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Which touhou would you most like to baby?

This includes feeding her, and changing her diaper and rocking her back and forth to sleep.

Which touhou would most likely be into being babied, or doing the babying?

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I only like diapers, not babying shit.

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even though she is a baby, she has all 9 tails

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Welp, you guys have definitely got problems

I mean you're shut-ins and now going to the toilet is too much goddamn effort that you'd rather erotoize shitting yourself

This is five-alarm "help me please" stuff

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Would this be 'turn into a baby' or 'act as a baby'?

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chen for me

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If you zoom really close, you can see Chen here is wearing Winne the Pooh diapers.

I would love to see some fanwork where Ran is making Chen wear diapers. It makes sense that she would be the weird overprotective fox with a fetish that she would try to do that to Chen especially, but maybe also Yukari when she's asleep.

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Alice because I think she'd not only be embarrassed by it but also feel that it was a nice thing to do for her.

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All touhous have far to dominate personalities for that and I'm not into humiliation.

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This thread is atrocious.


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This one is kind of cute but its diapers covered in diaper covers instead of just diapers

there isnt alot of touhou diaper images, let alone doujins

it is a widely under-appreciated fetish in the touhou community it seems

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Because Alice has trouble using the toilet?

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If they're wearing a diaper then this doesn't happen, and I just don't see the point.

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I think diapers are cute and make your favorite touhou seem more cute and vulnerable.

Also, diapers make their butts look big and I like big butts

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I miss diaper-anon. His stories were the best.