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Sooo what do you think about this?

some problems where already discussed here:

he is currently working on a new version

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Wasn't the consensus that it's pretty bad, like that Flowers thing was? I didn't really check this out when I first stumbled on it, since /tg/'s Touhoufriends harshed it so much.

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well it's still in beta but yeah it does have some problems, both in fluff and crunch. That's it though, just SOME problems. Alot of complaints were pretty much nitpicking

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Touhou this, touhou that, and touhou everything. No sir, I don't like the idea. Maybe when /jp/ is able to make something original once for all, maybe then, it will become a successfull project.

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well it's more /tg/ then /jp/ but I can accept that you dislike Touhou, it's not like everybody can like everything.

To each their own I guess

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>Reimu's always hunting for some cash

Bah, at least the author should do the reasearch instead of using common fandom as a base.

Not like it matters much anyway since it's a fangame, but he does seem to attempt to hit canon at its core with everything.

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Uh, gonna take a while to get all of it, better wait for the full fixed version.

He also mentions about other Touhous complaining about her laziness, which he should have realized by himself that it's a lie since they would be complaining about Reimu not-beating-them-up.

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yeah he knows he kinda failed at many fluff points, he said he's trying to improve that for the next version, but then again most negative stuff is easy to improve with some houserules

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Only uses d6's? Stopped reading right there.

I know he gives a reason for it, but let 'em use RNG programs if they don't have the dice. Cool sets of dice is like 30% of the reason I like to play tabletop games.

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I don't dislike it. It's just, I don't get the hype about it, or why do people here make more than 10 daily threads about it. I mean, a little bit is fine, but when you abuse of it, it becomes a little bit disturbing.

That's why I said I wanted something "original". I know we all like Touhou, but everything has it's limit, and this time, we crossed the line with this.

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Original content and characters are almost universally less interesting than established versions of both.

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But that only means the glass is stil more then half full

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ah ok. I understand what you mean but I still really liked the concept of this game and wanted to share it

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If you look at the thumbnail for that picture really quick it looks like Pokey Minch and a Mr. Saturn

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I don't have any problems with you sharing this either. But, in my opinion, and as I have already said, Touhou material is overused already.

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yeah in about 2 weeks or so I'll probably think so too. I Actually wasn't really interested in it until i finally played the games like 9 days ago

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>finally played the games 9 days ago


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Shockingly, not everyone has played Touhou.

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Thing is, Touhou isn't the usual static series of characters in a set universe like everything else ever, it's main source of popularity is based on its appliance to other franchises and derivative works on their own, without it, it'd wither away.

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oh well excuse me princess, but like many people I mainly knew touhou from all those memes and music videos and I really wasn't interested in that stuff. It wasn't until after I played the games that I'm finally kinda into it ... an even then I sometimes find it funny that some characters are so radically different in the games and in fandom, yeah I know that it's like that with EVERYTHING but it still kinda surprised me

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FUcking secondary.

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You're not even comprehending what he's writing.

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What I mean is basically like this:
Me: "Sooo let's start. I saw quite alot of fanworks based on this so I guess I know the basic stuff about most of the characters."

Ingame dialogue: "-Oi! Ya messin with me? -Waddaya say bitch?! Immagonna fuckin KILL YOU!" (well maybe it's a little more uhm "classy" but I think you get what I mean)

Me: "Woah, holy shit. Did i get the Roanapur version or something? Well maybe I just didn't pay enough attention to the fanworks... Let's see"

Fanworks: "-Owie you hit me uguuu~ -There there don't cry, my immortal enemy. Let's just have some yuri secks until china wakes up. -*HONKHONK*"

Me: "Nah I guess i got it right the first time"

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oh and also you just have to watch this:


basically it is just some reupload of a guy talking about stuff he doesn't know ANYTHING about but the really funny part are the captions, oh god the captions

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but yeaaah now I really now I really get what you meant with Touhou being overused, there wheren't that many threads when I started this one though