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Good morning, me precious little NEEtyweetypie! Did you have a good night of sleep? Any interesting dreams you want to tell mommy about?

Well, come to the table, because mommy made a nice, yummy breakfast for us! Or would you like to have it in bed? Either way is fine. Mommy can fit in your bed too.

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These threads deeply disturb me.

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during an hour nap after sleepless night i've had a dream about some 5.25 like floppy disk in a chewed cover...

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I slept ok mamaRan. Very well actually.
I saw a dream where I was doing...something bad, I dont know what and everyone was mad at me ;_;

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Goodness, that sounds horrible. But don't worry, mommy sure isn't mad at you.

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It's too early mom, 5 more minutes.

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Oh, I'm sorry! Sleep as long as you'd like. Was my NEETYpoo up late playing Touhou?

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It was at that point that I was distacted by his mom's HOT ASS

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My mother still bothers me by visiting randomly. Today she visited twice, three or four hours apart. She's becoming clingy, annoying, and I find myself thinking much less of her because of the way she tries to be in my life. I hadn't spoken to her in two days and she called me while I was on vacation and eating dinner because she "missed the sound of my voice". When I was at the airport I called someone else, and my mother came to pick me up. She then stayed until 9PM before going home, and was in my house when I woke up the next day.

I wish she would just leave me alone. There is nothing I enjoy by having her around me all the time.

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Maybe she's dying and she just wants to spend time with her son before kicking the bucket.

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I just wanted to spend some time with my little boy...

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>Any interesting dreams you want to tell mommy about?

Yes, I dreamt that I killed thousands and sacrificed them in the blood pit.

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Son i am proud.

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>She wants to fuck

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Hey mom can you get me some beer?

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hey mom, i dreamt of doing naughty things with your face