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Anybody hosting in the US for a novice Tenshi/Yukari/Aya?

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Good gawd...they look so gawd damn like the same person.
I would say to them You want ice cream cone?
Both of them say yes.
How in the hell?

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Is it bad that I read that with a stereotypical middle-eastern accent?

Also, the old thread's not dead yet, is it?

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Nope that's correct. Group X was an awesome show live.

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It's on auto-sage already. Hopefully people will not argue on this thread too.

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Don't tell me you've never seen those videos.

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Google Mario Twins. Or Group X Flash.

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Oh yeah! Group X. Love those fuckers.

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Of course I have, or I wouldn't have read it with said accent, I would have just read it normally.

I've been enlightened in the ways of Reimu recently. Anyone care to play?
West Coast, Advanced Reimu/Chiquita/Youmu; Intermediate Komachi/Slut

I'll play weather or no weather, but right now I'm hosting with weather.

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> es, it explodes and trap the opponent if they get within a few pixels of it. It'll disappear after a while, granted (est. 5 seconds), but under a knocked down player, it explodes almost immediately and stays in effect for about a second or two. Long enough to do what needs to be done.

In case you missed it. Glad I was of some assistance, although, I'm going to hate I just gave my senior a nuke to use against me later...

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How do you turn off weather?

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There's a patch for it on SWRwiki

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Thanks a bunch.

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Scarlet Sunny Day Rhapsody

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Nonsense. Sunny Day is one of the weather types that effects things.

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Remilia can use Sunny Day? So does that mean Red, the Nightless Castle and Spear of Gungnir are both Fire type attacks? AWESOME!

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So I think nobody wants to play. Oh well, Magister vs Suika guy is pretty entertaining.

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I'd like to play, but I can't host. I've tried everything, not even DMZ works for me.

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>> No.742442 ec

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I have the same problem on my computer at my other house.

Anyways, Hosting.
Intermediate Yuyuko
East Coast

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Glad to know I'm not the only one watching this match like a PPV fight!

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US West Coast



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So I moved to a PC running on Vista recently, and I'd been moving SWR on a USB drive and had worked fine until lolvista. For some reason music still pays just fine but the sound effects don't seem to play. Anyone else have/had a similar problem like this?

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West Coast Hostan

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This Reimu vs. Suika showdown is awesome. Now this is what you'd call Sunday Night entertainment.

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This Suika is crazy. I can barely win with Reimu, but I have to do it with her.

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she is gathering your skill

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ggs kyon

I hope one of you fuckers are saving replays because I can't watch.


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Man, I lost again. GGs...

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SECONDING! This match up deserves some Jewtube love!

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742619 West Coast US (California)


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ugliest aya drawing EVER!

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Sorry, had to do something real quick so I disconnected. If you could please rehost.

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Central beginner

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ggs mew

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>>ugliest aya drawing EVER!


someone host. west coast, etc

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i downloaded this what now? it says missing dll

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Install latest directX

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Australia only please (seriously don't bother if you're not):

I have about half an hour

>> No.742773

GG. Sorry I'm still somewhat of a beginner.

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Well, you're a better Komachi than I am.

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good games, komachi gives Alice a hard time

Stupid Alice.

>> No.742817 7500 west

sakuya in practice

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I hope you're fucking kidding.

The only character not fast enough to punish Komachi using any of her projectiles is Komachi herself. Alice's projectiles and ability to run away while throwing out a dozen dolls rapes Komachi each time.

I was dicking about each game trying to find a good way to use Komachi's projectiles, but I couldn't find any at all.

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GGs, jetm.

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East Coast

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ggs kloud

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rehosting. less lag please

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Any beginners still hosting?

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5aa, 5b, 6C, spam souls here. (214C charged)

j.2a, make enemy bounce, spam souls here. (214C charged)

6b coin stops retards in air middle range that want to drown you in proyectiles, do 5C or 214C charged followed, souls are nice anti-airs.

if you feel safe from a far distance, do charged (214C charged)

Far standing a blows the enemy afar pretty well, if you hit, do 6b here then 214C charged. the coins hit if you are close to a corner.

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whoever was playing ayu was too agressive.

