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You can choose one touhou to marry and start a family with.

Who do you pick?

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I'll give you my answer when Ten Desires comes out.

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>start a family

Why ruin a good thing?

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I'm not ready for that kind of commitment, man.

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We'll have many death god children.

The Samsara will continue for eons with the Shinigami numbers boost borne from our love. Those reckless Celestials and violent ghosts who don't wish to pass on will not be able to handle our well-rasied Reaper children, and I'll try my best to let our Ferrymen kids not take after my beloved's laziness.

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Wife become bitchy, cold and nagging. Kids are fucking annoying. I'd rather pine for them from afar and then realize it would probably still suck anyway. Smirk.

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I think i would fuck up and end up fucking up the life of my Touhouian wife.

so, Manosuke if i can extort him

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Mokou would make a terrible mother, manly, lazy, anger issues, and being a ugly bitch.

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I think Mokou would make a nice mother, but we end up with a Lost Odyssey situation of immortal-mother-mortal-children that would put Mokou through anguished hell later.

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But i don't want to have kids, i can handle them but it would get annoying and stressing and i easily succumb to pressure.

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who else?

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(In regards to Lost Odyssey)
One of the more depressingly funny scenes in the game.

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While her actions after IN are officially unwritten aside from continuing the "escorts humans to safety," the general perception is that she spends her time running some kind of business. Either of those are quite a step of from a certain royal freeter.

>anger issues
Canon is that she's been pretty calm the past hundred years, after she got some (demi) human companionship and the miko told Kaguya to stop being a bitch while she's in Gensokyo.

>ugly bitch

Mortal women raise children.
Immortal women raise dynasties.

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I don't see how anyone could honestly choose anybody but Marisa. Youkai relationships lead to half breeds that aren't excepted by anyone, and every other human is shitty.

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If I really had to choose, then I would choose the one in the top left. She seems like she would take good care of the kids and raise them right, while I waste my mind on the vidja.

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If I say her, would I be making a huge mistake?

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Wouldn't the kids be immortal too?

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She'd make an excellent mommy.

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...one-fourth ghost kids? Would their myons be half-size?

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Byakuren is so housewifey. It's her best feature, I think. Also, get out summerfriend, come back when you've played the games and remember the characters by all the awesome boss fights you had.


That's fine, but she's an old hag, and her Sacred Oriental Place is probably not as tight anymore, so if you are to have any hope of satisfying her, you'll need an onbashira-sized member

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Man, it sucks to be so indecisive. I honestly don't know.

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We'll have the most healthy and intelligent children.

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But marisa is an unappealing selfish thieving bitch.

Also, did you just imply something unflattering about Sanae?

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Shit would be pretty dysfunctional, but yeah

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The best part about it is we'd only see the kids for six years at most.

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>ctrl+f Ran
>no results

What. Anyways, I'd definitely pick the most motherly Touhou.

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That seems highly unlikely due to the "born-vampire" problem: when would they START and STOP aging?

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That's because this is a slowpoke copy thread.

We already have a thread for the best mom.


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and an even better daddy.

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>You can choose one touhou to marry and start a family with

I don't think any of the Toohoos would want to start a family with ANY of you guys.

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They aren't all sane, you know.

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It's not about what they want.

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But she has dat charisma.

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No amount could make them see you any differently

It's about what you'd get if you tried Anonymous.

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don't underestimate the will of delusional people

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>It's about what you'd get if you tried Anonymous.

You forget that I am a powerful sorcerer.

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I'm gonna say Reimu. Reminds me of that one doujin where she has to give up Youkai hunting in order to age and be wedded. Sad story bro

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None. I'd prefer to live alone, maybe sometimes peeping on them in the bath if I felt like seeing them naked.

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Try as you might, you'll never get to that elusive dreamland behind the velvet curtain. It's just a lysergic vision thought up by you mortal men.

You forget that I am a realist bound by law to common sense.

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>You forget that I am a realist bound by law to common sense.

This is why you'd never survive in Gensokyo.

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I'd rather be a Touhou's brother.

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You'd fare no better, Anonymous.

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Even if I die I'm not completely out of luck.

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Hi there Misaki! I see you're still looking for people to save.

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Even if I die I'm not completely out of luck.

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You don't seem to get that I AM A WIZZZARD.

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Your disillusionment is quite amusing.

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because I like not living on Gensokyo

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Finally! A chance to use this image again!

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china will grow larger

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rinnosuke, he can be my waifu

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that one

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Is it odd that I'd prefer a relationship with Orin, despite liking Satori?
Orin is someone I feel I could be on equal standing with in a relationship, whereas Satori is someone I respect too much to even imagine such a thing. I wonder if such a thought would make her sad...

>Youkai relationships lead to half breeds that aren't accepted by anyone
I hear they accept all kinds in the Underground.

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For unlimited love

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Reimu. Because.

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Good luck to the Nazrin fans, your life will consist of hunting dinner and giving horse rides.

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Only choice for me.

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I like girls with lots of experience.
..I also have a NTR fetish so when i turn out to be useless in bed it will be a win/win situation.

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Anyone from the underground sans Okuu, Koishi, and Parsee. Satori obviously being the most mature of the group.
Keine and Sanae would be great marriage material too.

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This is the ultimate option, even barring the fact that he's my hasubando.

>relatively safe life
>ain't runnin out to fix Incident #628 every other week = stable father for the kids
>anon'd be able to help him run the business
>never run out of things to talk about since anon's interested in Gensokyou and he's interested in our world

I could go on, but you get the idea.

