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fu fu fu~ ♥

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What do you want?

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I believe I have reached the end of the internet gentlemen.

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Okay then, what should I do?

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Stupid sexy old lady

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Oh wow.

One of the more beautiful Yukari pics I've seen of late. Fukken saved

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I wish Yukari would rape me.

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Then I shall go forth.

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"Sources" indicated she was one of the best on the strip. Lady Yukari's legs were famous throughout the land; word travels fast in Gensokyo's sleazier districts, and this word in particular kept the customers lining up outside Mama Ran's "establishment" for hours at a time.

It's not hard to see why.

Late one night Yukari was preparing herself for the next one. Lipstick: check. She puckered up in front of the mirror. Perfume: check. Can't be smelling like used goods.

"Let'm in, Ran" -- she gestured her mistress outside as she gracefully moved from the illuminated mirror to the dusty satin sheets spread out over her queen sized bed.

As she began to tense up in preparation for the pleasure of being cummed inside for the 16th time that night, an uncomfortable thought appeared into her mind.

A memory of her birth mother, the woman who gave her that lush blonde hair. It's Christmas, and Yukari is walking downstairs to hand over the gift she'd spent all her allowance on: a platinum pendant with a single inscripted character: 紫

#16 stepped through the breezy entrance into the Lady's chamber every bit as hideous and lecherous as the rest. Lust was in his eyes, eyes catching their first glimpse at those infamous legs.

Yukari motioned him forward with her finger as she gave a demure smile, leaving no doubt in his mind that he was about to see beyond her legs; indeed, they were already opening invitingly as he took his jacket off and timidly approached.

In her room, Yukari could only say what he wanted to hear. Dirty talk, sexy talk, talk she'd long since learned to recite as second nature.

In her mind, Yukarin could only think what was too late to be said.

"I'm sorry, mama"

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Yukari is a fucking inferior ripoff from Arcueid.

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Get your disgusting fanon out of here. If yukari had a mother she probably ate her.

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Are those...pink bows?

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Yukarin, stop being so rude.

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why? ;_;

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Always trying to appear younger

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I scrolled past this picture while chewing a large meatball.

...I felt strange for a second.

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She may be a youkai, but she's still a girl.

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I'd let Yukari-sama into my bedroom in the middle of the night...

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this guy does the best Yukari

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Agreed. So elegant

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B-But they're sup-p-posed to be red!

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>Excepting, of course, the countermeasure of approaching her in a gentlemanly fashion.

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Rebel run is so fucking hot.

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This is the best thing.

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Which gentleman do you think would more easily charm the panties off Yukari? Be honest.

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Look behind you~

See nothing? You were too slow I'm Afraid. I'm still watching you~

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Now if you had said "suck" you would have had me.
Yukari without a large throbbing penisu is not Yukari to me.

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And this is why I love 4chan in general.

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Stick em there

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If..If its Yukari i guess i dont mind losing my anal virginity to her..

I hope she will be gentle.

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This image gets me everytime

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>>7492358 here. However many hours later, OP's pic is still stopping my heart. Currently working out the financial arrangements for getting it made into a poster to hang up next to my bed. I love you, OP. ;_;

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>>7492358 here.

However many hours later, OP's pic is still stopping my heart. Currently working out the financial arrangements for getting it made into a poster to hang up next to my bed. Thank you OP. ;_;

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I'm more a fan of this

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OP made me fall in love with Yukari. Again.

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Can someone post that picture with Yukari in between a fridge and a kitchen counter with a sinister look on her face?

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I also like bkubs depiction of Yukari

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bomber_grape's Yukari tickles me as well

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"The room is ripe with the stench of bitches"

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Was about to save, but eugh that face.

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Me on the left

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oh well, can't please everyone

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Sankyou. Yukari must have misplaced it since I was enjoying it a little too much.

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