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>You will never smell your favorite touhou's feet
Feet thread

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What do you suppose Suika's feet smell like?

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We needed you earlier today. Where were you?

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Saki and dirt, what did you expect?

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real feet are dirty

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And thats why you need a beta to lick them.

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It seems odd that a Kappa would wear socks.

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erm... *sake
Forgive me for my sleep depravion induced mistake.

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some feet there

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I only like the smelly ones.

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her hip bones are way too fucking high, god damn

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but real feet smell terrible.unless she'd let me clean 'em as well...

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Get out Lain.

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>Tewi after Easter


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That's not mud...

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>You will never lick the sweat from Reimu's soles.

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The sweatier and smellier the foot is the better. I would love to get a whiff of that delicious toe jam though. That's the good stuff.

One of my dreams would be to give Yuugi a foot massage after a day of hard work. She can lay down and relax while I pour her favorite sake.I would rub and feel the slight callousness of her feet. She would not be able to concentrate on drinking because of how good it feels especially after being sore for so long. She would reward my efforts with a rough fucking while I lay defenseless.

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Glad to see another foot fetishist.
Sometimes after a jog, I get my boyfreind to clean my shoes by licking the insoles. While he's doing that, i start rubbing his crotch with one foot, and pressing the shoe against his face with the other.
Sometimes I gently stomp on his crotch, just to hear is adorable, girly yelp.

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You're a very lucky man.

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Er... try again.
But yeah, i am lucky.
Before we met on okcupid, I used to bully him all the time in highschool.
No idea why he forgave me for it.
I mean I fucking cup-checked each time I passed him in the hallway.
I'd kill any fucker who did that to me.

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I often give female friends foot rubs. The salty, slightly musky smell is such a turn on; I always have a huge boner when doing it. I wonder if they notice.

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1.Lain on /jp/? never seen you around here
2.what's a cupchecking?
4. I'm a foot feticist too. it's some time that I want to ask you...care to show a pic of your feet?

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...I love that pic.

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I believe okcupid is one of those hookup sites, if I'm not mistaken

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...yeah, I was thinking of that too, but I asked out of curiosity.

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I'd lick them even if they were covered in dirt.

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1.) Yea, I kinda got tired of /a/. Its nice to be back in /jp/. /a/ is just too... well you know... "derp" for my taste"
2.) Basically nonchalantly giving a quick punch to the genitals. I prefer kicks much more, but its easier to get away with punches in a crowded hallway.
3.) Yeah, after I broke up with my last boyfreind, i tried online dateing. I met this cute guy, who was into all the same stuff I was into, great personality, careing, the works.
Well, it turns out, it was the guy i used to bully in highschool. He cleans up gooooood.
4.) I would love to, but my HD died yesturday, and this shitty netbook im useing to cope, doesn't have a webcam.

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that's a rapid response for /jp/'s standards!
...I'm just curious about that cupchecking thing...it's possible that that guy never retaliated ?! I have a friend that got knifed for doing a thing like that, because the victim of the joke didn't recognized him immediatly...well, good for you.
and about /a/...geez, this is one of the worst summers I see since four years...

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dropping out. I hope to see this delicious thread still alive when I'm back...

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There's nothing cool about feet.

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t'HELL me about it, i tried fapping to my own feets one day, big waste of time

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Why does every single girl I meet seem to think foot fetishists are gross perverts?

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Because it's weird.

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I'll be your beta lain

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It truly is a shame that foot fetishists are so misunderstood by women.
If only they knew the benifits of dating one.
But you have to understand, most women think feet in general are wierd and gross, and anybody who likes them are gross by default.
And the first time you ever have your toes sucked/feet licked, its such a wierd feeling. One one side it feels good, but on the other, you can't stop thinking "ewewewewew get away from my feet!"
But after you get used to it, its such a relaxing experience.

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Damn Lan keep telling us these stories instant boners

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Lain is just a balbusting feminazi from /a/ and /v/.
But agreed, instant boners are usually risen when she posts

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go lain!