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This is SWR, not EFZ

>> No.743096 ec

>> No.743108


Had a lot of fun swedish, you're good with Iku

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ggs kyon WTF at that lag :/

>> No.743116

GGs. Your Reimu would be a lot better if you didn't 66Cing and 421BC spam. I was just stupid enough to keep HJC into it (I think I counted three times in a row) and trying to take you head on in a melee joust right in the middle of a barrier.

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Whoever I was playing with. Sorry but the lag was unbearable in that last game. Setting that apart, great games!

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Spirits take too long.

All of them.

Also, you were just saying only faggots used melee last thread, and that reaper guy proved it true.

>> No.743139


Then you're doing it wrong. THe spirits speed is probably the best thing about them. 5C -> j.5C -> Air Dash is probably one of the best protection walls in the entire game, as the spirits will eat just about everything, and the wonky way they travel will confuse the hell out of most opponents. Then, if they try to graze through, you can just punish them with an air melee.

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If your opponent doesn't rape you in the startup frames, you must be playing a braindead chimp.

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damn, very nice games there magi, learned a lot
you have a nice youmu pressure going there, and that reimu card renders a lot of my grab opportunities useless

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Great games, asdf. I saved most of those replays, but I didn't think to do it for the first few rounds.

I seem to fight a lot of ridiculously good Suikas...I couldn't do much with Reimu...and once again, my defense proves a flaw, and I run into j.5A j6.A etc. etc. over and over. I swear I need to just chill the fuck out and observe more often. These kinds of things are too complex for my feeble mind to comprehend, but I need to lrn2block.

I could actually get somewhere with Youmu for some reason. Maybe I just suck with Reimu.

I'm going to look over these replays that I've been collecting soon(haven't yet) and look at all the things that amount to sheer stupidity.

I swear the next time we play it won't be so easy to beat me.

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rehosting. still practicing sakuya... her midscreen 2b j2b isn't working right for me, though my special ja j2a j5c j236c is working splendidly

>> No.743181

my ip for those just joining us

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743183 West Coast US (California)

Taking a short break from Iku, now I wish to tango with mai waifu.

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Yes, the startup is long. However, I was hoping you'd think about it first. "If the startup is long, I wonder how to help negate that...if only there was a way to ensure the opponent can't retaliate while I'm summoning...

If only there was some sort of character state in which the opponent can only recover..."

Oh, wait, it's called knockdown. j.2A, f.5A, and Dial A result in this.

>> No.743199

Knocking them down will almost never happen without using melee(Something everyone agreed, myself included, was only for fags last thread). So, make up your mind. Should you use melee/wait and find a chance to knock them down with melee and then use spirits?

Honestly, you're not sticking with one thing here at all.

>> No.743201

Oh, and rehost

East Coast US

>> No.743215

Dammit Kelrey, what was up with the lag during the Iku x Alice match? Everything's fine on my end.

>> No.743216

people jacking bandwidth again. dad using phone, so i'm gonna dc again when he hangs up from his international call.. so brb

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Alright then, I'll be hosting. West Coast US (California)

Taking a short break from Iku, now I wish to tango with mai waifu.

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Everytime I see this thread I long for what SWR could have been.

Oh well, there's always Touhou 12.5.

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I never said anything about melee being for fags, so you're point doesn't really apply to me.

>> No.743229

In the end, you play exactly like that Lazy Reaper fag.

You rely on your j.2a to get get to your enemy, and then start a quick and easy 5a combo. Your 'spirits are so effective and great' was clearly a load of bullshit with your heavy reliance on melee and tossing out a spirit once every decade.

>> No.743236

Whether or not I use a tactic has little relevance in regards to whether or not it's viable. Note that when I did use it against you, it succeeded fully in what it was supposed to do, so you can curb your bullshit line of argument right now.

>> No.743248

"I know I killed your yukkuri... but nothing of value was lost! And it was delicious, Sanae."

>> No.743251


I totally suck at this game, but I'll try joining. I think I got the right netplay patch and everything.

>> No.743255


At 0:11, how is he doing that combo? I can't link Tenshi's j.2B back to her ground 5As

>> No.743270

AA 2B (j.c) 2B 3D --> j.A <-- AA etc

>> No.743277

Down forward fly. 3d in air.

