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Don't forget, /jp/.

Koshien is serious business.

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one pleasure I'll never know ;_;

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Honestly, if it was on TV or stream, I'd probably watch it. The atmosphere is just so intense.

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Only third world countries think that.

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>Only third world countries think that.
Pretty much.

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Have you ever looked? Online stream has been available for at least 2 or 3 years.

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Last tournament was broadcasted on TV Asahi, which, in turn, should be on KeyHole.

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I have and haven't found anything. Link?

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No appreciation for Koshien around these parts.

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Baseball sucks when it's in America.

I can't imagine it's any better when it's done by non-Americans.

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baseball in japan:
- yelling and being as loud as you can while your team is at bat
- drinking beer the rest of the time, AND while you yell and be loud as you can.

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My team is ready.

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I don't see how anyone can be entertained by luckswing.

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That's like attending a football game, except the sport is interesting in football, you get to tailgate and eat good food, and you don't have to be Japanese.

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THis fits my limited experience with basically all sporting events regardless of country...

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Surfing /jp/ while watching baseball helps.

I'm doing it right now.

But it's understandable, not everyone can appreciate baseball.

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I completely understand wanting to play sports, however, wanting to watch someone else play a sport is completely retarded.

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I guess generally louder and more beer.
granted the only baseball game I've been to in the US was a Mariners vs Red Sox game and the only one I've been to in Japan which was Tigers vs Giants.

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It's just, there's so much time with very little action going on. The pitcher waits for a pitch that he likes, repeatedly checks over his shoulder, tries to catch a runner, goes back to looking for a pitch that he likes, throws a couple of balls at first in order to bait out dumb swings, throws a few more pitches that are a bit better but end up getting fouled, and then eventually the guy pops out, gets walked, or lucks out with a hit, and we have to repeat this process 2+ more times in that half of the inning alone.

I just can't find it entertaining, though I'm not trying to suggest that you should stop enjoying it. I find even divegrass to be more riveting, and only thing that comes to mind that might be worse to watch than baseball is golf. Or maybe turn left.

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I'm the exact opposite. I can understand watching a sport, but will never understand the players. Physical exertion is tiring.

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>you will never take Minami to Koshien.

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>Physical exertion is tiring.
No shit?

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More time, little action, so I can take it easy while watching things.

Not like hockey where I have to watch the TV the whole time.

I also like golf for this reason, but that might explain why i have my laptop out while watching sports.

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Is it weird that i watch/like sports anime but hate real sports? major,touch,and ashita no joe are some of my favorite animes.

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They tend to stick to the exciting moments so it's understandable.

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