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I tried Umineko, I really did.

But the character art...

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Blinded you with their excellence?

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That means you are WEAK

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>can't appreciate truly great art

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You'll just get used to it, like ZUN's art.

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I fell in love with ZUN's art.

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Oh god this.

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Never seen it, post

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ZUNart thread?

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You must be new here

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>newfag detected
Lurk moar.

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Fuck yeah ZUNstyle
sage for offtopic

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This is from the guy on pixiv who imitates ZUN's style art right?
ZUN rarely uploads his drawing. ;_;

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Nice greentext use. It's been a while since I've seen someone use it properly.

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>Using newfag
Everyone was new at one point.

Thanks to those who posted it.

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He does a pretty good imitation.
This is my favorite ZUNimitater though.

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Also, Satori's smile is a miracle of the universe. I could kiss that face.

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>Not using green text to show quotes, sarcasm or rhetoric.

Yeah, ok.

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How's this for being on-topic?

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So this is what love feels like.

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Greentext, like sage, is meant to implement an idea toward your own post, newfriend.

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ZUN art is better than any works modern artists in this life time.
He created true beauty incarnate.
Just so for he is our God.

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Then you must know only newfags even use the word newfag. No it means quote/sarcasm/rhetoric, been that way for years. Sorry try again, game over, see you next fall.

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Oh god, that Sakuya, she's perfect!
ZUN would be so pleased.

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Isn't there a sprite and voice patch for this sound novel?
Whatever happened to those!

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I though those exact words a few minutes ago.

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If you can't use it properly, go back to >>>/a/. You can't fool me, son.

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You must be me from the future. Quick, what am I thinking about now?

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>having anything to do with /a/

Wholly fucking shit are you desperate. Not only did your picture have nothing to do with the argument at hand, your whole fucking sentence literally had nothing to do with my response. Everyone uses greentext correct, and has for years, grow up and stop being so colon crucified.

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I seriously love R07's and ZUN's art. Like most, I hated it at first, but then I realized that it really does have charm. And especially R07 is amazing at drawing character expressions, even if his characters anatomy is wonky as hell. Sometimes they're unintentionally funny, but they're really diverse and there's just something about them. Pic releated, how can you not love those faces?

Meanwhile ZUN comes up with fantastic character design, and his style is recognizable and unique.

That's why I hate the art in the PS3 verision of Umineko. It lacks charm. The poses are stiff. The shading is the boring, generic, typical VN shading. But most of all, the expressions aren't nearly as great.

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>How do I quote somebody?

To quote a portion of text, simply place a pointer (">") in front of the text you wish to highlight (ex. ">This is a quote"). To link to and highlight an entire post, place two pointers in front of its unique post number (ex. ">>210981"). Cross-linking to another 4chan board is also possible, by placing three pointers before a board letter, followed by a post number (ex. ">>>/x/1208196").

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I thought It was a new game from ZUN since I hadn't read the thread.
Now I'm depressed.

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This remembers me of the danmaku with Beato.

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try going from Umineko to Higurashi.

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At least we have this.

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Which falls under quoting/sarcasm/rhetoric which I defined about. moot point.


Did a poster call you wrong?

[ ] a. Call him a newfag
[ ] b. Call him a troll
[ ] c. Go off on irrelevant subject never brought up
[x] c. All of the above

See me after class.

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>But the character art...
Just wait till the "plot" or "character development".
Better, no, don't bother.

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Post link.

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Good thing to know you no longer have a point to make, guess I won by defacto. Sad, you were hardly a worthy opponent.

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This one makes me laugh. Every time.

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He was implying that, just because many people agree to use it wrong doesn't make it a correct, and that you should return to /a/ because it's a board full of cancer, just like (he was implying) you. You're really shallow, aren't you. Can't you see the depth in that post?

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ZUNart bestart

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There is no right or wrong, there is only the majority. Language is all about commonly accepted definitions. If 99.999999% of a community says X is Y, and you thing X is Z, then the community is right. Unless there is empirical proof to the contrary. Which does not exist, because the use of green text was a communal created definition.