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Whoa now, im not a feminazi. I'l admit I hold a few feminist ideals, but thats mainly my resentment against gender roles and double standards.
And also, whats wrong with a ballbusting fetish?
Its not like I go on a ballbusting spree, in which I see how many many I can make drop to the floor and cry. Besides, i quit that in highschool. But honestly, the most I do now are gentle smacks with a ruler, or tying a tight collar around his ballsack, and using it as a leash.

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Oh goddamnit, you are perfect waifu material

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>few feminist ideals

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>few feminist ideas
You are treading on thin ice, Lain.

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>implying beggers can be choosers

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This thread is bad and I feel bad knowing none of you feel bad at all.

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Why would one feel bad for a thread?

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the dick sucking in this thread for a trip code wearing faggot let alone some 3dpd is disgusting

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You sound particularly jealous

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It's spillover from /a/ plus it's summer. It can't be helped that there's so many normalkids.

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...well, at least this trip is kinda entertaining. she made me pop a boner here>>7545051 and here>>7544998.

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Summer, summer, everywhere~

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I sometimes wonder how many of you frequent /d/.

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Doesn't everyone?

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Too many normals.
>How can I get my boyfriend to x
>My girlfriend doesn't want to y. What do?
>Anyone want to z with me?
Better off just going to Pixiv or or whipping up a thread here, but after reading this one...

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uhm, I'm not sure to understand what this sir is saying.

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He's saying this thread is shitty and full of normals, of course...

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Hey, better scans of the Hatate socks book turned up.


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...actually, I have a theory about normals on 4Chen...

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oh, geez, why behind the panda?

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oh for god's sake

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Every fucking time. Clearly there are no oldfags on /jp/.

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You can get out too.

Goddamn this thread is shitty.

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The implications of this picture!

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well, it's not that I was pretending to be an oldfag or something...also, I know how to go on ExH, it's just that porn outside of it always satisfacted me without any problem.

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Get out.

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Thread about Touhous and feet/socks cannot be shitty.

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You are not into pedostuff? Weird.

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So you are telling me that you survived all this time, not being able to fap to shota doujinshi?
You poor soul

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if you really insist...shall I?
I like lolis only in a ecchi level.
... what I can say, I'm a dirty man.

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...sorry, I'm a just a country simpleton...some things are far too refined for me.

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Someone should... totally upload this as a torrent for me. Not that I don't know how to get past the sad panda - I've seen many people explain how to do it - I just never have in the past and am too lazy. I probably will if nobody's willing, but I thought I'd ask.

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see? I'm not the only one.

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Sorry, I have better things to do with my time and bandwidth than to let stupid people be lazy. You have the solution, get to it.

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but I wasn't really asking for something.
I just manifested my disappoint about the location of that...if you understanded something else, sorry pal, my fault.

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Quick question. Does ExHentai mangle images that are downloaded via torrent?

Even so it's not ideal for downloading. But it's invaluable for searching for a title that you can then Google and look for a download yourself.

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ltithe res.

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eymodyn setting,

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mentow 223

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>Sitting in algebra class in highschool
>Half Mexican girl occasionally dangleing her flat beneath her desk
>Notices me stareing
>Texts me "You're a perverted faggot"
After that day, she dangled her shoes more, and started wearing more open-toed shoes. She would always giggle when she noticed me looking.

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>posting on /jp/

Care to fill in the blank there?

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No, no i do not.

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Any one else love how Anons post here about smelling, licking etc their favorite Touhou, or any other 2D girl's, feet, armpits etc and then a girl (supposedly) comes in and starts rattling off about her boyfriend?

We don't care about your boyfriend. Fuck off.

>few feminist ideals
>went around highschool kicking nuts.

Really fuck off.

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Well thats not very nice.
And is it my fault that its fun seeing a man fall to his knees, crying, just because you smacked his pathetic ballsack?

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anime feet are better than real feet since you'll never see any blisters or cracks on 2d feet, no worse feeling than when you find out that girl you are stalking turns out to have some ugly feets.

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Yes? Filtered. Enjoy.