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Gensokyo is essentially Yukari's playground.

She lets everyone have their fun, but ultimately if she decided on a whim that someone was to go, they'd be gone. She is lord and overseer.

This is why everyone is afraid of her.

Yukari is the most badass Touhou.

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Don't make me start whipping out PoFV quotes.

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Actually you can see it in the dialogue for any of the games she's in

The other characters find it awkward to be around her because they know her powerful she is

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That's not true! She's not more powerful than me!

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I just now realized what this spoiler image is supposed to be. It seems so obvious, but I must not have ever taken a good look at it before.

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Were you not here when Moot made a sticky thread in /jp/ to decide on its board specific spoiler image chosen by /jp/?

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i do not understand

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I would think Reimu doesn't, but then she doesn't give a shit about anyone.

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>most badass touhou
I would also consider youki

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It's one of Yukari's gaps.

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holy shit

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Yukari is straight hax, godmode on a scale that boggles the mind. Gensokyo is pretty much the fantasy world she created to have fun in. She never takes her battles seriously because she knows at any time she could just godmode the hell out of it.

Even if someone were to find a way to defeat her, if she wanted to, she could manipulate the boundary between victory and defeat and just win anyway.

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There's plenty of other Touhous that could kill Yukari, she's strong but not the strongest. She's also not the only one who may have had a role in Gensokyo's creation, just making the barrier doesn't automatically make everything else happen.