And now I realize this will never happen to me... ;_;

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Let's see... Byakuren, Eirin, Ran, Kanako, Yukari... in order of preference

Just favourite Touhous, really. This is an easy question if you're a hagfag.

Does it have to be marriage and kids though? Girlfriend would be enough.

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I would love her till death.

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Koishi. That way if our kid ends up being a fuck up she can just manipulate his subconscious until he sucks less.

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I want my kids throwing magic bullets around every time they get excited.

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I wonder how a Koishi who acts on impulses would act while pregnant.

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I find your lack of faith... disturbing.

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She's even strict enough to educate children.

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Is Lily your new favorite Touhou or something, buddy? You've been talking a lot about her lately.

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Cirno, because Cirno.

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But Cirno is already my wife.

>start a family with.

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Too bad, she's already pregnant.

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I'm already aware of that. I guess I forgot to mention the dream I had.

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No, but I can't marry Aya, and I don't think Kogasa would make a good mother.

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Kogasa is used goods.
She was even thrown away.

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Go on.

>> No.7502613

Kindly don't.

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I didn't know you liked Kogasa that much.

Whenever you're up for it, we can always have a thread for her. If you build it, they will come... you know?

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Allow me to clarify.

>start a family with.
Already done, therefore cannot be done again. Hence the "no".

Keep your food hidden, she has quite the appetite right now. As you can see.

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>don't think Kogasa would make a good mother.
You just have to make up for that with your efforts, you know?

Plus, any kids that Kogasa has would end up as pranksters - wouldn't that be entertaining, at least?

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I've decided I guess, and I know it sounds weird, but Remilia. I don't know why exactly, but if I had to choose right now, it would be her. I know it's probably not even a good idea, but whatever.

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captcha: heaven or hell

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But then you'd have to adopt Cirno.

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Should have expected that...But yeah, I'll probably have a different answer when Ten Desires is out since I have high expectations for the stage 5 boss. I guess this is just what I'd say for now.

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Nothing wrong with wanting a doting sugar momma.

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I know, but every time I think to do it there's always like 3 image threads hovering around the front page and I don't want to clutter things up.

Her time will come.

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That would mean Lily would be my mother-in-law.
I'm okay with that, though.

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Just hijack an existing one, force them to adapt or be overcome.

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Well, you know me... I'm here all day.

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I'm with this guy

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she'll die while giving birth because of her weak body

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Kogasa wearing glasses? Yes, yes, this is good. I am okay with this.

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To tell the truth, Remi doesn't seem like that kind of lady to me. I dunno. At the very least I can be assured my children would be sophisticated, probably.

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Are you mentally retarded?

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Can't you see this fighting is tearing us apart?!

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You know, I'm a bit disappointed that there aren't more pictures like this of other Touhou.

Orin with a litter of kittens.
Okuu returning to a nest of eggs.
Momiji playing Military Men with her pups.
Wriggle letting her baby maggots feast on a rotting corpse.

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please excuse my mental retardation

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This is the closest I've got. I really like it, though I don't like looking at it for too long.

I'd rather not dwell on it.

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Yamame eats her young.

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this count?

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We both never leave the house, what kinds of indoor fun could we have I wonder?

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Yes kero.

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is it me or does she have "the fuck you looking at?" face?

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Youmu. I would love to marry and start a family with her. We'd have the softest kids ever.

>> No.7503213

nope, only thing you find in the morning is your place is full kids mostly filling corners and shady places

>> No.7503256

>You can choose one touhou to marry and start a family with.

What is this? 1875?

>> No.7503276

This is for after you fucked all the rest.

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Ran would probably be the best choice and Yuakri might be cool, but I am going to go against my better judgment and choose Yuugi.

mite b cool

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Somethings compelling me to say Lefty.

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I honestly don't know. I think I found it on gelbooru or danbooru. From the number at the bottom I guess it must be part of something else, but what, I have no idea. Sorry!

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I honestly don't know. I think I found it on gelbooru or danbooru. From the number at the bottom I guess it must be part of something else, but what, I have no idea. Sorry!

>> No.7503461 [DELETED] 


Though I haven't found anything further

>> No.7503494 [DELETED] 

Actually not true, I found a dead torrent containing a doujin be the same circle, cant guarantee its what that image was from though, there was a thread on hongfire for it but that died somewhere along the way

>> No.7503533


I need to lean how to use that site more often...

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I don't want to start a family, I want to be in a family, maybe the Yakumo family, that'd be the shit.

huh...I hoped the image would have been more part of the story than some extra after

>> No.7503559

>that'd be the shit.
Do you really think Yukari or Ran would enjoy you using these words?

>> No.7503569

I would still use them so Ran comes to spank me

>> No.7503573

I don't she'd want to touch a big hairy butt.

>> No.7503575

well that's kind of hypocritical of her

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>> No.7503582

Don't you dare corrupt Chen.

>> No.7503594

or what?

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or Ran

>> No.7503602

You'll be forced to live at Eientei instead.

>> No.7503605

shut up, we all know you want to fuck her brains out yourself.

>> No.7503606

...I'll be good, I promise.

>> No.7503608


Voile's a quiet one so you knew he goes apeshit in bed.

>> No.7503622

You'd be, like, a ghost dad!

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>> No.7503640


>> No.7503654

>I'll try my best to let our Ferrymen kids not take after my beloved's laziness.
The more reapers there are, the more the work is divided, the more lazy each one can afford to be.

>> No.7503661

That is an unbelievably great thing to tell a bunch of little Komachis.

>> No.7503761

Explain to me why I can't just have a harem instead