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Has anybody here ever been prescribed Mirtazapine? It's an antidepressant with hypnotic effects, but it's also quite literally a drug which makes you dream. I've been enjoying stable lucid adventures with my waifu all week. The border between reality and slumber has been so blurry lately: it's great. I know that lots of /jp/sies qualify as depressed or anxious, so I highly recommend trying some.

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is that gurl your waifu?

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What sort of lucid dreams do you have with your waifu?

Nice sweet dreams?

....naughty dreams?

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God dammit, anonymous!

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Whatever I want. I have experimented with lucid dreaming in the past, but it has always remained largely beyond my control. I found it especially difficult to change objects and conjure scenes I found interesting. Most of the time I would walk around for less than 30 seconds before waking up or losing lucidity. Ever since I started taking the drug, however, I have been able to make whatever (and whomever) I want appear, and stay conscious of it for an extended period of time. So yes, I've been doing lots of naughty things in my dreams.

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Tell me your secrets, anonymous.

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How dare you do such lewd things with your waifu!

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did you have anal sex with her?

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Fuck off, "pure" fag.

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Sounds nice. Knowing me something horribly wrong would happen though.

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Apparently the side effects include enhanced libido and sexual function, nocturnal emissions and spontaneous orgasm.

That last one is kind of cute, albeit lewd.

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I have gotten lucid dreams with the wbtb method (wake back to bed) then I slowly kid of fell asleep by not doing anything but keeping conscious

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>Apparently the side effects include enhanced libido and sexual function, nocturnal emissions and spontaneous orgasm.

Holy shit I need to get that prescribed.

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The weather comes up all the time everywhere. You are sorry to sound extremely stupid, retarded, autistic and cynical to many of me, but /jp/ is actually the board you find yourself enjoying the most and even if I think it is 'shit', would I not prefer it to be called by a name more fitting to the board's contents?

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> Antidepressant
> Induces Sleep


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I thought it was odd at first too, but my doc gave it to me for insomnia. I wanted sleeping pills but he said that they were risky and this stuff actually works pretty nicely. It doesn't knock you out, but I find myself dozing off soon after I take a mere 15mgs. It's nice sleeping again, and all the dreaming is an extra treat~

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Not really a Flan fan but holy shit that grin. Get that prescribed; Now's the time anon.

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Don't overdo it, OP.

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Let's say I know someone who can sell my some mirtazapine without a prescription.
What will happen to me if I take 15mg every two days?
And I don't really need antidepressants.

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Oh boy, and you guess to dress me need to pay money otherwise I'll look like shit and no slut would even date I.

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I don't know. I just take 15mgs every night because I don't think I'd be able to sleep otherwise. It's not something like a hallucinogen which will guarantee weird stuff to happen; vivid and stable lucid dreaming is just a consistent side effect that I've noticed taking it thusfar.

I don't see how it could harm you though. You just might not get the desired side effect or feel a little tired the next day. If you already have an illegal drug contact, you might as well get stuff that will actually make you trip balls.

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I was on it around 3 or 4 years ago and I can confirm that you really do feel out of this world.

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I think I could get some (for anxiety and depression)but just a question which no one here can probably answer, I have never dreamed (tried everything, all those "memory" tricks to remember as well), I just don't dream, also, even if I did im sure I would remember at least the slightest bit (like remembering I dreamed), so would this make me dream even if I have never dreamed before?

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I was talking to my psychiatrist about the topic this morning, and he says people dream every night whether they realize it or not. On antidepressants, the body often goes into less physical dream cycles, but subjects report being able to remember their dreams better. It's weird.

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Thanks for answering.
I don't really know any illegal drug dealer, I just live in a country where buying drugs is really easy.
I was reading about mirtazapine and found out that it has many side effects that interest me, like inducing sleep, lucid dreams and weight gain.
And I do have some problens with insomnia and weight. I don't need the antidepressant effect, though.

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I really wish there was a way to acquire such things without going outside. Oh well.

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interesting, I did some further research and yeah, I guess so but I did find out that some people (with mental ilnesses) don't dream. Now im almost completely sure that asperger's doesn't stop dreaming so I guess you would be right, I just can't remember. The odd thing is I have near photographic memory, well, I say 'near' photographic memory because the only thing I have trouble with is social things, like names and faces. Otherwise I have photographic memory.

