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So again I lost my chance (or wasn't there any chance?) to open portal. My parents did leave house even before I managed to wake up (and no one posted anything useful to try while on trip) ...

At least now I'm alone so - is there anything I could try?

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why are you so kawaii

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is it a single person posting all these portal threads?

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Not all, but man.


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My threads always have perfect English and interesting context and I post oc sometimes so you know when I post and when people post poor fake threads.

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No difference since they are all equally bad

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Have you tried eating carbon fiber?

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How to "eat" it?

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Just take some carbon fiber, chew and swallow. The human teeth are realling strong so it shouldn't be a problem.

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Have you tried just driving a knife into your heart? Quick, lethal, and no chance of resuscitation.

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there's something deeply pathetic about this

i would suggest as a cure for your escapism a turn to God, like Saint Augustine of Hippo advocated in the Confessions

you are searching for meaning and fulfillment in material things and products and this is a losing game just fyi

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>cure for escapism
>turn to God


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sorry good atheist fatlord but you can't really laugh off God that easy

besides involvement with God will at least get this guy out of the house and into a wider community of faith and the socialisation can only do him good

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You will lose your teeth and you even won't manage to swallow it.

The same with driving a knife into your heart.

Don't try these.

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>You will lose your teeth and you even won't manage to swallow it.
>The same with driving a knife into your heart.
>You will lose your teeth and you even won't manage to swallow it if you drive a knife into your heart

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sup OP

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Why don't you fuck off and take your high school philosophy with you? I've seen you shit up several threads with your moralist bullshit now.

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He's right.
Turn to god and you will be rewarded.
All you need is strong faith

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"sup" anonymous?

No - you won't manage to eat this thing (I did check it on internet) and stabbing yourself is impossible (so far I haven't heard about anyone who did it while being concious).

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problem: God does not 'reward' anything outside of the minds of dispensationalists

God has literally no obligation to give you anything for your faith, God's salvation while based on faith (and behaviour in line with this faith) is done through Love, not through some sort of bizarre points system where you get a prize if you fill in all the boxes

unless you're in certain American protestant sects, in which case capitalism and theology have.... blended.

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Of course it's possible, it just takes guts. Call it a test of faith. If you really want to die, you will go through with it. If you don't, you will back out,but you don't want to die at all, do you?

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remember, pretty much all religions regard suicide as a mortal sin

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You come off as an insufferable little high-school know-it-all. Which you probably are. Please refer to >>7436262.

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Clearly someone who wishes to transport to Gensokyo is going to be concerned with what Christians think of suicide. Right? Right. Go fuck yourself Christfag.

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What kind of crappy abusive asshole god are you worshipping?

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Everyone knows that. OP wants to die, so let him. Let him believe he will end up where he wants to go.

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Get a dynamite vest, dig a hole, jump in it, and blow yourself up.

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uh, the conception of God (or gods) throughout all religions is that God holds no obligation towards mankind: He chooses to love us.

don't know how you think this is abusive


OP probably does not really want to die, but definitely needs help; to condemn him to death by his own hand is to be complicit in the act. therefore I suggest he seek help, although I would really sooner point him to psychological services in this area rather than religious ones; faith is not the overriding concern at this time so much as helping the victim

faith beyond that in God or Allah or perhaps even the precepts set down by Buddha will be more helpful in keeping the man healthy

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even as a christian, I would consider a portal suicide.

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your faith must not be very strong if you would be willing to violate a central tenet for gamble at a passing improvement in material conditions

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Hey I love you too believe me, will you now dedicate your life to me?

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sorry but you are not the lord and creator of the universe, source of all things righteous, one who has provided everything for humankind to be happy despite being under no obligation to do so, list goes on

one thinks you misunderstand

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But I am all this believe me.
I'm testing your faith right now

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one definitely thinks you misunderstand

oh well. atheists are intellectually cute at any rate

oh also op seek help

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When did I ever say I'm an atheist?
Also isn't posting on 4chan and rubbing the supremacy of your religion into peoples face a sin?

We'll see us in hell my friend

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actually no spreading the faith is one of the most important deeds

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That's what the church wants you to believe.
If you had enough faith you would realize gods true will and realize how bad this is.
A good follower of our lord would be humble and know that god loves all followers of all religions equally

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I didn't knew going to Gensokyo can be so complicated in relation to religions.

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surrendering to materialist desire versus actually leading a life of virtue and faith

not really that complicated: it's just sad wish fantasies from profoundly unhappy people who would probably improve a lot if they had a social group to belong to that didn't perpetuate their toxic fantasies

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go improve your mother
LOL buttbombed

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and at long last, this thread reaches rock bottom

might as well end it with the message to stop looking to escapism as a salve for your problems

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No sir I know better than you that's why I say everyone should practice escapism.
I say so so it must be true for everyone and everyone who doesn't is an idiot

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I'm actually not sure if I'm being trolled or something else, but I think it's terrible.

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Have you tried the carbone fiber thing yet? I promise it will work.

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ok. Explain how EXACTLY I'm supposed to do this.

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And he didn't explain...

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A pixel on my Dell IPS panel just died. It's not perfectly blank, when I move my head around I can see it's slightly changing colors. What should I do? It has been working perfectly well for nearly a year now...

Ok, what the fuck. While I was typing this another one appeared. What should I do????

A third one appeared...

I'll post this on /g/ and see what they'll say... I really hope they disappear...

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Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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Yes, that's pretty much the first thing I did...
Anyways, it's covered by the warranty. Just nervous if it'll be replaced by one of the newer models with 1920x1080 resolution.

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I don't think you expect me to eat your computer screen...

Also - try gently touching that spot with something sharp (pencil, pen, or maybe needle) - it sometimes help. Obviously don't try to too hard.

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Haven't you heard? 16:9 is the new hip thing, who needs those extra 120 pixels and that almost perfect golden ratio anyway?

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My VNs would look retarded...

I'm afraid I'll damage it. I'll just contact dell on monday and see what they'll say.

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Unfortunately, you're probably out of luck, they have these things where a certain amount of pixels have to be dead for you to be able to return it, and that number is often rather high, say around 15-20.

There are a number of ways to try and jumpstart these dead pixels back to life again, one if pressing firmly, but not hard enough to break anything for a few seconds, then repeat with a pen, like the Anon said before.

Another one that could work is downloading a program for stuck pixels that flash colors really quick in an attempt to revive the stuck pixel.

Try those first, if neither of those work, then I wish you best of luck with Dell support.