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I bet /jp/ had a very enjoyable childhood filled with fond memories.

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No. I was made fun of because my index finger is longer than my ring finger. I'm a guy.

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Get a load of this freak

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what the hell does that even mean? are you that anonymous who was saying how feminine he was?

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I was raped.

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oh joy


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I spent my days being as pessimistic and cynical as possible to lower the morale of all the students. It was pretty fun though

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i'd suck on your large index finger, anon. don't feel badly.

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I was the only kid that stood alone in the corner at break and lunch times. I had no friends, and balancing on the wall was fun.

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That one kid to the left has like 14 marshmallows.

Fucking greedy!

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I love feminine guys. Let's fuck.

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I too was raped.

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I rapped

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I did have a great childhood filled with fond memories. Somehow it all went wrong since then

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I've been a social misfit since before I ever started school. Ending up on /jp/ was clearly my destiny.

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'cept for middle school it was all fine actually. And middle school invariably sucks.

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Nah, not really.
I dont remember half of it and the other half I do remember is bad!

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I can't recall. I simply can't really remember my life before 5 or so years ago.

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No thanks.

...no thanks.

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lets see, I had to come home before 6pm because otherwise my father would scream the fuck out for me and giving my friends reason to laugh at me; next is when he was teaching me how to ride a bike, he was constantly making me fall because he tended to let go of that stick which kept me in balance, one day he just pushed the stick when I was on a hill and let me ride down, I didn't even ride 3 meters when I fell into a fuckload of nettles; my grandpa died when I was 6, that was a huge shock to me, still remember how I was told about it; then my father left be by a campfire which was about to go off but I stumbled and used my hands to help myself and put them onto the hot carbon and cried the fuck out of me

other than that my childhood was nice, I miss it

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I moved to America just before kindergarden. I didn't learn English until middle school. It's still hard to look at homework that I finished in sixth grade. I was still using phonetics and words from my native language. It probably didn't pomogło dat e ńigdy talked to anyone. I remember a bunch of my older kids holding me down and making me say 'thirty' over and over. It was great fun for them watching me not being able to say it.Things like this happened very frequently and it made me shut off from society. That stayed with me. I'm going in to my second year of high school now. My teachers extoll me for my language skill, saying that it is better than their college students. I don't think it's all that great. In all my school years, I had to see endless numbers of social workers and psychologists. I never wanted a part of it but I had no choice.

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I had nightmares where I would be a girl only groped by men on my way home from the train station.
This went on until I was 19.
It's probably the cause or effect to my deep anxiety throughout high school.
So yeah I had a decent childhood.

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lousy traumatic childhood.

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>I remember a bunch of my older kids holding me down and making me say 'thirty' over and over. It was great fun for them watching me not being able to say it.

Whether this is true or not, it upsets me.

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I had a good childhood until I was 13-14 and have had crippling depression ever since.

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I didn't even know what was wrong at the time. I didn't have anyone to explain it to me.

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All I wanted to do was learn music and my parents didn't give a shit, I hated and avoided my dad, he died shortly after that.

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high five

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I had a similar childhood.

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Good childhood...sure, better than some others I guess.

Enjoyable, oh lord no.
Constantly fucked with and bullied my whole life.
I've gone my entire life without a singe friend.
Didn't help that I grew up a poorfag.

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Same here. Except my father suddenly died when I was 13 and I've been a wreck ever since.

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Get out underage b&. Unsociable highschoolers will never understand what it means to be a true failure at life.

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Egg wars.
Eggs were cheap back in the day, we bought fucking bags full of those things. Pissed of some older dudes, they chased us and stole our eggs, a friend's house became a fort.

Many lives were lost that day, valiant heroes, will never be forgotten.

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I played video games, had a lot of fun with my brother, and wasn't really well-liked at school but managed to make enough friends to get by.

Everything is still nice, though I am pretty sure my brother is on his way to being a deadbeat drug addict.

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This is about where I am

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I remember one thing from my childhood.

I was over my friend's house and we were shooting eggs with bb guns (the kind that fucking hurt, none of that airshit)

Guy1 was my friend, fat and probably more of a neck beard than I am these days.
Guy2 was Guy1's friend, older, still a fucktard.

Guy2 threw an egg at Guy1, Guy1 shot Guy2 in the eye twice.
Guy2 lay on the ground dying. I suggest we bury the body.