>> No.743280


Go back to Mizuumi.

>> No.743281

No shit. It either knocks them too far back or I auto-cancel it from flying into the ground though.

>> No.743283

D3 right after. The drill gives you enough time to get back to the ground for the reset.

>> No.743285

Suck less.

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Mmh, I can practically taste the nerdrage.

Hypocrisy? Hardly. I can scarcely be hypocritical when I've not made a comment that I haven't stuck to.

As it is, I've not made any comments on whether melee is "for fags", I've not made any comments along the lines of "I use 5C walls all the time" (ATM, I actually use them quite sparingly), and so far, when I HAVE used them, they've worked exactly as I mentioned they would.

Now, then...lrn2play or GTFO.

>> No.743334

this foul stench of IRC needs to be purged from my /jp/

fag it up elsewhere, faggots

>> No.743342

I beat you. While just staying away and trying to observe your tactics. YOU learn to play.

Nerd rage? Far from it. Proving hypocrits to be hypocrits is quite fun. I'm just a casual player, and my profile is even named 'coward', for fucks sake. I acknowledge I'm a shitty player, and expect to lose any match I get into.

>> No.743348

alright. hosting again >>742817

JUST built komachi's deck, absolute first time playing with her. will switch to sakuya/alice if necessary

>> No.743353

Do not feed the trolls.

>> No.743378

And? Yes, you beat me during our second Komachi mirror match, which interestingly enough, was also the one in which I DIDN'T use 5C walls.

Funny how you don't mention the first match, which was completely opposite, isn't it? ;)

And I do believe proving me to be a hypocrite requires...proof that I'm a hypocrite, no? >_<

As far as naming yourself "coward"...I think we both know the irrelevance of such names in games. I could name myself m00t, wouldn't make it so.

...Or would it?

>> No.743380

You're right, I don't know what I was thinking...

>> No.743389


go back to gaia

>> No.743390

i know it's hard, but try not to use those in 4chan

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>> No.743419 (EU)
Defeat my anemic girl

>> No.743438

GGs, Aya is hardcore

>> No.743446


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GG whoever that Alice was. You're pretty smart, reading my HJ8 out of corners like that and punishing it with Alice's j.6A. Keep it up! West Coast US (California)

Taking a short break from Iku, now I wish to tango with mai waifu.

>> No.743477

Wow, Coward, your good with that Kyan. cant keep up at all

>> No.743478

I thought you were taking a break with iku?

>> No.743494

GGs, looks like my Suika still needs a LOT of work.

>> No.743501

is that pic my. oh well. GG Giant Tree. your suika is killin me, for real

>> No.743505

Still hosting

>> No.743507

man, every attack suika do packs a punch.

>> No.743529

Yeah, when they actually CONNECT. Looks like I'm still too much of a scrub to get the LOLISLAM timing down though. Also, Chiquita drillspam much?

>> No.743545

fun matches, either way. me gettin all frustrated in the end.

>> No.743550

Coward, your really good, but i g2g to bed. cya!

>> No.743553

prepare for mid-range randomness

>> No.743590

GGs Bench

>> No.743592

Yeah, good games.

>> No.743605

lol how was my first 5... 6? games of komachi

>> No.743621 7500 west

played 5 games of komachi, just made deck for udonge

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File: 61 KB, 520x439, 1212386871432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GGs Kelrey, you're getting there with Komachi. Those damn spirits force me to fly and I end up biting on scythe.

Nope, Kelrey connected and he wanted to try out his Komachi on me, so I couldn't resist going Iku. Aya would've been brutal on him. West Coast US (California)

Taking a short break from Iku, now I wish to tango with mai waifu.

>> No.743643

is it just me or the alt 623 is totally useless... maybe i should take that out for another bomb and an alt 214

>> No.743660

Alt 623 is the Tornado, right?

It might have uses, but I've been unable to try it due to using a keyboard. Can't do what I try to input 3/4 of the time already, and 623 is almost impossible to use anyway.

Alt 214 seems pretty.. Lacking, in my opinion. It might force them to graze around, but it might not. Haven't really tried it much.