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This sounds like it's a lot better than your usual sleeping pills, might as well try.

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>weight gain
It can be another benefit. I am rail thin, but it has given me a voracious apetite. I am surprised by how much I have been able to eat lately. Maybe I can use it in conjuction with working out and get fitter.

Or just sit around all day and get fat. That's more likely.

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Couldn't you just order this stuff from an online pharmacy? I'd consider it myself if I weren't a penniless NEET. Lucid dreaming sounds pretty great.

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So how do you go about getting a prescription for this? Just go to your doctor, and ask to be prescribed it?

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My specific case was a nervous breakdown and attempt at starving myself to death, but yeah, I don't think one needs to go that far...
Just describe symptoms of depression and anxiety, and also maybe bouts of insomnia to the doc. Maybe even mention it by name, saying you read promising things about it. It's not one of those drugs like xanax or adderall that is in high demand, so the doc probably won't think you're some junky looking for a kick. Like I said, there's no "kick" to it anyway: just a very interesting side effect that I thought the already-detached residents of /jp/ might appreciate.

Anyway, I'm off to bed now. Sweet dreams Anonymous.

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Oh that last side effect.
I want to see this happen to a guy.

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I've only been prescribed Prozac and more recently, Gabapentin.

I never took either.

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The fuck?

I was taking that for years as a sleep aid to counter the stimulants I took for my ADHD. I've still got a couple of bottles because I didn't want to become reliant on the stuff.

Maybe I should actually research the pills before I put them in my mouth, then again we're all living in a perfect system.

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Oh and because my brain chemicals are fucked in the combined type ADHD way I never tripped balls on it ;_;

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I want to see a guy have a spontaneous orgasm and maybe enjoy his "nocturnal emissions" with my mouth

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Probably the gayest thing you've said all day Anon.

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that gave me a boner.

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They're crazy, you know? Then again, so am I.

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I sometimes do this on Zoloft and I sleep like a baby on it too. So nice.

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I can't help it, it's my fetish.
>implying "gay"

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You better not start biting my fingers, you fucking cat.

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>>insinuating it isn't gay

Well what else could it be.

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Is a trap still considered gay?

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>still hasn't sucked a dick
I think you're the gay one. If you're secure with your sexuality having a little "fun" isn't a problem, is it?

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What? This is getting silly. Why do people have to suck a dick nowadays? I don't want to do those sorts of things.

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Heh, I started taking 15mg Mirtazapine earlier this week. How small the world is. ;_;

I also take 10mg Olanzapine and 150mg Bupropion but sadly, I can't report any dreams.

I feel a lot less like killing myself though.

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Well, you can always get your dick sucked by a guy instead. That's the other option, Anonymous.

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Can I just not do either? I'm comfortable with being a virgin.

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Whatever suits your taste then.

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I dunno; please don't mix arousing things (like that pic) with unarousing things (traps blowing other guys).

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I'm miserable and have been thinking of goin to a therapist and getting some medication for a while now. Does it help?
The thought of changing because of the meds and not being myself anymore scares me. Any advice?

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kill yourself.

>> No.7452699

Coming from someone who felt the same, just do it. You'll be happy you did.

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The arousing part is he's a trap, the picture is just a distraction. Be honest with yourself, zun!bar; you know your sexual preference.

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Dreams are just your mind dealing with the day’s events, right? Nothing paranormal about that; everyone does it. I mean, there are places you visit often in your dreams. A certain house, a shop, a school… But these places are just figments of your imagination, right?
Have you ever wondered about these places and the people within them?

I know you’re out there, “lucid dreamers”. You’re the ones who can control what happens when they dream. You are just beyond that film, that membrane that separates us.

Lucid Dreamer, have you ever wondered what that beautiful woman in your dream felt when you suddenly decided you wanted to fuck her? Oh, she seemed willing enough, didn’t she?

Have you ever considered that you raped that woman, Lucid Dreamer? That she had no choice but to do everything you willed her to do while her mind watched on in horror?

