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> he thinks the Moriya shrine is better than the Eientei

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Two immortals or two gods?

Which would you prefer to get on the good side of?

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>living in Eientei
I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

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Well one has 4 girls the other has 3. Eientei it is.

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I was never too fond of Eientei for the most part. They're still nice, but none of them are really favorites of mine.

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i don't really care about Eientei, i prefer two goddess

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Comparing the Moriyas to the Eientei is like comparing rotten apples to overripe oranges. There's way better factions than the both of them.

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Moriya is prettiest

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Yes yes no yes

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No I don't, Eintei is my third favorite group even though it has Kaguya. All Moriya has for me is Kanako.

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But nobody in Eientei is nice.

They're all assholes.

Like all Touhous except for Nitori

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Suwako will curse you with poor harvests and malformed children.
Kanako will bash your head in with rods from space.
Eirin will experiment on you.
Kaguya could potentially screw you up quite bad with her ability to manipulate eternity, but more importantly she will be a pain in the arse and make your life a living hell.

It seems you'd better stay on everyone's good side.

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Resien > Sanae
Kanako > Eirin
Suwako > Tewi

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I don't like any Touhou, really.

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>he still thinks Eientei isn't the best household

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I would let Lady Kanako split my skull open with her onbashira.

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> he thinks the SDM is better than the Eientei

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Your whole existence hinges on your value to the gods. You have to gather faith to keep them strong and "in existence." A life of hard work, asceticism, and devotion atop a rocky mountain you'd have to constantly hike. Surrounded by dangerous youkai who are highly protective, sometimes even warlike. Possibility of death at any moment and becoming a sacrifice for the gods.
Leaders have no concerns about the future, they only really care about the day to day distractions to keep themselves busy. Some new subject to research, some new fun game to play, something new and tasty to eat. Live a live of comfort in a shady forest where the hardest you'll have to work is as a jester, a cook, a carpenter, or possibly tell Eirin of anything you know of from the outside world. Surrounded by fluffy bunnygirls. Possibility of being caught up in Kaguya's power gaining immortality. Even if not you'll likely live to an old age and die while being cared for by a bunnygirl nurse.
> he thinks the Moriya shrine is better than the Eientei
You're goddamn right.

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But the Moriya Shrine is the best household.

And why do Eienteifags insist on making threads like this? Not that I mind, really.

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the house of yakumo is better than either of those shitholes

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Yeah, about that. Why are there only two people in the house of Hakugjakorouko or whatever? Every other place has several people in it, but the ghosts are all to themselves.

Doesn't Yuyuko have some other servants?

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>still liking Yukari & Ran

I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

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Now now, let's not get all potty-mouthed just because of these fraction wars.

We all have our favorites. Even though I admitted liking Moriya the most, I like all households a whole bunch and they're all good in their own right.

Myourenji is my second favorite though
Haters gonna hate

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Quit that shit.

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I think the Prismrivers are usually clumped in with them

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Maybe, back in 2005? I'm sorry anon, but to be honest I've never seen them clumped together. At least not as a household. Thought it is canon that they occasionally perform in the garden.

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I want to be defiled by the good doctor

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Wow, I never even knew the ghosts appear in the same game as the Yakumos. Maybe I should play the games sometime ehehehe~ :3

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Even though she's not one of my favorites, I have to admit I can appreciate Eirin's ass.

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Lot of anons do.

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I can see why.

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Don't all hit on me at once, silly boys~

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They perform all over the place, even in the Garden of the Sun in one of PoFV's endings.

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The best house and the most loving family.

I wish I were a part of them.

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Even though she's not my favorite, I'd hit on Eirin. If she didn't kill me of course.

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The only redeeming aspect of Eintei is Tewi's butt.

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Bunnybutt is best butt.

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Yes, Hakugyoukurou included. So it's kinda pointless to point out, I know.

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Yeah, fuck you OP. I love Kanako, Suwako and Sanae. I don't care about the other bitches and I HATE bunny girls.

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Go away.

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>HATE bunnygirls
You gay, son?

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Either help him or ignore him. Don't shit up threads with your kind of posts.

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My "opinion" is Scarlet Devil Mansion>Palace of the Earth Spirits>Eientei>Moriya Shrine

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Lol I don't think so.

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>Calling someones opinion wrong

Get that /v/ attitude outta here. He said it was his opinion.

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The only problem is Dio, but at least she's a decent maid.

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I didn't say he was wrong.

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You should still stop being a dickhead. It's not welcome here. Relax.

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This isn't a thread to get mad in

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I'm getting something right now, I'll tell you that much.

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Wherever I hold Cirno, is where I call home.

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The best sukumizu i ever saw.

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So many people from /jp/ staying at Eientei and Moriya.I think I'll just be taking it easy at the Hakurei shrine

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Kaguya and Eirin are the sweetest Touhou pairing after Ran and Yukari

I hate how you can't word that in a way that doesn't sound like yurishit

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I have nowhere to stay sadly.

