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Open portal. Inside it is a completely visible, inviting open mouth. It's apparent that there are no tricks involved.

Would you?

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so lewd.

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Portals, how does it work?

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>Mouth pussy

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Nah, I'd rather give Yuugi a tour.

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Hell yes! Yukari-sama is one lewd onee-sama.

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Posting touhou doujins without name or source should be a bannable offense.

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Wouldn't you rathe date the delicate flower of womanhood that is Yuugi?

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>It's apparent that there are no tricks involved.
Pfffft, yeah, ok.

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Oh come on. All images are unedited. Stop being lazy and just run them through a search engine.

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I'd try to talk to it probably.

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No worries bro.

I put my detective skills to work and found source.


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(Futaket 7) [Arsenothelus (Rebis & Alpha-Alf Layla & Chinbotsu)] TGWOA Vol.30 - Futanatte! YukaReimu (Touhou Project) [ENG]

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I drop a candy in.

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I wonder what she'd say.

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I'd bend over in front, throw a fart and run.

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Yukari has always had D+ cup sized boobs.

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I really hope this artist drew a Yuugi doujin because she looks damn good the way he drew her in this one

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Why yes, very much so!

But she asked for a tour of the shrine so it is only polite to first show her around and then go on an enjoyable date.

I would wait to at least the third date to kiss, for I am a gentleman and Yuugi is a pure maiden.

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>Didn't even give Yuugi a tour or invite her for tea even when she went through all the trouble to get to the surface to visit

What a bitch.

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Not a big fan of futa, but I like when the characters powers are included. Treating them like regular girls is boring

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Well, always in fanon, at least. Normalfags picked something like half of the Touhous and gave them boobs just because, and everyone went along with it.

It's a large part of why Yukari is such a shitty character, you know? She doesn't have any good porn.

In before someone posts some shitty doujin and claims it's good.

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lol get a load of this faggot

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clearly hasn't unlocked phantasm.

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well, this doujin makes me want to know what /jp/ thinks of futanari...

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People will continue to have different tastes from you no matter how much you pathetically try to shame them out of it with 'normalfag' accusations and whatnot (which is nonsense).

Now kindly sift back to /--... in fact forget /a/, Sankaku is probably better suited to your level of thought.

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I neither particularly enjoy nor dislike it. A penis simply is, or is not, and is perfectly acceptable in it's absence or presence.

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I enjoy it as a fetish.
Very much so. I'd say it's my #1 fetish followed by tentacle blowjobs and inflation.

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I am actually deeply interested in futanari, more in a psychological sense than sexual. Doesn't mean I won't fap to it every so often though.

I wonder what Freud would think of it. I wish I could write a paper on it, but I know it will just be ridiculed by my university.

Anyway, as I see it, it's almost the same as a guy fucking a girl and not really gay as long as a girl is fucking a girl.
It's like how many people see lesbian porn as boring. It's because their is no self-insertion point, people need a viewpoint like in heterosexual porn. not exactly complete insertion into it, but at least a relatable focus point. Futanari is a way to self insert oneself into lesbian porn or at least relate to it. At some point most need a dick in there somewhere to get off.

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well, I feel like I'm enjoying it too much...and I'm starting to exclude all the others form of porn...

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Futa is so fucking stupid. Look at this disfigured shit. Large clits make me want to vomit and that's exactly what futa is, a giant clit dick with a disgusting pussy mound. You can barely tell if it's in their pussy or anus in most of them.

The best touhou doujinshi is the one where sanae is a boy cross-dressing as a miku. This doujinshi would've been great if reimu was a boy too. Just make them guys if they've got a penis.

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Interesting. It's a good subject for a investigation.

This media has a lot of users that would be perfect for analysis, but yeah, it would be ridiculed and the users would be ashamed...

Are you studying psychology? If so, why?

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>There... Deep behind your anus, hidden behind your womb, is your futanari prostate gland...

Oh goddamnit

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You consider this a cause of concern why? Unless you have friends or loved ones who check your pornographic material and are worried about some kind of negative feedback from them regarding your futa collection, you can take it easy. If you enjoy futa, then fap to futa. No need to force oneself to enjoy other things.

