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/jp/ - Otaku Culture

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Honest question, /jp/:

Is there any other board name you would prefer for /jp/ that isn't either japan/general or "otaku culture"?

I, for one, would much prefer going back to the original.

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Back to the original would be nice. The name change was completely unnecessary and didn't do anything good.

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/jp/ - Misc. Japanese products.

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/jp/ - just poland
Can't wait to get spammed with "y cant u into space?"

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I lol'd

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/dg/- doujin soft/general, has always sounded me better

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/jp/ - VN and Touhou

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It stopped all the "hurr durr it says Japan on top so this is relevant" crap.
I like the current one.

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/jp/ - Niche Japanese Shit

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/jp/ - Shitting on the floor

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Back to the original please, Mr. Moot. I miss those halcyon days even though they are never to return.

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/jp/ - You don't have to be stupid to post here, but it sure helps.

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/jp/ - Jews and Gypsies
/jp/ - Japan/NEET/hikikomori/k/g/l/prog/ General.

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/jp/ - Video Games

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/jp/ - /jp/

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/jp/ - NEET & Hikikomori / General

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/jp/ Touhou and sometimes other things.

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/jp/ - /jp/General

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/jp/ - Get Out

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NEET and Hikikomori is a pretty good one. But then again, there's lots of NEETs on 4chan who don't know the first thing about Touhou or VNs.

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/jp/ Lurk here for 6 months before posting anything.

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Japan general

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/jp/ - Nice Things and Having Fun/General

You can't say "no" to this.

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/jp/ - Japanese & Random
/jp/ is just /b/ lite for otaku culture. /b/ is all things welcome, and /jp/ is all things otaku welcome. It turned into /b/ lite a while ago, but people keep whining and still think this board has a purpose or real topics. I wish we could get moderation to delete the board and make vn go to /v/ and touhou go to /v/c/b/e/h/ or allow it to actually flourish as otaku randum.

That's fitting. The latter is what makes /jp/ good and the former is who thinks they belong and ruin it.

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Touhou and Visual Novels

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Autism general

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8/10 wouldn't really rage but would at least type wall of text

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/jp/ - Jurassic Park

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/jp/ - The board formerly known as Otaku Culture formerly known as Japan/General

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/jp/ - Japanese Tourism Center and Free Translation Service

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No, you're a fucking idiot. I don't even like the name /jp/ because every stupid dumb motherfucker outside of /jp/ thinks it's okay to post their japan travel plans here instead of /trv/ where it belongs. And the occasional retard who thinks pictures of the atomic bomb actually offends /jp/ers.

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/jp/ - 二次元裏@よつば

But only if it has a kanji captcha to keep undesirables out. Bonus points if it's non-worksafe, has a catalog, and has the old "lurk 6 months before you post" rule.

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/jp/ - The worst board/Don't come here/Get out

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/jp/ - Little girls an reading games.

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>And the occasional retard who thinks pictures of the atomic bomb actually offends /jp/ers.
Considering your reaction to it, it obviously does. Just not in the way you think it is supposed to.

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/jp/ - farts and laughs

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/jp/ - Why are you still here? We are all waiting for you at /bun/.

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> you're offended by shitposting therefore LOL I TROL U

You responded to my post, therefore, I upset you. I am such a master troll.

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Reported for trolling.

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/jp/ - HELL/General

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/jp/ - Transitive Reduction

All problems solved.

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How about
"Eroge & Doujin".

I seriously think that would make this board feel like it had an actual purpose and make it easy to determine what content belongs here, without excluding any important content.

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While I prefered the original name because it was a more uninteresting name. Yes, there was alot of stupid "Oh hay guys why X in Japan so Y XD?" or things like it.
But Japan in itself was still alot less interesting, especially when /a/ etc could take some of the load away by also being Japanese related, at least in in-direct ways.

