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>"If we were to go by the 1. endings, Suika defeated Reimu but her plans still fail due to Reimu's powers and Suika's own shortcomings. The only other person to defeat Reimu in this regard is Tenshi."
Strongest Toehoe thread

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So fightan toohoos are the strongest toohoos.

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>Suika's own shortcomings
Yes, being a raging alcoholic isn't good for any kind of ambitions.

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It's not about whether you win or lose, because you're an immortal alcoholic loli.


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If you were to go by any arbitrary selection bias you could demonstrate absolutely anything.

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Touhou powerlevel threads are worst threads.

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It just occurred to me.

Suika would be a pain in the ass to be standing behind on an escalator. The antlers making her impassible, the reek of booze. Good thing they don't have escalators in Gensokyo

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They have one good use though.
Blowjob handles.

You can hold on to them for your dear life as she goes down on you sucking on your manhood with the force of a thousand vacuum cleaners.

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>"If we go by average stage, one would assume that Yukari Yakumo of the only person to have an Phantasm stage would be the strongest touhou. However, on averaging stages with the other games, Yukari appears consistently in stage 6 out of total 7 stages for IaMP, is an EX-level for Shoot the Bullet, turns up Stage 4 of 6 (Youmu), Stage 8(final) (Remilia), Stage 3 of 4 (Reisen), Stage 5 of 6 (Iku) (on average a stage 6.5 boss on a 1 to phantasm scale) and on average would be a boss of stage 7.1 (slightly above Ex level). "

>"Suika, on the other hand, while she is undeniably the Final Boss of IaMP, only turns up in stage 6 of 14 in DS (A stage 4 boss if it was to be scaled to an 8-stage game) and for SWR appears as last boss for Patchouli, Stage 5 of 6 for Yukari, stage 1 of 6 for Iku and Stage 2 of 8 for Tenshi, which averages only to a disappointing stage 4.5 boss. "

>"On average, she appears to be a stage 5.3 boss after weightings."

>"Going by absolute stage level, on the other hand, puts only Hatate (Spoiler level, DS) on her power level."

>"Of all the characters, therefore, Hatate, having appeared only once, and in a post-EX level, indicates she is the strongest Touhou."

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So defeating Raymoo makes you the strongest Touhou by default? I'm not sure how I feel about this. Not to mention all these battles are still fair battles with set rules and all that, ignoring most god-hax level bullshit powers.

But you all already know this so why a I still making this post

Anyway, discussing the power-levels of weaker and more obscure characters once in a while would be fun. Which of the level 1 bosses do /jp/ consider most powerful? Disregarding obvious Yuyuko.

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She'd probably suck it right off.
Or chomp it off.
Or suck it off then chew it while one screams in agony, not knowing that it's not supposed to come off.

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she'd probably vomit on your dick

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I think I'd prefer it if Suika turned into a fog and wafted into my prostate and tickled it from the inside.

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>Disregarding obvious Yuyuko.
>uninformed Reimu

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>uninformed Reimu

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who said something about the strongest ?

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Hey hey, whatever happened to every SWR character's story mode being canon but happening chronologically at different times?

People just forgot about it?

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You mean how in the end Tenshi wrecked everyone's shit?

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Yes that happened.

I don't see how Tenshi > everyone since she was also beaten countless times, this applies for every Touhou in SWR towards each other.

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>I don't see how Tenshi > everyone since she was also beaten countless times
Do you know where did the masochist Tenshi meme come from?
Because our Princess Peach wanted to get beaten so she could finally experience the life of a Touhou villain of the game. Tenshi's story tells us what happened after her little play, when she decided that now is
>Tea party time bitch and you're going with me whether you like It or not

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Tenshi said she wasn't trying.

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>Suika beats up the dragon kingdom in heaven so she could live there

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knead knead

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>Yeah! Hand it over!

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This many replies and no talk of Eiki?