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>and the users would be ashamed
What do Anonymous users have to be ashamed of?
I thought that was the reason I was here to begin with, being able to be/say/write/do things that you're otherwise too ashamed to do/say/etc in real life.

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There's more than one type of futa hentai, actually.

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you see, it' just the ghost of homosexualty...for a old virgin like me, who never explored his sexuality, masturbating to penis equipped girls, can be a little confusing...

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Don't worry about it. It won't magically make you lust for men or anything of the sort.

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You yourself seem to be the one upset by the fact that someone disagrees with you. There's nothing wrong with having a taste for big boobs, really. It's just fucking annoying that some of my favorite characters (particularly Nitori) get casted as boobinites for no logical reason. It's like the doujin world has put a curse on me so I'm allowed to fap to Flandre, Suika, and Tewi but not to Nitori, Yukari, Aya, etc. Granted, there are exceptions, but for the most part people seem to latch on to what other people are doing and all draw a character the same way.

I mean, really, just imagine for a second that you declared a Touhou your waifu when a new game came out, but then everyone starts drawing her in a way that's not to your taste, so you have to go back to your old one. It's a sad state of affairs, really.

So stop taking offense, yeesh. That post wasn't even targeted at the people on this board so much as the people drawing all these terrible Touhou doujins with no variety and fuckin J cup tits.

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Personally I think that what you're describing isn't really a fetish for futa itself, but the use of futa as a device to improve lesbian porn. There's a significant difference.

For instance, if a man faps to porn involving a man fucking a woman, most reasonable people would consider him straight, since he's (assumingly) only using the man as a device to create the arousing image of a woman being fucked. So similarly, if you only fap to futa fucking female and don't focus all your attention on the futa rather than the female, it doesn't really mean you're interested in futa.

And interest in futa implies that beyond enjoying that it's a penetrative scene involved two feminine bodies, you also get turned by the fact that one of them as a dick. Could be that you find something appealing about the mix of female and male anatomy, or that you're in some way, directly or indirectly, interested in dicks, but still visually prefer the female anatomy.

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That's a lie.
Don't let him confuse you, he just wants to butfuck you.

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But I don't lust for men either...That's something I'd rather avoid. But futa is fine for me. I don't know why.

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I sometimes worry about my continually declining interest in female genitals. The way I see it, life would be most enjoyable if I could easily be aroused by both, particularly in regards to the amount of eroge and doujinshi I'll be able to enjoy. So I feel like I'll miss out on a lot of enjoyment in life by continuing to go down this path.

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Boobs sell, that's all there is to it.
Your tastes just aren't on par with the healthy male population of earth.

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Is that so hard to comprehend?

I don't like guys, srsly.

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>I don't like guys, srsly.

That's pretty gay.

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You shouldn't be here.

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What'd I do?

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/jp/ is men and you don't like men, so you should go back to /u/ where you can all talk about how much you want to cut off your penis and smash your testicles.

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sorry for the delay I was fapping to Radiohead

this. but I have to add, the presence of male genitalia improves greatly the empathy of the (usually male) watcher towards the act. obiouvsly, a dick cumming is ar a more explicit orgasm than the female one.
and, dicks...they're so fun to draw. I don't know why but...ask anybody you know that have artistic capabilities...
well, I...uh...
are you >>7429790
, well...
a boy, or...a girl? if you' re a girl...well...

...the fuck?

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What are you talking about? I may like futa, but I'm not interested in guys in that way.

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>I'm not interested in guys in that way.
GTFO normalfag!

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What if I like Aya-sama and Yuuka-san?

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But I don't want to be a homo. You can't make me be one.

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oh, geez, I'm sleepy!

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Don't challenge him.
He can and you'll enjoy it.

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at least, now I'm sure that you're a man.

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I love challenges though. Especially when I know I can win. I'm absolutely sure I won't become a homo. I will fight it.

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> /jp/
> girls

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eh? how can this happen, exactly?
...like, a porn battle or something?

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Weird seeing Rebis doing Touhou.

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hey, I'm a fucking optimist!

