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Katawa Shoujo megathread time go!

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Katawa Shoujo is poorly received on /jp/, generally speaking.

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It got spammed enough the last few days.

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Get out KS devs

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Reported for spam.

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I wonder how many of you threadshitters were even around for the first two weeks after the initial release of KS when everyone, /jp/ included, fucking loved it.

Bunch of fucking whiny parrots making this place deader than it already is.

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How about if you don't want to discuss it, you don't post in here? New concept, I know.

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>> /jp/ loved it

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You've always been a shitposter.

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> fucking loved it.
now, I'm all for leaving you gents who like this alone but let's be objective here, there were plenty of people who said it sucked right from the beginning too

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I won't deny that I liked the original demo and that I really enjoyed the second one.


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I wasn't. I'm a johnny-come-lately to 4chan in general, showed up in earnest around November 2010.

I suppose I misinterpreted all the KS hate I was seeing these past couple days as people generally disliking it for some reason (instead of just being tired of LEAKS LEAKS LEAKS).

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I liked that image better when it was called Everything that's wrong with jaypee in one image.png

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It was a fun read. I don't even know why people in here get so mad at this. Mods never said we couldn't discuss it in here.

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Just /jp/ being /jp/.

I still and always will love Rin as a character, she is really entertaining.

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sure is ks devs astroturfing itt

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We are allowed to discuss it, but what is there to discuss? Look at the KS forums: sucking the devs cock or making up shitty fanfiction.

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How about discussing the game?

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It's not done yet. Not much to discuss there.

But there's always dev drama. Lots of shit to dramatize and defend.

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everything there is was discussed in the first two weeks, if you say you liked it you're a ks dev, if you say you didn't like it you're a shitposter
not much discussion to be had, unless your standards for good discussion is posting "this heroine is cute" x100 every day

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/jp/ just got mad because KS occupied the vast majority of the board (well beyond the front page) for a solid two weeks. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone was arguing over favorite heroines and gobbling the damn thing up like they were /a/ watching a new show together.

There might have been one or two guys who saged and reported, but that's par for the course across all of 4chan. It hardly counts for anything; you're guaranteed to get one or two such posts in any thread interesting enough to not be completely ignored by a board before 404ing into permanent obscurity.

But then KS got big on /a/ and /v/, and /jp/ revolted against itself and since then having a KS thread on /jp/ has been impossible. The change happened literally overnight. It still has me caught in disbelief. I've never seen any one group of people turn so suddenly on an issue in my life. It's fucking amazing.

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And there are those of us who just patiently await for the whole thing to be released, having forsaken our humanity in exchange for immortality and untold power in order to finally play Duke Nukem Forever, Otome Function and, of course, Katawa Shoujo.

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I've never heard of any real dev drama. Maybe I just don't pay enough attention. It's always just minor updates accompanied by weird self-inspirational monologues on the dev blog and that's about it. I've never heard about anything worth shaking a fist at.

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Two or three vocal hipster nerds started shitposting so everything went to hell. I think it actually would be better to see people talking about their favorite character hundreds of times than watching some nerds being a useless piece of shit and saging all day. The first one might be pointless but the second one is even worse for the board.

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I came for the sex fetishes and diapers and found them to be lacking. I believe I am speaking for the majority since please be serious here, none of us are in it for the epic plot or story.
It is a shit game. I rather play ML Extra.

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I just want to say that pretty much every VN in the world is trash besides Katawa Shoujo. Even then I'm kind of a bit sketchy. I really hope it lives up to expectations.

unless you count phoenix wright and hotel dusk as VNs.

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There used to be Dev drama, back during the first incarnation of the Dev team, which was more unorganized than a herd of atheist cats.

Rage quits, hissy fits and delicious bitter tears galore. This new team is... mellow.

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I think it's more that the devs are shitheads. They're making a cripple porn game, or they should be. But they think they're making art, they run that pretentious blog, and they haven't finished the damn game yet, but still have a legion of deviantart level lemmings worshiping at their feet. /jp/ hates people who don't produce, look at Touhou Moon or going further back, the UBW patch.

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>and gobbling the damn thing up like they were /a/ watching a new show together.

Actually, now that I think about it, it wouldn't be too far off to say that KS was the Code Geass of /jp/.

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>/jp/ hates people who don't produce
So we hate ourselves?

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not really.

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Why else would some of us spend all day here?

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That pretty much is obvious.

Still, the get out HS devs is pretty much a forced meme, which is take VERY SERIOUSLY by the local autists. Frankly, if they stopped responding to those posts, we wouldn't see one of them except for actual progress being done.