Remember, Lucid Dreamer, all those awful things you have done in your dreams… And consider what those who call dreams their home must think of you. What they wish to do to you in kind.

I’m waiting, Lucid Dreamer, for those nights when your exhaustion keeps you from your power.

Oh, the things I will do to you then. Sweet dreams

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Having control over your erotic dreams doesn't sound like fun at all, since I prefer sex where I don't have control.

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Some people don't even have erotic dreams. Like myself.

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Can someone post the how to lucid dream pasta/image?

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>Apparently the side effects include enhanced libido and sexual function, nocturnal emissions and spontaneous orgasm.
How to let my psychiatrist know that I want this drug?
I am not good with being subtle.

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Mention your trouble sleeping and how you don't want something that interferes with your sex life.

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All this talk about dreams and sex reminds me that in my dreams I always either have sex with family members, children, children in my family, or I am sucking a dick. I can't tell you the number of times I've dreamt of cumming in my sister's pussy, or licking a hairless little girl, or sucking a dick and having it cum in my mouth. I think dreams like those should alarm me but somehow they don't really bother me.

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That's kind of weird. I don't know what those dreams are like, I don't know why. I've only had three of those dreams, and they were more humorous than serious.

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I'll try mentioning sleeping troubles. She already knows I have no sex life though.

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Sorry if this is off-topic but I need to ask someone and don't mean to open a new thread for it.

I have been going to therapy and have been taking meds for a few months now. My mental health isn't improving though. If anything, it got worse. I actually feel like really killing myself now.
Question is wheter or not I should be telling this to my therapist. She knows that I'm having these kind of thoughts, but not how severe they have become lately. I'm afraid of being locked-away or something if I tell her the truth about how I feel.

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Why is it exactly that you want to kill yourself?

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Because I think that my life is terrible and the thought that I would have to go living like this for xx years is just too much to take.

>> No.7452887

If that's how it is, don't rob yourself of the greatness that is death by dying early. Why not just keep living like how you are, miserable as it may be, until later. That way it'll be more meaningful where you can appreciate and revel in the glory of dying.

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Anti-depressants work by modifying how certain chemical receptors in your brain work in an effort to fix a chemical imbalance that may be causing depression, be it clinical or resulting from psychological factors.

If you're feeling more depressed, it most likely isn't your fault. Ironically, sometimes anti-depressants fuck your chemical receptors over, resulting in the opposite effect.

It is very, VERY important that you mention this to your therapist. It isn't your fault that your health is getting worse, the medication simply isn't working for you. Don't kill yourself because drugs are making your condition worse.

Seriously, you MUST tell your therapist. I can't stress this enough

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Maybe she wants to drive you mad with sexual lust and abuse your vulnerability to turn you into her slave.

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Fuck you. Death is a philosopher's greatest gift, and just like one you'd receive on Christmas you can't open that shit early, else you don't deserve it. Asshole.

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Alright, thank you.
I'll be doing that and see what happens.

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Took them for about 2 years, never had any kind of lucid dream, but I noticed them being more vivid and me being able to remember them better than I usually did and do now.
Also made me gain about 13 kilos before I worked them off and gained muscles instead. I still didn't regain my previous weight till I stopped with the medication and started kung-fu.

In the end though, I stopped needing them and got over my depression. And while they were fun in a way (they always knocked me out quite well, sleeping like a log for 9 hours and having cool dreams is nice too) I don't really feel any desire to take them again.

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I'm really glad to hear that.

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You will never get drugs that make your body react in lewd pleasurable ways.
So sad.

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That all sounds nice, but personally I wouldn't want to be able to control my dreams.
I like dreams so much because they are unpredictable and crazy.
If I control them the possibilities are limited to my imagination.
I started writing my dreams down a while ago, or at least the stuff I remembered, and it somehow took the magic out of my dreams.
They didn't felt like dreams anymore but like uncomplete dull stories.
That's why I stopped

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just buy some lsd,baka

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I don't need antidepressants. I'm not a faggot.

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>I'm not a faggot.
Actually, you should probably get that checked.

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Nicotine also produces vivid dreams, people don't need to try to get put on some tetracyclic antidepressant.

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What medicine are you on? It looks fun.

