hate when that happened, I would get 4chan Plus for Mozilla/Chrome, it makes it alot easier to write messages.

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I'm using some sort of 4chan extension. Had I replied normally, I could have just pressed back and retyped the captcha.

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I'm using chrome, and it pops a reply window up. If I mistype a verification, it doesn't reload the whole page. So I get keep the post/image.

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stop reading right there

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I'm the anon from the previous thread. Well done.

Some constructive criticism; the story was too short, and it was rushed to get to the lewdness, at least in my opinion. The first paragraphs was great, and the description of her was a nice touch. The more the story went on the less believable it seemed to be, the euphemisms were overused too I feel.

Good job.

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Well, I don't know about being rushed, I guess I could see that. Really the aim was to write some short erotica concerning Tewi. Mostly due to time and not really knowing how people might react to some thing like this, or if it might be interesting at all. Glad you liked it though.

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Heh, well I guess it was just that bad then.