Didn't she just stop attacking because she felt Reimu had enough sin cleansing and lecturing for the day? I'm not that big of an Eiki fan so I don't really know her whole story.

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arguing about the strongest touhou is silly, but there are worse things to be discussing

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Poor crying Tenshi, is so adorable.

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>Thinking about fighting giant Suika
>Suddenly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DggH6CReCNA starts playing

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Now it's the time you give title and artist.

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probably feeding a troll but [desudesu] Takaku-ya - Touhou Enchantresses' Dance 9

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>>While Shikieiki's combat capacity is never directly referenced, at the conclusion of ZUN's "A Beautiful Flower Blooming Violet Every Sixty Years", Yukari Yakumo believes that herself, Yuyuko Saigyouji and Reimu Hakurei to be together "no match for" the Yama.

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Yukari =/= ZUN

Shiki was beaten by everyone anyway, and don't give that shit that she was ''holding back'' or something, that's the worst excuse you can think of.

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She was beaten in danmaku.

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Hatate would be a good strongest touhou.

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The fact that she agreed to use danmaku as a method of ''lecturing'' means that she used competively, she was beaten in something that she considered a sign of strength.

Also there's no strongest Touhou, nor will there ever will, for there's the same fair chance of beating everyone in danmaku, the only difference is skill and experience (in other words player-controlled-ness).

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The strongest in Gensokyo is none other than the nameless deity that is behind Reimu's power.

In other words, ZUN.

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You people are just like /v/ discussing tiers in a fightan game.

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Well, tiers are rather less subjective and more clearly defined..

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Not from what I've seen in /v/.

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I thought it wasn't conclusively established that Shikieiki actually lost those danmaku duels. I do in fact find it hard to believe that Cirno could defeat the Yama straight up.

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The whole point of danmaku is to give weaklings a chance of victory, it doesn't matter the odds. Look how Cirno matched up with Marisa in FW.

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Pretty sure that's only because Marisa was using cards like

>Love Sign "Master Spark-like Flashlight"

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Literal God Tier:
Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

Broken Tier:

High Tier:
All the old hags, Yukari and Yuyuko topping that list
Scarlet sisters + Sakuya

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I'd put Yoshika on the Broken list took, if she can literally each anything. Like Keine she could eat history, but she could also eat gaps, danmaku and even abstract concepts.

You could be walking along, thinking everything is fine and then SNAP: zombie girl just ate Newton's First law of motion and you've just slammed into a wall at the 5 times the speed of sound.

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Does the Yama even rule by their own force, or do they wield power greater than that because of their position?

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pretty obviously it's limited to things she can shove in her mouth, such as yuyuko

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>Medicine - High Tier

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I like how this is what people use as excuse every time Cirno vs Marisa is mentioned.

Too bad that the second half of the battle Marisa starts fighting seriously and then tells herself that Cirno could have actually beaten her but ''can't let her know that''.

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This is hilarious.

Even a heroine can have off days, you know.

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Are you sure? Yuyuko is a big girl and certainly bigger than Yoshika's head.

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>Ability to control cold
>Could bring surroundings to absolute zero
>Molecular motion ceases
>Opponent is now helpless (and likely dead)

Not so weak now, is she?

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She fights more seriously, but certainly not the level of power she would bring out if she were fighting for real.

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>Still only a fairy
>Not strong enough to support the power necessary to create anything colder than -20 degrees

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>end of the battle
>Marisa is completely fine
>Cirno is beat the fuck up
>Think Marisa was serious


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This list is probably the dumbest thing I've read in a while, and I spent considerable time at landoverbaptistchurch on friday.

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Not really. It's more that she's ever-so-slightly insincere and hence mistrusted by other Oni.

For a given level of serious. "Blazing Star-like Tag" and "Fairy Extermination Ray" aren't exactly Marisas heavy hitters.

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Okay, let's have a review of IaMP:

Suika's been stalking Gensokyo—the whole thing—and subliminally encouraging parties, so she can crash them like a drunken ninja. When summer parties break out every three days, people start to complain.

