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It's hard being a moon princess NEET

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People get mad at me

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They say I don't contri-boot to soci-etee

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The truth is...

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...I don't care

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Imma let you finish, but fuck Imperishable Night.

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>Tewi is possibly the oldest being in the Eiten
>Reisein cover her eyes

Fucking fannon.

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I saved a lot in car insurance by switching to geico?

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The idea of Kaguya being a Miku fan is adorable

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>that picture
>implying the psp's amp can drive one set of high-impedance cans, let alone two

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You think YOUR life is hard?

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I kinda wish I had a clean version of this cover.
And, this CD is pretty good.

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Two striped adidas knock-offs? Kaguya is ghetto as fuck

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All. Over. The floor.

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My dick gets really hard, does that count?

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Since when do otaku spend their money on clothing?

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Being NEET is cool. But sometimes you need to leave your room to get grasp of passing time and what is happening around you or you start to lose productivity.

I already bought 1 year of pre-paid time cards for WoW in case I had problems with buying them in Gensokyo. Such cunning plan and great post... That 2 day break was really great and now I need to do few things so I might resume my portal plans.

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Kaguya is divine beauty.

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Ja ja

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Is that "ya" or "ha"?

Anyway, have some more Kaguya.

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Ya. As in Kaguja.

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Why the fuck is Kaguya a NEET in the first place?

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She's agoraphobic and paranoid that the "moon emissaries" will get her.

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But there's no internet on the moon. Or computers. She's not depicted as a nerd in the least, either.

Stupid projecting secondaries.

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Near Earth Extra-Terrestrial

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Read her dialogue, she mentions that she's ''always locked up in her room'' and ''never meets anyone else to play with''.

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Why isnt there any Kaguya chrome-skin?

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Because Google hates Touhou.

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If I were Eirin, keeper of Kaguya, I wouldn't let her out of my sight either. And one of the best ways to maintain stimulation when I'm busy with the bunnies, is for her to have internets access.

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I'd kill for a 1080p background of this. Can someone blow it up or something?

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>Kaguya and Mokou will never be in the fighting games

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Don't know what you're talking about, but ZUN and the team behind Th12.3 and SWR already have a Kaguya who's 80% done (sprite, cards, sound effects). They couldn't release her in time for 12.3 release because she was way too overpowered and they couldn't balance her with the other girls in time for Comiket.

Probably because of some combination of her treasures being spellcards combined with her inherent immortality and how that plays out within the fighting game.

But in the next Touhou fighter she will be there, kicking ass and chewing mochi.

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The only question is when the next fighting game will come out. If it does.

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Strange eyes.

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It sold boxloads at comiket, there's no reason why it shouldn't.

Ten Desires ► Eleventh Desire

Cirno and the other lazy bakas return, and this time they'll halve flight time and allow fans to pay for an official independent server with chatrooms and ladders. For Japanese IPs only of course, otherwise the lag would be too much.

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I wouldn't mind halved flight time as long as it stayed in. I love flying for all those offensive shenanigans I can pull off with Sakuya but people using it to fly away all the time can be annoying. But yeah, I wonder when it'll be. I lack patience.

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Hey Kaguya, have you got a link cable?

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With friends like these...

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Who needs enemies?

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clothing otaku

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