Two months later the body was found and we didn't even get in trouble.
After that we started smoking weed.

I am almost certain that my childhood is why I'm on /jp/ right now.

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I tried to be social through high school, and I had a few friends, but I always got the feeling that when there were other people around, they would put me down to look cool in front of everyone else. So if they needed someone to hang out with in a class where they didn't know anyone else, we would talk like good friends, but then as soon as we went to lunch or to a class where they had a bunch of friends, I would be the punching bag for everyone. I was always aware of it, and I never went out or anything during high school, but it took me a long time to realize that I shouldn't have bothered.

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I often wish something would happen in my life so I could feel something. But then I doubt I could literally cope with something bad happening.

Sometimes things feel so stagnant, I wish there was more movement or motion or I could go travelling with a good friend (or have a good friend) or something.

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Nobody was mean to me after I came to school knowing how to solve a rubik's cube after a night of intense training.

Then I started acting basically like a KEY protagonist, making sarcastic remarks everywhere and generally not giving a fuck. It actually attracted some girls, and I even got three or four love letters, but I was still too dense to notice any of that.

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>they would put me down to look cool in front of everyone else.

People do this shit all the time and I despise it. The way I deal with it now is to laugh and make myself look worse by joking about whatever flaw it is they point out. It makes the people they are trying to impress laugh and upsets the morons who are behaving like cunts.

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when i was young, i used to be reckless and felt invincible like all children

then one day i got into a snowball fight, just some regular good american fun, with the neighborhood kids

i grabbed a fistful of snow and threw it with all my might behind a snowfort that some kids were hiding behind

complete silence from the fort, the kids on my side were still shouting our little hearts out

still silence

turns out that last snowball i threw had a chunk of ice in it and one of the kids was now bleeding from a gash on his head

i have never felt safe ever since, the world became a place of constant danger and harm


on another occasion, some dumbass kid sitting behind my buddy and i on the bus was trying to hit our heads with his dumbass lunch box

i grab the lunch box the next time he tried to do that shit, because let's face it, trying to hit someone on the head with a lunch box is a dick move no matter how young and derpy you are

i told him to quit it

i get off at my stop with my buddy

five minutes later, the derpkid and his dad comes driving around the corner, his dad is furious and starts screaming at me "ARE YOU BULLYING MY SON!?" "HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO MY BOY"

i am scared speechless

the dad eventually drives away, his bullshit son laughing the entire time

i never told my parents and to this day, they still don't know how traumatized i was by that experience

seriously what kind of 40 year old adult screams at a 10-11 year old kid

all in all, it was probably a decent litmus test of how much of a shithole america would eventually become 10-15 years down the line

i'm not sure if either event had a hand in my becoming such an antisocial shut-in but chances are good

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I tend to do the same thing as well. Some of my online friends sometimes get mad at me, so I just soak it up and add on to it, usually and even bigger put down on myself. It makes them look like a huge retard, particularly because they have no idea what to say after that.

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I tried playing that pitiful funny card for a while, but I felt like I didn't deserve it. I developed a good sense of wit after high school, I wish I would have had it back then, I would have snapped back at anyone and not care what would happen after.

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One of my friends does this all the time, and when he does I just tell him he's being a pussy and should shut the fuck up.

Maybe your friends should start doing this too?

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You seem like an astoundingly shitty friend.

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Maybe so, but I'd rather be a shitty, "tough-love" friend than one who caves to self-pity.

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I'm not that guy, but when it comes to this type of thing as an example I mean, they may something childish like "you are a gaylord" and I will say "oh yes, nothing like taking a shot of warm, sticky, salty cum down the back of my throat." Or whatever.

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I think you imagined it wrong, or I worded it incorrectly or something. It's not for pity. I usually say whatever I'm saying with pride.
For example, if they genuinely get mad at me for whatever reason and start calling me names, I'll say something along the lines of "What are you gonna do to THIS faggot, huh?!" It usually makes them even more mad, but unable to speak.

Either way, it sounds retarded explaining it.

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and to add to this, >>7538189 worded it pretty well. I'm just really bad with words

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Ah yes, I suppose I did misunderstand that, then. I usually do that too.

What I was referring to would be the people that are genuinely being down on themselves when things don't go their way in hopes that you'll respond with "N-no! Y-you're not that bad! In fact, forget what I said, you're fucking perfect!"