On the morning of the first day of the game, Marisa decides to investigate, and decides that the best way to start is "by wasting whoever's nearest", even though she knows Alice is uninvolved. Alice takes this completely in stride, bantering all the way, and finally scolds Marisa for wasting time when she should be investigating real suspects. (Marisa is all, like, "…but I wanted to waste time with you.") This sets the tone for everything to come.
That afternoon, Sakuya comes to the Shrine to consult with Reimu about the situation. All Reimu can talk about is getting donations, incessantly, until Sakuya loses her temper, beats her up, and leaves in a huff.

Reimu doesn't begin to get suspicious until Youmu shows up and attacks her, too. Hmm, apparently there's an incident afoot! So Reimu decides the best way to start is by beating up Marisa on general principles. When she gets there, she finds that Alice has already beaten Marisa up, for dragging her heels on investigating the incident. This doesn't stop Reimu, of course. (Alice believes that incident resolution is really supposed to be a human job, 'cause youkai like her got better shit to do. Alice is that kind of person who refuses to do her roommates' dishes because they're not hers… until days' worth pile up, at which point she angrily does them all just to get rid of the mess.)

Perhaps hoping to find some place to kill time without being beat up, Marisa breaks into the Scarlet Devil Mansion library as usual. She claims to be doing research for her investigation! Honest! Patchouli zaps her anyway. Marisa crawls back to the Hakurei Shrine to lay low.

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Perhaps hoping to find some place to kill time without being beat up, Marisa breaks into the Scarlet Devil Mansion library as usual. She claims to be doing research for her investigation! Honest! Patchouli zaps her anyway. Marisa crawls back to the Hakurei Shrine to lay low.

Flying about after sunset, Reimu and Alice run into each other. Obviously, this is suspicious behavior, so they both attack immediately.

Sakuya doesn't trust Reimu, so while the miko is out fighting Alice, Sakuya sneaks into the Shrine to search for clues. She finds Marisa instead, who jumps all over her. Sakuya gets the upper hand and chases her into the forest, and straight into Alice, who obligingly drives off Sakuya. (No one beats up Marisa but me!) Sakuya retreats to the Mansion, where she is promptly beaten up by Patchouli for letting Marisa break in earlier.

Meanwhile, Marisa tries to go home for a rest, and gets ambushed by Youmu instead. Sigh.

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The next day, Youmu returns to the Shrine, because I guess she can only imagine two primary suspects: If it's not the black-white, it must be the red-white, damn it! Reimu chases her away, so Youmu finally decides to try other targets, eventually wandering into the Scarlet Devil Mansion, where Patchouli decides to use her as a test subject for new spells. Youmu flees back to Hakugyukorou.

Meanwhile, Sakuya returns to the forest, hoping to talk reasonably with Marisa. I think we can all see the problem with that plan! Sakuya loses her temper again, beats Marisa up, and returns home. Sakuya has anger management issues.

Sakuya finds Alice waiting at the Mansion, hoping to consult with Patchouli. They're actually somewhat polite to each other. Sakuya requests a duel to relieve some of her stress, and Alice obliges. (Sakuya? Stressed? You don't say! *is stabbed*) (Is this Alice/Sakuya? "Help me de-stress, honey." "Oh, was it the black-white again?") After they finish, Alice heads in just as Patchouli is heading out. When Patchy goes on the move, she allows nothing to get in her way, and anyway she's had it up to here with witches who were "just visiting, I swear!" WHAM. Alice is steamrollered.

But before Patchouli even gets out the front door, Marisa charges in and beats her so hard she stays in bed 'til nightfall. (Nobody beats up Alice but me!) Alice hangs around waiting for Patchy to wake up, while Marisa cuts off back to the Shrine to hang with Reimu.

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It's at about this point that Yuyuko decides to step out and investigate her way—by pretending that she's just visiting on a whim. She tests Youmu's skills on the way, leaves her at the gate, and flies down to the Shrine for a friendly call. For Gensokyo values of friendly: after duelling Marisa and Reimu in order, they all then have tea. No trouble there.