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Visual Novels can be so much more, Katawa Shoujo is the work that will revolutionize the genre by showing us how.

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The thought-provoking discussions and the intelligent userbase.

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>They're making a cripple porn game, or they should be. But they think they're making art

Personally I think that's the best thing about the whole project. The one-line synopsis of "dating game about crippled girls" is completely thrown off by how classy the project itself actually winds up being.

It's like they took what sounds like the most offensive concept possible and took the challenge of trying to create a tactful work around that horrible concept. It's a delicious irony.

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If the KSfags cant handle a few Get out X Devs post, they dont really deserve to stay. Just go to /a/ or /v/ for better discussion.
If TMfags can handle type shit, bleach stay night and uminekofags can handle their game being call shit, why cant the KSfags handle it?
Too much ego?

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>If the KSfags cant handle a few Get out X Devs post, they dont really deserve to stay

You say this as though any other type of thread has received the amount of dedicated threadshitting that KS threads have been made to withstand on /jp/.

If touhou got anywhere near this kind of treatment there would be ten times the backlash and complaints.

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Pretty much. Let's not forget that the KS devs have been posting (spamming) their game here since 2008 too. Proof is in the archives either.

Though personally it's hard for me to take this seriously when they stole from RAITA. At least have the decency to change the character designs or something.

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People on /jp/ are just way too entitled to one of the worst boards in here.

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apparently "discussing a game" for them means you're only allowed to praise it, not criticize it

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I dunno, it's not like RAITA's not been credited with the concept and I'm pretty sure money's not being made off of it, and it's not like he would have taken the concept anywhere himself seeing where we are now. I'd like to think the community can share and develop ideas without throwing hissy fits over who came up with them. Isn't the important thing really whether they get done at all?

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>stole from Raita
>Raita himself gave his blessings and hopes to one day see it

Where the fuck have you been?

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Threadshitting is to criticism as picketing is to debate.

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I liked the game and I'm fine with criticism. Threadshitting isn't criticism tho.

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This thread is full of people referring to /jp/ in third person

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So when it is supposed to be released? If those burn girl pictures are actually leaked CGs, I'm assuming it must be close to finished.

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Ramming his head into the keyboard and making airplane noises, per Alabama.

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I hate those "leaked" cgs the art looks like shit and the characters don't even look like the characters.

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You say this as though any other type eroge/VN thread has been spammed on /jp/ as much as KS and the irony is, it is not even a complete game.

If which Touhou you would X, tenshidog and Flanly was spammed as anywhere as much as KS there will be have the exact backlash and complaints.
Oh wait they do!

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"This year"
-Duke Nukem

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Uh. There's a shitload of Touhou spam. Like right now even.

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Probably link on the devs IRC channel.

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"Blow it out your ass."

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Thanks, Duke. Knew I could always bet on you.

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There is a thread on /v/ KS devs go advertise there. Fuck off.

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>>Isn't the important thing really whether they get done at all?

I agree, but it's pretty much like me going on Pixiv, looking up the original tag, and taking what I see there and making my own version of it. Sure I could get the approval of the creator, but it still wouldn't be something I thought up in the end.

I couldn't take it seriously without it feeling like fanfiction.net material, but this is all opinions I guess. Though if I had to say 1 good thing about KS, it's that their music bro has vastly improved over these past 4-5 years. I really look foward to hearing his soundtrack.

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>I cannot handle even the slightest amount of obvious trolling

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Yeah we definitely don't get corndog eating and flying flandre every fucking minute of every fucking day.

It almost makes you miss the japanese bird cooking spaghetti.

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Just wanted to say there's three threads about KS on /a/ /jp/ and /v/ front pages
if you don't like people who hate the same exact thread about nothing reposted every day and react badly to it, move there and discuss it with enthusiastic people such as yourself

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you mean

"coming soon"

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Not every minute. Just one minute.

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>If touhou got anywhere near this kind of treatment there would be ten times the backlash and complaints.
Almost enough to create an entirely new board to shut them up!

>> No.7430830

>Almost enough to create an entirely new board to shut them up!
Go cry to moot and ask him to make /ks/ or just go back to #k-s.

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See this picture? This is old good ol' Raita gave us: Character designs and a vague setting.

Everything else? IMAGINATION.

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KS devs return like an abused wife asking for more "GET OUT KS DEVS".

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So what, we have to go through this for everything now? /jp/ gonna have to split again into /touhouh/ and /vn/? Ridiculous.

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>Character designs and a vague setting.
But that's all KS is, it's not like it has a plot or anything it's just cripple girls.

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actually a nsfw touhou hentai board would be pretty baller.