"Otaku" however, while not the worst name for a board consisting of nerd interests. Thinking "anything 'otaku' is related" however would be incredibly stupid and it might be one of the most superfluous rule on the entire site as it doesn't say shit, and is inaccurate.

But while I probably do/did prefer the original name, and possibly could think of others.
I believe I am rather against namechanges related to this board whatsoever.

The whole "OH WOW GUYS!! THIS BOARD WE NEVER CARED ABOUT CHANGED ITS NAME, AND GUESS WHAT!? IT HAS CONTENT!" was horrible, and the off-topic and or raids skyrocketed, and it have had a long term effect on the board.
So no, changing the name every year won't do it. Let's just keep low until no one cares about the name anymore.

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/jp/ is pretty unnecessary.
Visual novels and Touhoy belong to /v/
Dolls and figures belong to /toy/
Kigurumi belongs to /cgl/
And well, anime belongs to /a/.

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Zgadzam się.

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4chan needs a board for Japanese games. Each time i go to /v/ it's full of carl of duty and other FPSes that look exactly the same

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/jp/ - Otaku Culture

Fuck off.

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But no board would take them so you're back where you started.

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While I could see what you are getting at, first of all I would point out how "Eroge" has a criteria of erotic content. But it also brings up the point that if one excludes eroge and says something like VNs, then Eroge not in the form of VNs would be left out.

But thing is, no name for this board could accurately describe the content, just most of it. However, if one got a name describing most of the content, people would go all hate on whatever related thing that could possibly be left out of the name, because obviously, board name = all the content, to most people.

/tg/ is actually an interesting board, because "Traditional Games" really doesn't say much, and it really doesn't cover all of its content, and what is "Traditional" and not is even a smidge arguable.
One simply needs to learn over time what is related or not.

To understand what is /jp/ related one basically have to understand what wasn't considered "/a/ enough/ at the time of the split, and then have some insight on how the communities took this at the time of the split, and what happened. That's what /jp/ is, and it certainly isn't random, far from it, but it isn't under one label either.

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I can't help thinking that there would be inevitable raids by /v/ shitheads if such a board exists.

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>While I could see what you are getting at, first of all I would point out how "Eroge" has a criteria of erotic content. But it also brings up the point that if one excludes eroge and says something like VNs, then Eroge not in the form of VNs would be left out.
You're thinking too hard. Galge. That covers it all.

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I liked it better when it was called the lolicon board.

We still need to get this blue color away and make it 18+ though. That way we'll get rid of most of the shit posters who obviously are below 18 and follow the rules.

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Surprisingly good idea.

I'm personally okay with the current name and I advocated it when moot asked. Japan General was too general and trollable. Otaku Culture puts focus on certain elements, but doesn't exclude obscure material like japanese trees, trains, architecture, etc.
If I were to give a new name to the board I'd omit words that would attract babbies from /a/ and clueless newfriends from other boards. I believe renaming /jp/ to "VN/Eroge & Touhou" would kill the userbase and in the end the board itself.

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Otaku Culture and Japan/General have both been attempts at describing the board without excluding anything that could possibly be discussed here. And I think both of these names have been failures. Instead of allowing the users the freedom to decide what should be discussed, it has just made shitposters feel entitled to dictate the content of the board.

If we instead picked a title that gives the board some direction, it would be easier to decide what should be accepted as exceptions, as the core userbase that would be attracted to the board would have enough in common to actually reach agreements about it.

Of course, it's probably way too late now. The userbase isn't going to change significantly (at least not for the better) just because you change the name. But if the name was given more thought when it was created, I think the board would have better chances of still being good.

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/jp/- Just Pedo

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>You're thinking too hard. Galge. That covers it all.
Galge doesn't cover VNs without heroines, not containing erotic content.
Like some of the action VNs.

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Just (directionless) Pedophiles

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>not containing erotic content
People discuss those here?

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>Japanese trees, trains

All things otaku welcome!