So that evening, Yuyuko takes Youmu over to visit the Scarlet Devil Mansion. They blitz Sakuya, and then Reimu and Marisa show up in the middle of the fight, and it's mass chaos outside, and Marisa takes advantage to fly right into the Mansion, where she finds Remilia fuming in the lobby. Remilia: "When did the entrance of my mansion become so open?!" Battle ensues.

Inside, Patchouli has finally recovered enough to give Alice answers, but I guess she's been hanging out with Marisa too long because none of them are straight answers. So Alice loses her temper, beats Patchy up, and leaves in a huff. This seems to be a theme.

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Once all the invaders lose interest are driven off by the heroic fairy brigade (presumably), Remilia decides it's time to get involved. But first, she wants to make sure that Sakuya stays and guards the Mansion properly this time. WHAM. And away she flies, muttering about "useless gate guards." But Patchouli and Sakuya decide between the two of them that this is all the Ghost Team's fault, so they ignore Remi's orders and flit off together to the Netherworld to beat up Youmu. And then they sneak back home before Remi gets in, and find that Reimu's been waiting patiently for Remilia to get back, so they let her in and give her a chair.

Remilia finds Marisa at home and beats her up to remind her that Remilia Scarlet has Big Plans for tomorrow, so don't steal her limelight, kid. That chore done, Remilia lazily flies home… and gets jumped by Reimu just as she opens the front door. Sigh.

And then she discovers that Yuyuko and Youmu followed her servants home, demanding answers. Yuyuko has the good grace to frame things as a friendly duel between peers, at least, but it's still humiliating. So y'know what? It's on now, bitches. The whole SDM staff ups and flies to the Netherworld to put a hit on Yuyuko before she recovers her balance.

Remilia takes a detour on the way to wake up Reimu at home and beat her up, just because, so she shows up to the Netherworld late and has to take on Youmu and Yuyuko single-handedly, which she does, because it's more charismatic that way.

But just as Remilia gets back home for the second time that night, Yukari suddenly gaps in, beats her up, and loots her wine cellar. Sigh. (Nobody beats up Yuyuko but me!)

>> No.7507426

Everyone sleeps in that morning. Gosh, I wonder why?

Alice shows up at the Netherworld at noon sharp, for a scheduled appointment with Youmu. Her investigation has led her to realize she needs first-hand experience of ghosts, and Youmu willingly grants her a test duel. Results inconclusive.

Yukari catches Alice on the way home and mugs her for her alcohol, too, and then in rapid succession mugs Youmu, Marisa, and Reimu. It's all part of her cunning plan, you see. No one makes a big fuss about this, because by this point, one more youkai on the rampage doesn't make much of an impression.

Marisa swings by the Shrine hours early to hang out with Reimu again, but somehow during their conversation, she decides that maybe everyone was right and Reimu really was the culprit after all. This is too good an opportunity to pass up! She quickly leaves the Shrine grounds after victory, though, to give Reimu a chance to cool off.

Yukari lurks behind the Shrine all afternoon so she can nail Yuyuko the moment she shows up for the party. Since Yuyuko and Yukari both know what's really going on, this fight is out of a difference of opinion. Because of the way they joke with each other, it's unclear to me whether their disagreement is "Yuyuko likes the parties, while Yukari knows the situation should only go on so long", or whether it is, "Yuyuko's cunning plan to resolve the incident is to poison the sake and kill all the suspects, and Yukari would prefer something a little less lethal."

>> No.7507432

Finally, at the party, everyone finally decides that Yukari must be behind it all, and they practically have to draw lots to decide who gets first crack at her. Even Yuyuko joins in, because it's a grand game. Since the drinking has already started, Suika starts sneaking around, picking fights with drunks for the lulz. (Which incidentally ruins Remilia's scheme to play charismatic detective, but what the hell, the booze is flowing!)