I hate that shit.

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Oh, yeah, I hate that shit. I feel like it's one thing to admit you're beta, but another if you do what you described

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I did that in high school and it basically ruined my life. During a time when I, at the very least, needed to personally boost my own self-esteem, I was constantly putting myself down.

I don't recommend it.

You need to tell yourself that you are worthwhile.

Once you're over 21 you can start putting yourself down because all adults do it to temper their egos, unless they are major assholes who failed to grow up and learn respect.

Also, something else I've learned, there are no such things as "online friends". Friends only exist in reality because that is the only place where friendship can be tested.

Friendships are forged through trials. Events in which you or your potential friend prove to one another that you have each others best interests at heart.

Friends are supposed to affirm your existence and lend a hand when you really need it. They're not supposed to dick around when you tell yourself that you're a piece of shit. That's the very definition of a stranger.

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Am I the only person here who self-medicates by drinking alone every other night?

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tl;dr I think online friends exist but are rare to come cross
>there are no such things as "online friends". Friends only exist in reality...
For me, it's completely backwards. I met someone on Xbox live probably... 6 years ago. He has helped me through EVERY single big issue I had brought to him (after I got to know him, of course). He views me as his sibling, and I can see it. He introduced me to the rest of "his group" and no one else there is like him. At some point, we hope to live together, somewhere. We talk every day, and sometimes he needs me as well, and I'm there for him without fail, and we sometimes talk about personal stuff that we wouldn't tell anyone else. It's a huge mutual trust.

>Friendships are forged through trials. Events in which you or your potential friend prove to one another that you have each others best interests at heart.
I might have said it earlier in that paragraph, but we've been there for each other, doing what we can.

>They're not supposed to dick around when you tell yourself that you're a piece of shit.
He only does this when he honestly thinks the situation has gotten out of hand (which is rare). It's only happened once from him to me that I can remember.

This has gotten to be a pretty fucking long post, but I do believe that online friends can and do exist (in my case, at least. They are indeed rare)

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I have online friends I still talk to from 10 years ago. Sometimes there will be some months without contact but as soon as we talk again it is always enjoyable and understanding. I really miss talking to some of these guys, but it is very rare to make a good online friend and not just a passerby.

Meeting people from the internet is always an odd experience as the form of communication is so different. Even with a real life friend, talking online is so strange compared with sitting down and having a chat.

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I much prefer talking to people online as opposed to real life, but I'm sure that's not surprising around here. I personally like it because I feel like there is a lot more pressure when directly in front of someone, while over the internet, if shit really hits the fan, you can just eject from whatever program you are using to talk to them, be it AIM, Skype, Vent, etc.

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>Growing up in ethnic side of town
>Brought up by hippies and have no concept of boys vs. girls
>Hang with all the Vietnamese girls
>Make memories I still recall 15 years later

My best friend is still a Vietnamese girl, she's 18 and we sleep in the same bed sometimes but no lewd touching.

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I wish I had that some type of friendship with a girl.
The closest I ever got to something like that was sleeping on her floor for like a week, and she didn't know me THAT well. We only knew each other for about 2 or 3 months.

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I had a great childhood, thanks op.

I'm only here to know the status of TL Projects. Though when I see threads like this it really makes me appreciate that I had a relatively boring but normal high school experience that made me found great friends in real life and online.

I honestly hope for you guys to enjoy life, you don't have to go outside or get a girlfriend, but to enjoy what you do and keep on doing it. Don't waste your life talking about how miserable your existence is and make something out of it.

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You should have took the opportunity to smell and lick her sweaty and filthy anus when she is in a deep sleep.

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We're talking about how our existence USED to be hell, thank you very much. Most of us here have accepted what we've turned into.

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My only recommendation would be to somehow befriend a 'misunderstood' highschooler. Seeing as you're posting here I'm gonna assume your social life is/has been shit enough for you to relate to her and understand her problems. Before you know it they'll trust you and you'll be cuddling up on a couch in no time.

I'm not really into anuses.

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I was a fat and retarded kid.

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You don't. I'm currently going through a nightmare. After so long of not caring about 3D it doesn't take much for something to destroy your senses.

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I honestly don't remember much about my childhood. It seems that most of my memories begin when I was about 14. I know I did things when I was younger, but I don't particularly remember them.