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So fuckin' mainstream.

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Have fun living in poverty

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Sometimes I think Reimu feels a little lonely in the Hakurei Shrine, all by herself while everyone else wants to stay in other households or give other Touhous more attention.

She's not my favorite, but damn. I can't let that happen. I'd stay at Hakurei's.

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Hakurei harem is best harem

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Now that I think of it, maybe I would too. Just to see those fairies.

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>not living with Cirno

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I suspect Reimu prefers relative solitude.

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I could understand that. I still want an easy way to see those three fairies though.

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Child molester.

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I like reading and taking it easy so the Scarlet-Mansion is the place for me.

I am sure as long as i lay low and dont cause any trouble i should be fine.

I could also help filling in for Meiling as a doorguard as that is my current job irl aswell.

..Though i doubt i would be able to stop even the weakest fairy from entering if they realy wanted to.
I may be able to outsmart some of them though.

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Come to think of it, there is a second "household" on the mountain, quite a lot older and firmer established than the Moriya shrine.

Although they don't really count as a Touhou household since they don't follow the midboss(es)->level boss->final boss structure.

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>not living in your floating wizard's tower and dropping coins on people from the sky

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I just want fairy daughters without anything lewd involved. Is that so wrong?

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Yes. Men should not be allowed to care for children.

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>I like reading

What the fuck? Who the fuck still reads nowadays?

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Right now.

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Then I shall become a young lady. Just so I can befriend them. I'll even marry Marisa if that's what it takes.

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I think I'll just work here.

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Reading a screen doesn't count.

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I want to become Satori's Patchouli and take care of her personal library.

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Play games all day with Kaguya. Admire her extensive figure and manga collection.

Help Eirin with her experiments by doing a little manual labor for her. Get regular medical check ups and care from a genius.

Take it easy and relax by watching Reisen and Tewi train sexy moon bunnies.

Any time I need to go out I take Tewi with me and benefit from her immense luck.

Sure beats sitting in some stuffy old mansion drinking tea and reading moldy tomes.

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You say that as if Tewi isn't likely to use you as her new toy like she does Reisen.

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I may or may not like that. I'd have to experience it first. I can't knock it till I've tried it.

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> the Moriya shrine is better than the Eientei
It is,
but I do invite Reisen to take up residence
here at the marvelous Moriya Shrine.
She's the only one there I give a shit about.

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But the Moriya shrine has one miko slut, a proven loli goddess slut, and one cranky old lady who thinks she's a goddess.

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Moriya has no sluts.
Eientei is full of cruel, sadistic monsters.

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The only house/group I don't care that much for is SDM, and that may just be my inner hipster talking.
Meiling's cool with me, though.

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I barely save Touhou pictures anymore, but this one went straight onto my drive.

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This, the underground dwellers are the only touhous (besides Nitori) who aren't complete bitches towards everyone. Hell, they weren't even hostile towards Reimu and Marisa until those little sluts started attacking them for no reason. Also, Satori only wants to have some friends and likes pets, what's not to like?

For a human:
Chireiden>Moriya Shrine>Hakugyokoro=Yakumo House>Scarlet Devil Mansion=Eintei.

The Chireiden crowd would actually welcome you and include you since they are almost all outcasts. The Moriyas would only tolerate your presence and maybe cut you some slack because you're human like Sanae, but you'd have to work your ass off to justify your existence. The Yakumos and the ghost bunch wouldn't treat you very well since you're nothing but a mere human but at least you could take it easy with them. But the SDM and Eintei girls? they are the clearest example of what a Youkai is: they're beings of great power, with little to not respect at all towards humans. You can't even work to be valuable to them since they have armies of fairies and rabbits at their disposal taking care of their every need. You be nothing more than food for the Scarlets or a new guinea pig for Eirin.

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Really I base how good a place in Gensokyo is on the quality of their lolis.

Right now it's as follows:
1: Fairies (I guess the forest?)
2: Scarlet Devil Mansion
3: Eientei (FUCKING TEWI)
4: Youkai Mountain
5: Palace of the Earth Spirits
6. Hakugyokurou
7. Everywhere else.

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Myouren has 2 lolis now. Please adjust your tables.

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>thinking that your faction is better than other ones
I seriously hope you guys don't think like this.

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Moriya has the sluttiest so they auto-win.

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Sadly the best touhou in bamboo forest prefers solitude.

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Hakurei shrine/forest of magic/Kourindou federation ie best. Especially lately.

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Chereiden is the best den. Although Myouren Temple, and the Moriya Shrine are close.

Eientei on the other hand is of and for faggots. Especially ones who start housefires with their Nvidia graphics cards.

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>Retarded /g/ memes
Appreciate your lack of drivers.