It doesn't specify Japanese things.

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Touhou are made up of doujin works.
Not all doujin works are Touhou.

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That's just shamelessly lazy trolling, anon.

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/jp/ - Japanese Bird Cooking Spaghetti

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Get out.

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It's not the original, you fucktard.
If you can't even tell the difference, you should be the one getting the fuck out.

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Now that I think about it /int/ and other boards have permanent stickies. We could use one.

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/jp/ - Hipsters of boobs.

Honestly, I wish it was /jv/ - Foreign Video Games. You'd cover the Touhou, the VNs, the doujin games, the MMOs.

Idolfags can go to /mu/, Hong can go to /h/u/d/ as necessary, kig can go in /cgl/, NEET shit can go in /soc/ and dolls can go in /toy/ because fuck /toy/. (Speaking of, you though Jurassic Park and atomic bombs were lame; imagine getting raided by people posting sex toys.)

This board is more NEET/Hikki than otaku anything.

Also seriously, can we be a green board? No one posts images of cum on figures outside of /gif/ anymore.

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> /jv/ - Foreign Video Games.
watch autists spamming the witcher because it's "polish so it's foreign" and so with every slightly not-american videogame

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Your ideas are terrible.

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You're right. But saying Japanese/Asian video games would give /av/ or /jav/ which is just asking for it. I can't think of a good term for it that covered only primarily Japanese games and not anything readily available to the West. (to stop jrpg spam too)

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Go jack off to 13 year old idols somewhere else.

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Fuck off.

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I think that would be rather amusing.

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Why don't we have a /jav/ or yellow fever board? /s/ is disgusting, seriously. Has anyone seen that shitty board?

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Even if you change the board's name, nothing will change about it. Even if you were to explicitly state every single "appropriate" board topic, it wouldn't change the fact that: a) anybody who gives a damn can spend a week not posting and get a pretty good idea, if not a perfect understanding, of what stuff belongs here, and that b) anyone who didn't care/was a retarded troll would still post in an off topic manner, even if you clearly stated what was on topic. Besides, off topic threads can be fun sometimes. People whining about stuff not belonging/ arguing over what should and shouldn't be posted is never fun.

Also, why the hell is /jp/ worksafe when a large portion of one of it's primary discussion topics contains adult content?

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I rather liked the traditional weeaboo threads we used to get. Like the guys who would try to talk about Japanese history or samurai. It was kinda moe.

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I miss japan/general

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Anything is fine as long as the index isn't /jp/ and the title doesn't attract translation requests. I'm partial to /dg/, and we can pretty much dictate the allowed content ourselves anyway.

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/jp/ - 悪い2chは重複

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I learned about samurai pederasty that way

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>Also, why the hell is /jp/ worksafe when a large portion of one of it's primary discussion topics contains adult content?
Easy. /jp/ have been over this time and time again.
But /jp/ remaining a blue board is sort of semi-important, or actually really important.

But the idea is to save the board from horrors of flat out porn dumps with no context or simply, massive increase of R-rated content whatsover, with no regards to much else.

While it might sound funny, considering we are all manchildren here or little girls, /jp/ staying a blue board enables us to discuss erotic content, in a more mature way.
That is, actually discuss the content, and the work as a whole, or go over several aspects of things. Rather than "Hurr porn.".
We can still go on as always, and one could always have the decensy to spoiler some NSFW images if suitable, it is the least one can do to not fall into the pits that are not safe for work boards.

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>>a /jav/ or yellow fever board?

Pretty much the primary use of >>>/t/

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/jp/ - Take it Easy !
/jp/ - sage/general

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That implies /t/ is used

We do more than sage. Noko+sage, for example

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/jp/ - Clock Town - Day 3

>> No.7459355

you still remember that?

>> No.7459366

Every day is Day 3. The moon falls, unabated.

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/jp/ - Daily spam and metathreads.

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/jp//jp/ creavitivity

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