Anyone else?

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Big blank between 6 and 17...

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When I was in 2nd grade, I went on a school trip to colonial williamsburg. My dad was a chaperone for the trip, and when your parent is a chaperone you get to pick who will be in your group with you. I picked a bunch of guys who were more popular than me in hopes that they would become friends with me and I would become popular too.

The children and the chaperones stayed in separate rooms for some reason, so me and my group were all in one room together. For some reason one of them thought it would be a cool idea to take out his penis and start jumping on the bed. This made me uncomfortable because I was in 2nd grade and I knew better than to show my dick to people, but before I knew it all 3 of the kids in my group were jumping on the beds and swinging their dicks around like it was the fucking olympics of dick swinging.

I conspicuously was not partaking in this activity, and just crawled under the covers and decided that I was just going to ignore it and pray the weekend would end sooner.

The three dudes who were supposed to be more popular than me did not like that I was the only one not taking his dick out, so they began to berate me by saying things like, "Oh you must be a faggot because you're too busy looking at our dicks to do anything else. Fucking freak."
"Yeah, you like this don't you, that's why you won't just take yours out, cause you're afraid it'll end."
Just a bunch of nonsense bullshit like that, and it didn't end for awhile.
Then all the sudden it got really quiet. I didn't know what was going on because I had my eyes shut really tight because I was a kid and I didn't know what the fuck was going on or how to react.

All the sudden I felt something soft brush against my lips, and I opened my eyes, and one of them had rubbed his dick head against my fucking mouth.

I am 23, and I have never told anyone this story before.

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She decided to hate me because one of her friends told her to, so that's not happening.

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I can't even remember my childhood.... so I guess that is a bad thing, heck, I can't even remember much of my senior high school year. I try not to dwell on these things but it does make me wonder, I probably had a shitty childhood. Like I can remember the places but not the people or any events. Its just like looking at a map.

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>2nd grade
>cursing like that
Damn, where were you raised? kids didn't really start swearing like that until 6th grade where I lived

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A new teenage girl is being bullied every minute, plenty more fish in the sea.

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Are you me? It feels like I try to look back but I see nothing. Occassionally people will ask me if this happened and it'll set something off but I seem to tend to keep it under wraps for the most part.

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woah, didn't even read your posts. By the way im >>7538355 . So do you guys have any clue on why you guy's cant remember? I have no clue but it is possible that I had a traumatic childhood. Not traumatic enough to scar me for life but enough for me to not want to remember it. So im pretty sure I can say that I wasn't rape.

I know that feel. I know it all to well.

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I didn't feel bad about it, as it was just another feeble mind just being controlled by someone else.
But for now, I'll just stay at my computer desk and enjoy life as a hikikomori and wait for the next person, whenever that'll be.

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It's been a while since I've read that, thanks for the laugh.

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I still have the scars from when one of my "friends" dropped a burning marshmallow on my fingers "accidentally". Hurt like hell at the time, and they all made fun of me about it until my family moved out of town two weeks later.

Speaking of which, moving around the country and to the other side of the world once every couple of years because my dad was in the US Navy until 2005 really fucked with my childhood. I'd talk about it, but it's 4:30 am and all I want to do is fap to Miku before I go to sleep.

Well at least I wasn't raped or abused or anything like that...

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I had a good childhood through high school with friends and all but at some point I turned into a colossal emo faggot who kept an all-angst-all-the-time blog and after that just stopped talking to them.

Well, more like ran away.

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to be honest, the "you" from age 5-12 and the "you" from middle school onwards are like two completely different people

that is because you only begin to mature around middle school, you begin to think about things, even your own thoughts, and you begin to identify curiosity as curiosity, whereas before you were just naturally curious without ever wondering why you wanted to poke a bug or lick a plant

in short, you were a dumb kid and now you're smarter

contemplation helps to solidify memories and little kids rarely contemplate things

in other words, trauma that forces a child to grow up faster than natural actually causes them to go into states of contemplation, and helps them remember events/retain those memories

you probably had a perfectly normal and healthy childhood if you can't remember much from that particular period in your life

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I feel that if I moved often, my childhood wouldn't have changed much, not having friends and playing video games day in and day out, and all that.

