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If this isn't what your /jp/ filter looks like you're a fucking nerd.

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if this isn't what your herp derpity derp durr HURRR DURRRRRRRRRRR

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I don't have a filter. Deal with it no0b.

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Using a filter is easy mode.

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/jp/ is just so wonderful that I don't even need this

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I only used a filter when I used to visit /a/, /jp/ is full of wonderful people making amazing posts.

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you def forgot wth, nobody can claim to like his posts

they are akin to viagra spam emails

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>Not using forced anonymity on imageboards

I remember 2006. Seems like a long time ago.

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If you have a filter you're a fucking nerd.

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I don't use filters, because if a board needs a filter to be browsed it's not worth visiting at all!
Also, this is reminiscent of the Wakaba/Kusaba X debate.

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I don't use any chan addons.

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Oh man... here comes the filter users... I'm generally a nice guy and an all around Uncle for everyone but I have "ZERO" respect for cowardly people who are not brave enough to look at /jp/ at face value and hide behind so called magical filters...

I don't use report very often but I am going to just for this case. Reported for advertising.

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Are you guys masochistic or something? This easily phases out 60% of the shitposting.

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>complain about shitposters
>post off-topic and brag about your filters any chance you get
>never realize you are the shitposters
get a trip so the rest of us can filter you. no one is interested that you hide 90% of the posts on /jp/. you could as easily just stick in the single topic you browse /jp/ for instead of complaining about the board.

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But then /jp/ is missing 90% of it's posts and moves like a snail.

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he doesn't even really browse /jp/ so he doesn't care. he only likes to act like an elitist douche. i just browsed the board from page 15 to 1 and there was 3 new posts.

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At least he capitalizes. Fuck off back to Facebook, kid.

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Hide anything you don't like. It's as simple as that. Filtering is for autists and risks you accidentally missing worthwhile content.

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>worthwhile content

The point of a filter is that it's most likely NOT worthwhile content if it's filtered.

Some people prefer not having to read spam and shitposts even if it means one of those hundreds of shitposts is worth reading.

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you're such a tool. just the shut the fuck up, mongoloid. facebook doesn't have a connect to capitalization. you're just angry because i called you out exactly with that post, faggot. go back to whatever board you crawled out from.

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Anon is legion xD

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Nope, just a random passerby who hates fags like you who don't capitalize. As if the English language needs any more degradation due to laziness.

Also, the word you're looking for is connection.

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>worthwhile content

like anyone was taking what you said seriously before. why even bother typing? no one cares what "some people" from other boards do. go fuck yourself. how can you make a post complaining about "shitposters" when you're one yourself? i hope you didn't have a straight when you typed that out.

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>just a random passerby

Nope, just some faggot from /a/ trying to fit in. "Fuck off back to x" is the same format summer retards have been using on /jp/ for the past few weeks -- you picked it up from them. Facebook is um... I don't even know. You probably just said it because it's a normalfag site and you were trying to go for a cheap shot to shame that poster. I bet you have a Facebook yourself. Weak.

Now YOU "fuck off back to" where you came from - either /a/ or /v/ - and stop trying to blend in where you don't belong. Fucking homogay.

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Stop fighting.

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You sound frustrated.

I'm guessing its because you failed your last psychoanalysis exam judging by your grossly incorrect projection of me. You basically called a pilgrim from the Mayflower a modern Mexican sneaking across the US border.

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Anonymity counters vanity. On a forum where registration is required, or even where people give themselves names, a clique is developed of the elite users, and posts deal as much with who you are as what you are posting. On an anonymous forum, if you can't tell who posts what, logic will overrule vanity. As Hiroyuki, the administrator of 2ch, writes:
If there is a user ID attached to a user, a discussion tends to become a criticizing game. On the other hand, under the anonymous system, even though your opinion/information is criticized, you don't know with whom to be upset. Also with a user ID, those who participate in the site for a long time tend to have authority, and it becomes difficult for a user to disagree with them. Under a perfectly anonymous system, you can say, "it's boring," if it is actually boring. All information is treated equally; only an accurate argument will work.

