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Will you take responsibility /jp/?

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> /jp/

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But /jp/ anons would make such wonderful and doting fathers

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/jp/ confirmed for best stay at home dad

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Threads like this make me hard.

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Doujins like that make me limp and angry.

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why just stop at one?

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Contains Rape, NTR and Mindbreak.

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You will never see Mystia cradling the egg you fertilized for her ;_;

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if the mother was 2d, sure.

3d women are disgusting and will do anything to suck the money out of you, and with a child you are forced to do so by law.

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I think she would make a great mother.

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Good luck trying to have authority over your kids though.

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Yuuka + pregnancy hormones = even more batshit crazy?

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I imagine Reisen's children will be a lot like Tewi; Obnoxious little pranksters that are outwardly cute but inwardly devious.

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Something tells me that egg did not originate from Mystia. It's likely that a larger bird entered her nest, abducted Mystia's egg and replaced it with one of her own.

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As long as they're into incest...

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I wouldn't have it any other way. They are rabbits after all.

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just look at those little yuukas.
i believe its worth the risk

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I would if I could, but it will never happen, so I can't.

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>Sayo: I would guess this is another character of the series. I don't know who, though.

Wow. Tertiaries can't even google. Incredible.

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>anything remotely similar to Tewi
Heck naw.

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Reisen + Tewi = Kaguya?


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Beat me to it.

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Sayo just does what he's paid to do. I doubt he's even in to touhou.

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I think the real question here is:

Will Yukari take responsibility?

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She didn't. But Touhou Enchantress Dance is one of the best.

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It's sad that most of us seriously think so

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I'd like to think that way, but I know I'd mess up somehow.

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Delusions are a bitch, people here think "I'm such a gentle and caring guy one day a woman will love me and be the happiest woman in this earth !" all the time.
Pathetic morons.

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More of them seem to be self loathing, such as myself, but I don't know. Maybe that's just from my experience.

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