Yukari is willing to take all comers, but when dear Yuyuko says, "Please, Yukari?" (Power Word: Death by Moe), Yukari bows and cheerfully surrenders the information. With a flourish, she reveals the true culprit is Suika. And the line to give the loli oni a punch in the face stretches around the block…

Suika took them all on, but no one remembers who cast the last bullet, because by that point they were all utterly slammed. So of course they all claim to have won that night.

Just another week in Gensokyo.

Conclusion: Nobody's the strongest. Deal with it.

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>Implying that drunk=serious mode power

The discussion goes on

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>EX tier

What does Manipulation of the Subconscious do? That doesn't sound strong.

>> No.7507627

That's not clearly defined.
Some people think that it merely allows her to manipulate her own subconcious which means that she can pretty much go around without being noticed by anyone for some reason.

Some other people think that it allows her to mindrape you by using fears you don't even know about

>> No.7507642


I just moved Mokou from high to EX tier.
I can understand why the other guy put Koishi up in EX too, though. Manipulating the subconscious means you could bend other's will to the core.

>> No.7507670

>Implying that when ZUN says something he means that the touhou has complete control over something

Alice doesn't attack with rainbows, thats just the color of her blasts. She doesn't manipulate wave lengths either.

Marisa isn't an ordinary magician, she is one of the strongest in gensokyo.

Yuugi doesn't manipulate supernatural phenomenon, she just controls the spirits of hell and besides that is deva.

Kaguya doesn't manipulate eternity. All of her attacks come from various magical items that she holds.

When has Yukari actually messed with a "border" and not just made some portals/barriers. All of her spellcards are based off of some correlation with Marabel's stuff.

You guys shouldn't just take the titles for truth, they just sound good. Read some of ZUN's other stuff like Marisa's grimoire and you will learn a lot about toohoos.

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Why are Touhou powerlevel threads always so incredibly stupid? Why are people who argue in them always so ignorant? It's just sad.

>> No.7507701

>Kaguya doesn't manipulate eternity. All of her attacks come from various magical items that she holds.
That much, at least, is wrong. Kaguya was able to stop the flow of time in Eientei through her own ability.

The rest are conceivably true but there's nothing to say that their powers are totally limited like that, the same way that there's nothing to say that they're not nigh-godlike in power.

>> No.7507732


ZUN explicitly stated that Yukari's boundary manipulation wasn't only resorting to space gaps.
He said she's able to manipulate boundaries of reality and fantasy to make something real from imaginary. She can even get rid of all the boundaries altogether to make the entire universe one single enormous object. You're toning it down way too much.
The one you've said about Kaguya is also very, very wrong.

>> No.7507755


Maybe I took this line too seriously?


>In the end, Kaguya's spell cards all make use of special items, so I realize that they can't be referenced. She doesn't really use her own ability in spell card battles. Maybe the lunar urbanites aren't adapted to spell cards.

>> No.7507771

That just means she doesn't use her power for throwing colored balls around. It doesn't mean she doesn't have any. The manipulation of eternity seems terribly useless for danmaku combat anyway.

>> No.7507798

What about Sakuya?

>> No.7507812

What does Sakuya have to do with it?

>> No.7507849


Manipulation of the instant =/= time stops.
At best, she's able move one place to another in an instant like Sakuya, but she doesn't actually stop time.

>> No.7507861

I read somewhere that Kaguyas ability works like this:
She chooses an item and this item will be eternal and will therefore will never get old or break

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>Wriggle Nightbug
>Can control insects
>Can control Mothra
>Mothra could take down almost any Touhou (maybe not Reimu or EX Alice)
Looks like someone just got bumped up a few tiers.

>> No.7510034

If Yuugi's power is manipulation of supernatural phenomena does she technically have power over all of them?

Theres also that she's an ONI called Yuugi the strong. "The strong" among Oni is probably pretty strong.

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You cannot contain your shock as Kogasa glides down the street.

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