>> No.743670

Unless you meant Udonge and I made a fool of myself.

In which case, ¯\(º_o)/¯

>> No.743682

freaking....why am I getting all the characters I don't know how to play!?

>> No.743686

Then don't choose random.

>> No.743691

you kidding? blue wisps are the best!!

komachi's pretty fun, but i kinda hoped she would play something like axl

so all 3 of my characters are lacking a little in the upwards melee vectors..

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South West newb

>> No.743714


Alice is the character you seek.

>> No.743732

West coast SWR noob here. Somebody kick my ass and show me the ropes plz.

>> No.743734
File: 286 KB, 650x903, 1212387976812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hosting, WC preferred:

>> No.743743

you stop choosing random too, then

>> No.743749

axl is too deredere for that comparison.

>> No.743755

GGs swedish.

For the first time in a while, I shook like an epileptic child during every fight, and with just reason. I think I've gotten my ass kicked plenty for one day, I'll probably call it a night.

Don't count on it, though.

>> No.743756
File: 77 KB, 837x534, 1212388351902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus Christ Magister, your Reimu makes me nervous as hell. I'm getting nauseous and my fingers are shaking because of you. This picture accurate describes how I feel.

Constantly over my back and fucking my ass and all I can do is try to thrash and cry.

>> No.743764

Also, I'll upload videos of our match on Youtube sometime soon. That entire match was just dumb chasing and crossups, but holy shit was it intense.

>> No.743765

Upload replays on Rapidshare, perhaps?

>> No.743767

Looks like we're in the same boat then. I hope that however much I progress, you'll still be around to make me remember what it's like to fear your opponent before the match even starts.

>> No.743770
File: 181 KB, 645x911, 1212388556735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any good videos on how to play Iku? I've been watching swedish's vidoes, but he doesn't play her the way I do.

>> No.743778

Hey, Magister, want to play my Komachi?

>> No.743791

suika hits so hard

>> No.743793

Sure, why not. I'm still flustered from those matches with swedish, though.

>> No.743803

Sorry, came to spectate.

>> No.743807

you can spectate in this game?

>> No.743810

You sure that's it? I end up doing Tenshi's midair 3A when I try 3D'ing to the ground for the 5As.

>> No.743813

Yup, join a game that has already started.

>> No.743819

Connect to a match already in progress. When connecting, a third option will pop up instead of just two. Left is to spectate, and right, I'm assuming, means cancel.

>> No.743821

GGs coward>>743734

>> No.743824


>> No.743825

Ah. I got it. It's 5B after the (j.c), not 2B.

>> No.743826

Why is it that when someone is hosting and I connect to it, it won't load to the character select screen? There is no third option so I doubt the host is already in-game.

>> No.743829

Connection timed out.

>> No.743851
File: 240 KB, 359x947, 1212389500393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
743851 EU
I'm now top tier in the people who just installed the game circuit! I enjoy having my ass kicked by players of all skill levels but you'll be wasting your time if you're looking for a challenge.

>> No.743884


geeze, you were good. I think my keyboard's dying cause I can't do 623 or 421 anymore...

>> No.743907

I'm this, btw, in case you mistaken me.
And sorry for dodging so much, I'm not good with combos so the only thing I'm good at is timing. And I STILL don't know how to get out of corner combos.

>> No.743908

It's quite possible that you are inputting the buttons too fast. Also, GGs.

>> No.743921

it might...but I can't do the laser with yuyuko either, and that's not exactly fast.

>> No.743953

GGs Bench

>> No.743958

Yeah, nice playing with you Pear.

>> No.743968

can anyone host?

>> No.743973
East Coast
Intermediate-ish Everybody

>> No.743976


I think I played you last night.

>> No.744055

anyone else?

>> No.744070

GGs, Coward.

As you can see, I've got no skill at all, really. I run into things all the time. I need to completely revamp the way I play. It's getting my ass kicked left and right.

I'm horribly tired, but I don't think I would have fared any better otherwise.

>> No.744071


>> No.744076

My fingers don't do what they're supposed to and are usually doing their own thing and not doing what I KNOW I should do. I also react far too slow to follow up on half the shit I should be. I'd have won a lot more if I could do what I actually wanted.