In other words, shut the fuck up. Nobody knows whether you're new or old, telling the truth or lying, and nobody cares.

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Anonymity also encourages trolling and shitposting because there's no one to put the blame on.

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Nope, I am awesome at reading newfriends, always have been always will be. For one you're not even saging (and no you're not nokosaging), but more importantly; the "fuck off back to" thing. No one on /jp/ ever said that ("Get out of" or "go back to", sure, but there was no juvenile "fuck off!!1!1!") until the past 2 months or so when there's been a weird influx of it, as picked up by summerfriends like yourself.

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it's called a double edged sword, just like everything else in life. you can't put blame on users through the internet, tough guy. go back to gaia if you dislike anonymity. usernames and identity encourages circle jerking and brown nosing. both of those are worse than trolling and "shitposting" by leagues.

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Hence the need for an equally anonymous moderator team which can check IPs. With properly formed rules and active enforcement, such troublesome behavior can be (mostly) curtailed.

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>both of those are worse than trolling and "shitposting" by leagues.
This is what shitposters who can't handle individuality actually believe.

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If I recall correctly the go back to thing's always been around, never been this bad, though.

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>the "fuck off back to" thing

What are you, 12? It's not fucking internet lingo, it's a common phrase that I felt like using.

Your austism is pretty severe, you should get it checked out.

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I was talking about his phrasing, not his sentiment. But yes you're right, the "GO BACK TO X OR Y LOLOL /jp/ LEGION" thing has increased as summerfriends invade and try their best to fit in, just like >>7440268. They are also the same people who report absolutely everything for no reason but to show off that they're reporting.



Wait, wasn't your whole reason for beginning this flamewar the fact that some guy's typing was bad? lol, summer

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how is being a desperate loser treating you? sdhouldn't you be in a rorney thread somewhere begging females to e-mail you?

it's the latest wave of memes new users decided to spam. like how previously it was reported, flitered, image macros of "get out", and lastly it turned into >>>[insert board]

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go away you faggot people

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>I have no valid retort so I'll spew ad-hominems and shitpost some more

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Trolling and shitposting has more to do with behaviour than identity. If you're so desperate for access control, go to Something Awful. And enjoy being probated for tiny infractions.

Properly formed rules would help a lot. But /jp/ needs to meet them halfway and stop whining about every little thing.

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How are you quoting something he didn't say? That's magical.

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Always going to be something or other, I guess. It isn't awfully frustrating so I suppose comparatively it is fine.

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Quote feature is equally useful for paraphrasing or summarizing. Now shut up and complain about something less pathetic.

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it's a perfectly valid retort, scum. go to /soc/ you'll love it there. plenty of females to beg and they all love showing their pictures too.

there is only one of person who likes circle jerking and brown nosing. whatever insults you call them are fitting.

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But paraphrasing and summarizing are different from quoting, so the same function couldn't do both.

Hmm, we are deep into autism country now, it seems.

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Nope. It's not the "paraphrasing" feature. It's the quote feature.

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>Trolling and shitposting has more to do with behaviour than identity.
People are far more likely to act like an asshole when there are no repercussions for doing so. 4chan is living proof of this. If you think otherwise you're delusional.

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This summerfag notion is beyond retarded. There's no correlation between an increase in new users and summer, there are simply more people on during the summer because school/uni is out. I've been here since the beginning and the only times I ever notice a difference in posting quality is during the very late hours in the US (3-6am), not according to the season. I remember when the idea of summerfags began and the whole thing was in jest at first until idiots started taking it seriously. In fact, that's how most shit around here starts.

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What it means is that if you don't follow the intend use, you are by definition AB-using it, and you are therefore an idiot or at least a troll.

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Being "ronery" has nothing at all to do with what I said. Just because I'm not using a tripcode doesn't mean I throw an autistic shitfit because others do. Just stop posting now before you make yourself look like even more of a retard.

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>Something Awful

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>there are simply more people on during the summer because school/uni is out.

