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Hello, /jp/.

I am not here today to talk about the aspects of Otaku culture.

I am here today to understand what is "Otaku culture".

Because it looks like even an avid Japanophile like me is considered a filthy peasant in this board.

I've been to Japan 3 times and every time has been wonderful.
The majority of my family is living there.
And i know most of it's culture.

However every time i try to fit in with you guys and discuss the aspects of Japan, i am attacked with a torrent of insults.

Can somebody here explain to a filthy peasant like me the meaning of "Otaku Culture"?

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Is this a repost? It feels like a repost.

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Every thread, etc.

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Unfortunately, this is not a board to discuss Japan or it's culture.
This is a board to discuss Otaku Culture, hence the title.

This means Touhou, Visual Novels, figurines, and other various things.
The spoilers make that obvious.

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So... Japanese video-games and anime?

But why create /jp/ for that?
As far as i know video-games go on /v/ and anime goes on /a/.
Sorry, but i don't see any purpose for this board

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Get the fuck out, weeaboo.

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I am weeaboo an you are weeaboo, otherwise you wouldn't have come here.

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Ok back to /v/ you go with your other illiterate friends who spew bullshit.

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I still think 'otaku culture' is a stupid fucking name that draws in the type of colossal faggots that attend anime conventions.

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You now realise the word otaku has no particular relation to VNs, Touhou or figurines any more than anything else.

Sick of amerifats on this board dictating what and isn't otaku culture when they can't even speak the damn language and have never stepped food in Japan.

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why ruin the fun like that

you have to wait until it has 50 replies and nobody notices

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