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I had a shitty childhood because I was already a /jp/er at heart. Not the confident "I don't give a fuck" Keima-type, but the self-questioning "please let it pass" guy who wished he could be as disinterested. Anyway, I don't care to go over that in detail now. It's over, and nowadays I can talk to people like me on the internet, and I'm sort of independent and much happier than I used to be.

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No idea, really. I grew up fairly normal although in a somewhat unconventional family.

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>It's over, and nowadays I can talk to people like me on the internet, and I'm sort of independent and much happier than I used to be.


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I wish my parents let me play video games at an earlier age. My dad was pretty adamant about that, probably because he read too many articles about studies that said video games are bad for your average child's academic progress or some shit. He was that type of person. I didn't start playing video games (with the exception of the rare times at a friend's place) until I was 12.

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I can't remember any one or any events from birth to about 17 and even those memories are fuzzy. I mean, my memory is next to photographic, anything I care about I can not only picture, but I can completely deconstruct it. Which makes me wonder why I can't remember my childhood. However as you did mention it could be the whole, being different as a kid/teen from being an adult.

It makes me sad that I can't even remember celebrating Christmas or birthdays with family since I kinda did move away at age 18. Then again if I recall correctly, I didn't hate my family but I just had this uncontrolable urge to move away. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to head to work in the morning and its getting pretty late. Maybe ill post a bit before work, I would post at work but A. I dont want them to know of my "hobbies" and B. Im trying to keep my job, I have to stay productive.

So, did anyone else have this urge to just leave their family all behind and start anew?

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not >7538372 but I too can't remember much. I can remember some parts, like how my father was a weaboo... I bet he was inspiration for ken-chan as that is how I remember him (but far older). Jesus fuck I hated him.

>> No.7538448

As a little kid I always dreamed about going to the big city and making something of myself. But the upper class schools were extremely difficult compared to my suburban schooling and I felt so out of place. Everyone around me was much more successful, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't catch up. One day I saw some bullies beating up a kid. I tried to help him out but they started picking on me. If my friends didn't show up I don't know what would have happened. I was so sick and tired of feeling helpless. Then I found the level upper.

>> No.7538467

Some bullies in dah hood were up to no good. Fighting 'n stealing and actin all cool. So up come I, tryin to be one of them but my auntie yelled at me and before I knew it I was off to belle aire.

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I was always that smart weird/funny kid in school.
Not that my grades were all that good, though.

The friends I had in the lower grades stopped coming over after their dads got better computers than mine, so I became a bit of a shut-in.
Some people made fun of me for various reasons, but there were worse cases than me.
All in all, I'd say I had a pretty good childhood even though I only had one friend throughout it all.
He'd leave the parties at our school (after the food was gone) to come and hang out with me so we could play some Mariokart. He's still my bro.

I think the reason for my solitude was that my jokes were kinda mean some of the time, and I never really talked to other people since I'd always get so damned nervous whenever I got paired up with another person.
And I'd hardly say anything if I was in a group of 3 or more.

My social awkwardness has stuck with me ever since, but these days I don't really care that much, and that has made me able to loosen up and talk to people casually.
Living at a dorm with a shared kitchen is a huge plus as well since I get some social interaction every now and then. They're mostly a friendly bunch, especially the girls, so we drink every now and then. I don't go out to clubs with them, though, and they respect my ways.
They know I'm a bit of a freak, but they still play SingStar with me from time to time.

>> No.7538545

Why must you be such a normal?

>> No.7538562

I don't know.
Once I stopped thinking too much about what the people around me think, that's when I could start enjoying just being myself.
My voyeuristic habits aren't exactly praised, but we all have a laugh about it when the topic of me comes around.
So I can convince people that I'm normal if they just look at me and talk to me about normal things, but if they're up for it, we can talk about all sorts of weird shit, which is kinda fun when we're all drunk.

And yeah, I'm a virgin at 24.

>> No.7538581

I left school and was hiki from 14, that is 10 years ago. But now I am less of a shut-in. The odd thing is I think, being isolated you lose peer and social pressure and begin to despise social norms, the way people behave and treat each other. It is an abysmal and fucked situation.

>> No.7539165

virgin at 24.. that is so hot, im not even kidding :l

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i had a very enjoyable playing hours during my childhood home alone.

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almost the other way around for me. In my childhood I had constantly problems and complexes until I was a teenager and learned to take it easy.

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