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Does /jp/ enjoy alcohol?

Do you import, or just drink locally?
I was recommended Momokawa and Sayuri as sweet alternatives for liquor.

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Unless you post an image of a Touhou, it's not /jp/ related.

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Suika thread?

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>sweet alternatives for liquor.


why would you ruin a perfectly good liquor with sugary shit?

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Red Wine. Don't like white too much.

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I only drink occasionally. IT's usually beer. I'm not that preferential, because if I'm drinking, it's for effect.

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Vodka, straight.

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Anything that helps me forget I exist because I hate myself and everyone around me cause they're more succesful. Can anyone share any advice for suicide? I just want something painless.

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Just hold your breath until you die

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4L jugs of cheap red wine are about $5 at the local grocery store. Usually does the job.

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I love Asahi.
However /jp/ told me multiple times that I have bad taste.
Enjoy your inferior Kirin pals.

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I drink baileys, midori and lemonade, white russians, sayuri, plum wine and guinness

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Scotch. You faggots drink your shit, I'll be over here fucking your mothers and having a man's drink.

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Kirin makes one of the best mass-produced stouts out there, though. Their lagers do sort of suck, however.

In the rare chance that I want to drink something Japanese, it's usually Sapporo Reserve. Otherwise, I've got access to too many local craft beers so I usually pick one of those instead.

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Can /jp/ recommend me a beer? It's a hot night tonight and I feel like taking a suggestion from /jp/ would be nice.

What beer do you like to drink?

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Sapporo Reserve sounds interesting, never tried one.
I'll try it out, thanks for the suggestion anon.

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Brandy with tea.

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I have a weak liver and was told that drinking could kill me.

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You are now aware that all 'imported' 'Japanese' beer in America was brewed in Canada.

>except glorious Orion

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Anything but Natural Ice would cost too much out of my manga & doujinshi funds.

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I only drink:

- Victoria Beer
- Cerveza Indio
- Corona
- Tonaya premium (because is fucking cheap)
- Vodka

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I hate having an Asian liver. I'm usually done extremely fast but I still love drinking.

Name me some good Japanese liquor and beer, /jp/, I've never had any.

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hoegaarden grand cru

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I have made it my quest in life to drink all of the beers. All of them. Here is a partial list of what I've drunk:

Corona Extra, Guinness Draft, Guinness Extra Stout, Guinness Foreign Stout, Cooper's Best Extra Stout, Cooper's Extra Strong Vintage Ale, Old Rasputin, Black Boss Porter, Baltika No. 1-7, Gulden Draak, Laguinta's IPA, Four Peaks Kiltlifter, Four Peaks 8th St. Ale, SanTan Brewing Devil's Ale, Lagunita's Cappucino Stout, Lagunita's ***** Rich Copper Ale, Delerium Tremens, Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, Dogfish Head Midas' Touch, Red Stripe, High Life, Asahi, Sapporo Reserve, every seasonal Sam Adams since 2009

Fuck this is taking longer than I thought it would, that's about a quarter of it. I haven't mentioned a single German import beer because I forgot all the names.

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Asahi is shit.
Tried it once, never again.
So far hoegarden is still the best.

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>>7529325 here
I like to recommend kilkenny as well.

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I disagree with your hoegaarden but I agree with your creamy red ale

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That's my favorite beer, OP.

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alcohol tastes like shit. Say i'm childish, whatever, if I was drinking something with flavor, I'm fucking drink soda or fruit juice. I don't get why people would enjoy the bitterness of alcohol. That said, I can drink alcohol, I just hate it.

inb4 I have shit taste.

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For the same reason people drink teas.
Sometimes bitter is nice, and goes well with other foods.

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but tea isn't bitter and shitty. I enjoy almost all types of tea. Alcohol just tastes horrible in my mouth, like I'm trying to drink something tasteless that I accidentally mixed rubbing alcohol in with.

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Acquired taste, etc. etc.

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>agree to disagree

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There was no need to greentext that. Fuck off.

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I don't understand the hate for greentext, but I apologize.