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Western game is not otaku culture.
Are we gonna call Witcher 2 and Dragon Age otaku culture now?

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Please don't play the otaku card. Nobody wins when you do.

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That feeling when there is only one KS dev who visits /jp/ for five minutes a day and everything else is trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls.

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>Western game is not otaku culture.

Yeah, go show KS to a WRPG fan. I'm sure he'll completely agree with your assessment that there's nothing weeaboo about KS at all.

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Mass Effect 2?

More like Space Age Neo-Akiba dating AVG (adventure video game).

>> No.7430852

Replying a sarcastic post with sarcasm is the best way to go. Too bad I quoted the wrong post.

>> No.7430855

Mass Effect 2?

More like Space Age Neo-Akiba dating AVG (adventure video game).

>> No.7430860

By definition, Mass Effect is a visual novel with FPS/RPG elements.

Are you sure you want to get into this debate?

Hell, the word Otaku applies to a very wide range of interests, be it anime, music, games or even trains. It does not only apply to whatever comes from glorious Nippon.

>> No.7430869

What? For one, Mass Effect is not a FPS, and for two it is not a VN in any sense of the term.

>> No.7430872


It's not really an RPG either.

>> No.7430873

I don't see your point, /v/ has currently the third KS general in a row. Pretty well recieved, too. Go there if you want "discussion" and leave the board alone.
It's like people are desperately trying to get us to like their pet game.

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I love how you teenagers do not know what RPG stands for.

Role. Playing. Game.


Of course, most of you have only played the androgynous FF series.

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Not this shit again.

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This is what happens when you play the otaku card. Deal with it.

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I was going to explain why that was a stupid conclusion, but fuck it. Here is a picture of something, I'll decide later.

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Personally I like the irony of a board literally made because Moot got tired of VN talk on /a/ being the absolute worst place to talk about one.

>> No.7430888

I don't recall saying it wasn't an RPG, which it most certainly is.

>> No.7430889

Eroge are RPGs too because you play the role of a faceless, voiceless nobody.

>> No.7430891

Fuck off attention whore. Go shitpost in /a/ like you always do.

>> No.7430899

that was before /a/ started talking about VNs all the same
there's nothing holding you here bro, go amongst your fellow fans

>> No.7430901

I don't post in /a/, but ok.

>> No.7430902

But I also talk about Touhou.

At least "Get out ZUN" hasn't become a meme.

>> No.7430903

Lots of Weeaboo Hipsters in here.

>> No.7430904

Threads about babby's first VNs never have discussion at all.

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>> No.7430909

Were there any Shizune CGs "leaked"?

>> No.7430910

>babby's first VNs

What does this even MEAN.

Oh wait, I've seen it applied to pretty much every VN ever made. So it's just another way of saying "I don't like it"

>> No.7430913

What do you guys like?

>> No.7430916

It's pretty much used when a person is acting like some VN ie Sharin no Kuni, Cross Channel, etc. is the greatest thing ever, when in reality they just haven't read that much to even be able to distinguish.

>> No.7430918

>Making a katawa shoujo thread on /jp/.
Aw shit nigger, what are you doing?

>> No.7430921

hating niggers

>> No.7430936

What's the game going to be like? Is it just a waifu selector type filled with DAWW moments or will they add some weight to the stories?

>> No.7430938

I like leaving /jp/. In fact, I do it every day!

>> No.7430943

Is the game even going to come out?

>> No.7430944

Is it bad I only want to play this for Hanako's sad backstory?

I am also glad that they are putting in a skip/no porn option.
Porn is always a mood killer.

>> No.7430945

considering how far the creators have their heads up their asses they won't resist the temptation of putting drama in it to make it a deep story. Which basically all but spells trainwreck to me.

>> No.7430947

I hope the sex scense are tastefully done with a lot of buildup. I want to feel happy that the two finally show how much they love eachother rather than feeling whyboner.jpg.

>> No.7430948

Kimchi, Samsung, Hyundai and kimchi.
Shit tastes so good, nida.

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>> No.7430954

Shifting my body from Brass Restoration Mode to Wanko Mode.
Preparing left handed tissues, extra soft.
Preparing right handed tissues, extra absorbent.

>> No.7430955

ITT: KS Devs samefagging, advertising and spamming to give the illusion people care about their shit.

Report this for illegal content and spam magically goes away.

>> No.7430956

Yeah, because long threads in /jp/, /a/ and /v/ are an army of KS devs all posting at once to gain attention to their free game.

God damn, /jp/...

