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>That feel when you realize you probably won't be alive within a year due to deteriorating health, loss of income, no friends or family, etc.

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I'd give it more than a year, but I'd be surprised for 30-40

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>that feel when you report OP's thread

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If only. I don't see myself dying for decades. I have parents that care for me a great deal, and ample resources. And, mental illnesses aside, I am hale and hearty.

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It would take longer than a year to die from health complications, starving, or loneliness.

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>that feel when you need to have a name on an anonymous imageboard

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That's why you leach off the government for everything.

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OP sounds like he's having a panic attack.

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It takes over a year to starve?

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Not really, they would throw my ass out of a hospital for not having insurance and I would not be able to pay for my medication.

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>that feel when i'm fit and healthy, make six figures, have a wife, 2 kids, plenty of friends, a nice car and a large house

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Who gives a shit OP.

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That feel when someone makes a shittier post than yours surpassing the shitpost you just shitposted

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Have you tried finding a steady flow of income?
Would you like to talk about it OP

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>that feel when you deserve your fate

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That feel when people greentext that feel.

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That feel when you don't mind or even sometimes want to die, but continue living a content life.

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I used to tell myself that I'd be lucky if I made it past 40 for the same reasons (aside from no family). But during the past few months I've been giving myself less and less time to live. At this rate, I might off myself by the end of the year, that is if my declining health doesn't beat me to it.

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So, what are waiting for OP? Open a portal to Gensokyo.

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That feeling your experience when the last spoonfull of lucky charms has no marshmallows in it.

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I plan to live forever, of course. But barring that, I'd settle for a couple thousand years. Even five hundred would be pretty nice.

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Oh hell naw.

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Have you talked to a therapist?

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How do I favorite this post?

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you're supposed to apply a +1 sticker to it

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Go be sick in Canada. America is just Canada's Mexico.

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>That feel when ZUN!bar smiles on your post

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They make my teeth squeek and give me goosebumps and shivers, same thing with greenbeans, I hate it.

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Oh, God, rapture overload... That image kills me every time I see it.

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>lucky charms

Well, look at Mr. Moneybags here.

You know you're wasting your money, right? The store brand tastes just as good!

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THis is superior. It's cocoa puffs and Lucky charms in one convenient package!