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Fuck this, let's see some big hard shota cock. (No homo)

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I feel...strange

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I am studying psychology, but I am getting two degrees, one in Marketing and one in Psychology.

I think they go well together and I only have to stay a fifth year at college, which I actually like.
I plan to go into business but I am keeping an open mind about going into psychology. It just interests me.

I'm very interested in fetishes and have thought about becoming a sexual psychologist. Examining all the porn and doujins I have found in my travels throughout the internet and 4chan only serve to intrigue me. Like why do people fap to NTR, how do people get fetishes over innate or obscure things, and a bunch of other things. Like the psychology behind waifus, can it actually be a good thing? And how we all accept people regardless of odd fetish like on /d/ and /jp/ while such fetishes will get you burned at the stake in real life. Do all people have secret disgusting fetishes deep down? And how some people are so eager to camwhore themselves, why might they do this?
And how people can get desensitized to disgusting fetishes, and eventually accept and pick up those once hated fetishes? I especially want to research this one. I have a hypothesis that repeated exposure to one fetish will make one grow attached to it. Like staying on 4chan long enough will eventually make the straightest of people come to like traps.

However, sometimes I feel silly about this and that if I ever do write and publish papers and do experiments that cite creepy doujins that I will just be ridiculed. I have thought about writing them anyway under a pen name and using completely anonymous anons as test subjects.

How free and truthful people are about their secret sexual desires on the internet is truly a goldmine for psychologists everywhere, but no one seems to capitalize upon it and do research.

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>Like staying on 4chan long enough will eventually make the straightest of people come to like traps

That happened to me. Eventually though I lost interest in them and I don't really care for them anymore. I don't know what happened.

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hey, take me as a guinea pig! I'm also somewhat of a newfag and moralfag for some things, you can register my corruption.

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>Inside it is a completely visible, inviting open mouth.
>Its Rinnosuke's

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Yes, that's a good point that I will need newfags for research, but I don't plan to do anything serious anytime soon.

I would recommend that you lurk more to avoid looking like a complete moron unless you are just some troll.

Which brings up another thing I would like to study, the psychology behind trolling.

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I wish you luck Anon. Don't allow the stigma associated with sex put you off. Do your research and unlock the secrets of human sexuality!

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trolling aside, you can always post more Erins butt, in exchange i give this site to research Waifu-ism

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Thank you for your contribution.

And there is always room for more Erin butt.

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you guys are disgusting

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I always wanted to post this and use it as a reaction image in this situation

i'll get out of /jp/ to redeem myself.

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Don't worry. Everyone feels a little ashamed after their first time. It'll subside.

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well, okay, I'not so much newfag, nor innocent, and I was a soulless monster far before starting to dwell on Gurochan, for years, and discovering 4chan just thanks to /d/. also I started the discussion out of boredom, but you made up a interesting point. I tell you this, simply because as you said, the -chans are one of the most underrated (by the media) and important social phenomenon of the last decade. I really recommend to you to dwell in the most lite boards, because they're the place where people start to understand that rules of society doesn't completely apply here, moreover if you haven't a face, and start to build their vision of being free, sexually, ethically and whatever.
now, pardonnez moi, but I have to sleep.
thanks and goodnight.

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I don't know what I should do. In the past I'd love these, now I don't really care for them.

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Get on HRT before it's too late. Most of us are a lost cause. Live the dream that we have been forced to abandon.

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>Like staying on 4chan long enough will eventually make the straightest of people come to like traps

Traps are still probably the one thing that doesn't effect me in anyway. Not that I have anything against people who do like them. It's just that out of all the fetishes 4chan introduced me to, traps just never clicked with me.

They just...get no reaction from me at all. May as well be staring at a blank wall.

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This is to be expected, I just used traps as an example.
For me it was futa, I never liked it at all at first and was perhaps a bit disgusted, but now just look at this thread.
The theory could be applied to other fetishes.

However the fact that you are accepting of the fetish, aren't disgusted by it, and accept people that do like the fetish is still a step. You might not ever reach the stage of fapping to it or it would take years of 4chan to reach that level, but it still shows some sort of progress.

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I just think it's a bit silly to be disgusted over what others fap to, especially considering all the weirder fetishes out there.