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Your favorite Touhou is now with child.

Will she be a good mother?

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She never was.

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Why can't you write properly?

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I'd like to think so.

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Youkai, ghosts, and poltergeists don't reproduce, and human touhous don't have someone to get them pregnant.

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>Suwako never was a good mother.
According do what? A single doujin?

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Good mother and wife Okuu

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I guess she'd be a good Terminator Mom

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>Implying 'with child' isn't grammatical.

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You're actually retarded.

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Rinnosuke. Also no problem in terms of nip mythology.


>Human touhous
Rinnosuke, faceless men.

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She will be a good mother if she lets me copulate with her child as well.

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I thought she was going to adopt!

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Yes, well technically it isn't grammatical, but it's a colloquialism which breaks normal rules of grammar.

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>Your favorite Touhou is now with child.

He meant something like "Your favorite Touhou has had a child". "Is now with child" could mean things other than this Touhou is now a mother. The Touhou could have found a child that's not theirs, the Touhou is spending a day with a child, and so on. Writing properly makes the difference here.

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/jp/ - Grammar

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... I don't think Yuyuko's really cut out for that job.

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OP here. Actually, "with child" means pregnant. If you don't believe me, look it up.

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Hey, you...

Yeah, you. I'm bored, let's have a Yuyuko thread.

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I want to see someone make a doujin of Touhous finaly finding their husband, havig kids, raising them and then dying.
Especialy Reimu.

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I want to see a romantic Marisa x Rinnosuke doujin.

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I see, well I had never heard of this idiom before so I stand corrected. My apology.

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Ok. The third one is going to be ero.

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Oh thanks dude. Do you have Rinnosuke x any other touhou?

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I'd probably be a stay at home Dad.

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There are a couple mild ero and non-ero ones by Hot Dog Chuck. Don't have them uploaded.

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But very few touhous actually have human lifespan.
But yeah, Reimu's one of them.

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Ok, thanks.

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There are a couple mild ero and non-ero ones by Hot Dog Chuck. Don't have them uploaded.