Hurrrr. That's the fucking point, homogay. A summerfag is someone who wouldn't normally be here if he didn't have the spare time. Being a newfriend too is a common occurence but not necessary.

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The opposite of an intended use is an unintended use. And it isn't specifically good or bad. Paraphrasing at least, is not a bad thing. And it IS a form of quoting.

And in any case, getting worried about it is a waste of your time. Find something more important.

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you miss spelled the "internet" as 4chan. how exactly to punish those smart mouthed trolls on other sites that have "identity", tough guy? do you threaten to go find them and beat them up?

you can't read or write. i think you should be the one to stop, and i think others reading will agree. you implied circle jerking and brown nosing are the better edge of the double edged sword, child. i guess you don't even realize what the words you used mean and unintentionally did so?

did you just want to sound like a smart ass and throw out a "kool" one liner?

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Sure thing. Why are you even here? Bored after /r9k/ got deleted? Go to /v/, you can continue your EPIC GREENTEXT THREADZ there.

>> No.7440374

You really think anybody who's here during the summer isn't also here the rest of the year?

My point was they're simply here more often during the summer. There aren't more "new" users, just more users are online at any given time because they have nothing to do.

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>Not having poster IDs
This is why /jp/ is so shitty.
Well actually all of 4chan.

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>I can't argue back so I'm going to shit out a bunch of insults

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You don't use a meme and greentext at the same time then tell /jp/ it's shitty. Go fuck yourself retard.

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>you can't read or write
Your posts contain multiple spelling and grammar errors. Stop being a hypocrite.
>how exactly to punish those smart mouthed trolls on other sites that have "identity", tough guy?
Filter them if they're bothering you that much.

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Please tell me this isn't real.

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It is real, as infuriating as that may be. The same guy also banned someone for discussing Rotte no Omocha.

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>Your posts contain multiple spelling and grammar errors. Stop being a hypocrite.
yeah, but my intentions still make sense if you ignore the errors. i meant he defended circle jerking and brown nosing unintentionally and complained when i called him /soc/ material for doing so.

>Filter them if they're bothering you that much.
those sentences were very poorly written. i meant to sarcastically ask how he punishes people for trolling on other sites where users have names/identity. since you can't put the 'blame" on users through the internet.

that's how forums are besides 4chan. that's why anonymous internet boards are the only solution. less moderation is always better.

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It actually is. No matter how shitty 4chan may be, the rest of Internet is filled with people like these.

>> No.7440394


Less moderation is not always better, yet mods who let people discuss what they wish within reason are.

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SA is a bunch of insecure closet pedos.

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I don't know whether I should laugh or cry.

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>those sentences were very poorly written.
Kinda like all of yours.

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you and your great one liners. you bet you're popular at school.

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$10 for this?

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>you bet you're popular at school.
That makes no sense at all. Now, if you had said "I" bet you're popular at school, it still wouldn't have made sense, but at least it would've been grammatically correct. I thought you said before that your intentions made sense? Also, what you said is a one-liner as well. Pot calling the kettle black.

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But my pot is silver.

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Tripcode users disgust me.

Attention starved freaks. Get a fucking life.

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You see, the worst part isn't that they don't "have a life" (>>>/soc/). It's that even in the life that they DO have (i.e. posting on 4chan), they can't even do it right. Anonymous imageboards are meant to be just that. Tripcodes have a specific use, but not a single regular tripfag is adhering to that use. They are cancer by definition; wilfully ignorant.

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I love this image. It shuts 'em up quick.

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If 4chan was meant to be an "anonymous imageboard" you wouldn't be able to use a name or tripcode at all. There are true anonymous boards out there, I suggest you go to one of them if tripfags bother you so much.

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wow... just wow...

>> No.7440444


See >>7440425, retard. There ARE reasons for using a tripcode. Being a tripfag is not one.

>> No.7440449

Yes, I realize you aren't capable of wrapping your mind around logic by now. Being anonymous is a choice, not a requirement.

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Tripcode arguments, sure haven't seen this a million times before.

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