>> No.7430957

Get out Report Function Devs

>> No.7430961

Get out /a/ Devs
Get out /v/ Devs
Get out Cristian Devs

>> No.7430962

ITT: KS Devs. Reported! Oh and we don't buy your so called leak for we know you intentionally leaked it to have something to talk about and chance to attention-whore and advertise your game.

>> No.7430963

1200+ posts across three boards for seven hours.

Those are some fucking relentless devs.

>> No.7430970

ITT: Carefully planned KS 4chan free advertising / attentionwhoring tactics. Reported for spam advertisment.

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I'm taking this thread into a bold new direction.

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wait... I think I recognize this one... Oh shit...

Proceed the dump

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>be the OP of the last two Katawa Shoujo threads on /v/
>be the OP of the Katawa Shoujo thread on /a/
>was considering being the OP of this thread
>read how everyone thinks this is viral marketing
>my face

I'm surprised /v/ is canonically paired with /a/. /jp/ seems a much better fit, seeing as how we can scream VIRAL MARKETING about everything together.

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They are relentless, that is why she is called Dev-chan.

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Seriously, these KSfags are easily riled up.
The same shit happened in cosmic shit thread but not even the /commu/fags in the cosmic shit are this baited.

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This picture reminds me of /jp/

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definitely /jp/

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>Seriously, these /jp/ fags are easily riled up.

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I was under the impression that this was mainly trolls trolling /jp/

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But we only say viral with Katawa Shojo, and sometimes Nitro+. You guys have had "sage for viral marketing" for years.

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Go on. But I'm still gonna sage and reporting the rest of this blatant KS advertisment thread.

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Oh great god, i did not see that coming.

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I love japan

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Okay, now a change in scenery

>> No.7430995

I like how you just make everything up.

Also you know /jp/ is terrible when a KS thread gets this much positive reception.

>> No.7430996

It's an unvoiced VN with super shitty art. Why do people care?

>> No.7430997

OK we believe you, KS dev.

Sage for Viral Marketing. Reported.

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>> No.7431003

We care because this is obviously a spam / attention begging KS thread.

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So, how is everyone?

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Oh god

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>>Mariel from Wild Arms pooping everywhere and eating her own poop



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>> No.7431014

You are doing God's work. Keep up the good work Sir!

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>this doujin
It's like a trainwreck.
It's so terrible, but you can't look away.

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Glorious Nippon

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Don't worry /jp/
I'll be back.

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And with him ending....

>> No.7431032

You sick, sick fuck.
Do it again.
It didn't turn me on at all, but it gave me nightmares.

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Download links for these doujins, for the love of God.

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I have miss placed my disgusting folder.
But maybe this will tickle your fancy

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Don't you hate it when you want to dump something, and post in a different thread at the same time?

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That was one of the most cluster-fuck, absolute fucking disgusting things Ive ever seen.
And i saved all of it.
>MFW i was trying to eat when i saw it.

>> No.7431046
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>> No.7431047
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Welcome to 4chan.

>> No.7431049
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>> No.7431051

>[20:56] <!Suriko> we will not beat, nor match, the release of DNF


>> No.7431055
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I would like to point out that this is not 008.jpg, although it has equal merits.

>> No.7431057
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>> No.7431058
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>> No.7431059
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>> No.7431065
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>> No.7431069
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>> No.7431073
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That feel when you take the nicest little girl ever and suddenly make her grow a penis and then have her blast poop out everywhere.

I hope you can't sleep tonight, Mr. Doujinshi creator.

>> No.7431074
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Fuck it, I need to go to bed. Sorry.

>> No.7431083
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Oho! What do we have here!?... A decent dump in a shitty spam thread?... UNCLE MUGEN TO THE RESCUE!!!

Dumping totally unrelated material!...

>> No.7431084
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>> No.7431085
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>> No.7431087
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Pfft... Phone call...

>> No.7431091

Any news on turbine-chan?

>> No.7431100

Dear /jp/,

When there are people actively bumping a thread, if you sage it, all you do is prolong it's life. Might as well drop the sage so it hit bump limit sooner.

>> No.7431102 [DELETED] 
File: 492 KB, 992x600, screenshot0008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh! you mean this?...

>> No.7431114

Dear anon acting like a smart guy,

Bump limit only care about number of posts irregardless of sage posts and non sage posts.

>> No.7431149
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why god this thread?!

>> No.7431164
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he sleeps fine and your revulsion only makes his penis harder

>> No.7431167

Even the KS thread on /v/ was better than this. How does it feel to be the worse than /v/, /jp/?

>> No.7431169

We aren't trying to have a KS.
We don't want this shit here, but you wouldn't know that being a /v/ user and all.

>> No.7431170

Nice assumptions there.

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