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Oh Eirin, I'm sorry but I can't stop looking. Please forgive me.

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you're not alone i also feel the remorse of staring at Eirin's butt and feeling that she would slap me while pumping me with some chems to kill my erection.

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Embrace it.

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I don't know what it is but Eirin is tempting me and she isn't even one of my favorite Touhous.


Maybe I will. But maybe I won't. I'm a bit conflicted.

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She need to learn that there is more to killing an erection than the biological aspect, with a bit of negative reinforcement you can also kill future erections just as easily.

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I'm going to shower and when I come out I hope there are atleast two more erotic images of Eirin in this thread.

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You should also pay attention to the text, you might learn something.

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She has the perfect medicine for chronic erections.

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I despise Eirin, but I've got to admit that that is a GORGEOUS ass.

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fucking Eirin threads

everyday is repost of a repost of a repost day

never any new content

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I thought that was a myth.

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For some reason I've always seen Eirin as a tall woman. Like around 5'10" - 5'12".

She's always had this holier than thou way of carrying herself....

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Please everyone stop

you are demolishing my dick

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What's the problem....

Oh goddammit. It's time to go to bed. My eyes are killing me.

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Really? The only Touhous I see being tall are Kaneko and maybe Ran.

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I'd think China was tall, but maybe that's only because the others at SDM seem so short.

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Thanks for killing my erection i wasn't planning on masturbating

Really, thank you.

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What about Yuugi? At least 6'/182cm

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It's just anime/2d proportions.

They'll make character stats and state a character is 168cm tall (5'6") when they look as if they're around 6'2". It's all about drawing the legs freakishly long that gives the illusion of great height.

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Tell your dead erection to get in the ring

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>Implying you aren't beating off to those armpits

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jesus christ how horrifying

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95% of my Eirin pics are too lewd for the new /jp/

Blame the mod.

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On a second though i'm coming back to stumble upon Eirin's great and magnificient puffy vulva

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Would you let Eirin give you a rectal thermometer?

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But you're just going to post them anyway.

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True Eirin armpits.

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But I only risk bans for Aya, Momiji, Reisen, Kanako, and Yuyuko

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I had already fapped. Fuck you.

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Eirin will feel like you don't give her enough attention if you don't risk for her too.

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to complete the cycle


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I wish Erin would fart on my face.