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Yeah, me too.

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Are you serious

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So if everyone agrees that the sun is made of water, that makes it true?
Or that if I'm Jesus? This isn't the matrix. Keep dreaming. Maybe you should take some sleeping pills and some alcohol while you're at it.

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There are objective things, that exist regardless of humans' perception, and things decided by humans. Guess which is the case.

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I use things the way they were meant to be made regardless of what the majority thinks.
No amount of opinions or misuse of a good feature will sway me.

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>Ignores the point about empirical evidence

What you just said was incredibly faggy. I hope you delete your post.

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Then I guess you should speak the ancient language too, because that is the way it was meant to be, but then uncultured majority intervened and changed it.

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Why don't we just enjoy ZUNart instead of trolling everyone around?

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That's wrong in itself too even for mandmade things. It's like saying if enough fanwork have X doing Y, it becomes canon.

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So now we're getting from "it was meant for quoting" to "It was changed to quoting". Nice backpeddling, fag. You've admitted defeat. I'm out of here.

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I agree. Too much sht in a good thread.

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I don't even care about your argument, it's just your post about the sun was incredibly retarded. That's not how languages and traditions work.

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You really don't understand how language works, do you?

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That falls under empirical evidence, as the creator of a object determines how that object is used and what it means. If people say Touhous are sluts, there is proof to the contrary proffered by the creator.


You are the one saying anything changed at all. My point was that definitions are decided by the community. I never said "greentext has changed it's meaning", you said that. I said that the definition is what the community chooses it to mean. That's what it means. Maybe in 10 years, it will mean something else.

It's been this way for years. Can you post proof it wasn't? If you cannot post proof, or if it is not a commonly accepted theory by empiricists, it is not true.

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>majority rules / community decision

Pick a side. I see you constantly stressing "majority vote/ there is no truth!" and then flip-flopping more than democrats on their political campaign.

Greentext and sage are constantly misused on 4chan. I see so many people sage to "offending" other posters, when its purpose is to keep the thread from bumping because your own post is unworthy (i.e. offtopic) enough to bump it.
He is using greentext for what it was made for.

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Community decision unless it is empirical, i've clarified this multiple times through this thread, try to keep up.

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Keep flip flopping.

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>Any argument I had has been destroyed, better resort to trolling.


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10/10 /jp/ is easy to troll anyway so it's not much of an accomplishment

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>It's been this way for years. Can you post proof it wasn't? If you cannot post proof, or if it is not a commonly accepted theory by empiricists, it is not true.

You are fucking stupid, people have used ">" to quote since fucking Usenet and probably even before that. Not to mention I'm pretty sure it's in the Futallaby source code which 4chan is based on and maybe even in Futaba.

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YOUR argument is destroyed? Oh yes, certainly. Thanks for declaring me the winner.

I refuse to read it any other way because that'd be promoting the misuse of a good feature.

>> No.7517315


It is used to quote/sarcasm/rhetoric, thanks for proving my point.


>I'm made of rubber! s-s-so you really insulted yourself, teehee! XD

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my god, stop FEEDING him you cancerous shitpile excuse of a *channer
PROTIP: he's known ">" was for quiting since the beginning and for god's sake use "sage" I'm tired of seeing this wall of shit in the front page

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Regardless I just now decided to read the thread and I see that you have been trolled hardcore. The positions are inversed.

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No it's not. It is NOT for quoting.
Also, are you frustrated?

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No, he's just incredibly stupid. You give people too much credit. Stop encouraging this defense mechanism for mentally retarded.

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Just drop it. You're not missing out on anything.
Just watch the anime for OH DESIRE and EETS PAAFEKTO and you're set.

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You all need to take it easy

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He's either incredibly stupid and backpedaling by pretending to troll, or purposefully posted>>7516899 to start a shitstorm. I'm inclined to believe the latter. Majority rules.

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