>> No.7453803

actually I should maybe fucking clarify that. OTC nicotine patches do this, cigs will just clog your lungs and addict you, as is well known. (...and be a fire hazard if your antidepressant-addled mind decides it's an acceptable idea to try to smoke while you're asleep. 2chan had a futon cat cartoon about falling asleep smoking a fag, I wish I could find it, funny shit, just maybe not so funny IRL...)

>> No.7453816

I find exercising and drinking white/green tea enhances my dreaming power

>> No.7453837


unless you have a friend that wants to trip with you, i wouldn't do lsd. you can get into some serious mindfuck shit when there isn't someone else there to remind you you're just tripping balls.

extacy on the other hand, is great. spend some quality time with your waifu.

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OP, Mirtazapine seems to be dangerous stuff; as much as it enhances your dreams, it also enhances your nightmares. What if something happens to you while you're asleep? What if you start having terrible nightmares every night, even after you stop taking said drug?

OP I... I care about you. I'm worried. Please, stop taking this. You're not sick, so leave the medicine to the sick people.

>> No.7455562

"Effects of sudden cessation of treatment with mirtazapine may include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, vertigo, restlessness, irritability, decreased appetite, insomnia, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, flu-like symptoms such as allergies and pruritus, headache, and sometimes hypomania/mania."


This is like crack except legal.

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I don't think that even if I started taking this - not that I need it, as I'm not depressed beyond the occasional thought of visiting Gensokyo - I wouldn't lucid dream, since I doubt I even get enough sleep to do so. I'm not quite familiar when REM sleep begins, but I average 5-6 hours of sleep a night and haven't dreamed in months. My dreams have always been fairly uneventful since childhood, anyway.

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>depression, anxiety, panic attacks, vertigo, restlessness, irritability, decreased appetite, insomnia, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, flu-like symptoms such as allergies and pruritus, headache, and sometimes hypomania/mania

I just bought some Remeron/Mirtazapine and now I'm too scared to try it.
Well, I can't just throw it away... I will try to use only 15mg every three days.
I-i-it's not like I will get addicted or anything.

>> No.7455917

Let us know if you get any spontaneous orgasms.

>> No.7455959

I hope so.
I will also try to report if I lucid dream.

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I saved that shit from /jp/ two years ago. My life....It's all lead to this point!

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Not smoking ever again.

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I love you guys.

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Happy dreams

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I heard somewhere that the average person swallows about 4 spiders in his/her sleep throughout his life.

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Not sleeping ever again.

>> No.7456167

Let's say you're a spider.
"I need a place to build cobweb... that wet, smelly hole with a moving meaty-thing inside is perfect!"

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I hate that image

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It's per year.

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that's a bullshit statistic

really, it is

and it should be obvious why

I mean, WHY would a spider deliberately go into someone's mouth

>> No.7456206

That reminds me of some retarded hero in League of Legends, but I'm not going to open this topic here.

>> No.7456213

>WHY would a moth deliberately fly into a fire

>> No.7456215

Maybe because is dark, small and humid?

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Why do we park in a driveway, and drive in a parkway? What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? Why does my dick deliberately go into someone's mouth?
Look, we won't get anywhere when you ask questions that have no answers.

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Most people breath while sleeping, and arthropods flee from breath.

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If you aren't taking it for an actual condition and simply want weird things to happen, then you should take a higher dose, no? Up to 45mgs is still considered therapeutic dosage.

But you will most likely just fall asleep. Taking an antidepressant recreationally: only on /jp/.

>> No.7456329

I remember that it took about a week for me to adjust to it. The first days I was constantly tired and a bit out of it (while sleeping 13 hours).

Maybe it was just me and the fact that I had a pretty bad insomnia going at the time, but you should keep that in mind if you want to start taking it for fun only. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't get it from a psychiatrist.

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Shobon thread.

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Oh man, I've just ordered some of this. I'm not depressed but I really want to boost my lucid dreaming power.

What's the recommended dose for a newcomer? I'm 1.85 meter tall and weight about 80 kilograms.

>> No.7461431

Bump for updates. Some of you got some, no?

>> No.7461489

It sucks that I don't have more Shobon.
What's the Japanese spelling? しょぼん?

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