>> No.744079


>> No.744092 EUfaq

>> No.744098




>> No.744130

I know, rite?

I really need to ingrain the proper shit to do into my mind so I don't forget what the hell I'm doing and get my ass kicked for it. Especially that damn trap that gets you if you airtech. I also never pulled off my new combo, though it's highly situational.

>> No.744133

You should go see a doctor.
What will happen if you try to jerk off?

>> No.744145

Oho, looks like they finally found my ORIGINAL COMBO DON'T STEAL.

..Only whoever put it up has a less damaging variation.

>> No.744157

I'm lost. Two people, different name?

>> No.744166

Don't remind me.

>> No.744169

Go to bed.

>> No.744171

Same person, different name for a small while.

>> No.744173

ITT we all use the name Lazy Reaper to mindfuck Magister.

>> No.744176

Same fags?

>> No.744180

Reposting for the lulz

>> No.744184

Sure is LAZY around here..

>> No.744189

GGs. I like how Suika's 66C grazes though melee attacks... Or at least it seemed that way. ;_;

>> No.744195

I need to fucking go to bed. >>744157 didn't even make sense.

>> No.744197

GG, anon.



>> No.744215

So I already got Komachi and Alice in my arsenal. Who else isn't that "good", Reisen?

So far, I think Yukari and Aya dominate.

>> No.744218


Who told you Alice wasn't good? Alice is so beefed up over her IaMP style it's ridiculous. She's awesome.

It was probably the same person who was trying to argue that Yuyuko was a shitty character.

>> No.744231

The two 'bad' characters are Komachi and Reisen. Everyone else is pretty damn good.

>> No.744237
File: 75 KB, 300x300, 1212393593087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>isn't that "good"

You best be joking. If you're looking for "shit" characters to play as, Alice shouldn't even be on your list.

>> No.744255

Oh, I didn't mean that. I'd just rate her lower than many characters, due to the amount of effort and set-up her game takes. Actually, I'd rate her to be above mid-tier.

Guess Reisen is my next character.

>> No.744263

i had a chance in playing all the characters, they all have pretty balance, i might say. just need the right skill cards for the job.

>> No.744264

If you're looking for a tricky character to master, may I suggest Iku?

>> No.744272
File: 72 KB, 240x320, 1212393990037.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only Reisen. You have no idea how many Komachi players have risen, and are dominating. j.5A is a one trick pony, but it's effective and that's all that matters.

I would say, if there HAS to be a second worse, it'd probably be either Youmu or Patchi (once again). But we all know how good Youmu or Patchi can be in the hands of even an average player, though. Just goes to show how bad Reisen really is...

>> No.744273
File: 49 KB, 1024x576, 1212394044563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you're looking for "shit" characters to play as, Alice shouldn't even be on your list.

>> No.744275

I second this motion.

>> No.744284

gg jetm, good player

>> No.744288


You'd best be joking, nigger.

>> No.744292

GG. The Spirit damage Youmu's danmaku do is really pretty amazing.



>> No.744294

j.2a is easily countered. The REAL one trick pony is j.6a. Seriously, shit's amazing and can be combo'd into a 1600-2250 damage combo if you're ANYWHERE near a corner. It might be slightly harder to hit with than a j.2a, but it has ridiculously large range, even longer than the swing itself.

>> No.744307
File: 54 KB, 640x480, 1212394321500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thirding. Even after contributing her moveset to the wiki, I still can't do shit with her. She's GREAT, don't get me wrong, it just takes some getting use to the slowness of all moves but 6C.

Once again, she's SWRs version of IaMPs Yuyuko.

>> No.744314

I have to get around to netplaying again to see if my Iku strategy really works or not. Probably not.

>> No.744320
File: 13 KB, 206x125, 1212394494633.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
Hosting from Atlanta, GA, USA.
No weather mod on right now.
Intermediate+ Yukari, Intermediate- Everyone else.

>> No.744322

She's a great melee fighter if you use her right.

>> No.744342

You missed the entire undertone of my statement. The game consists of 14 Good characters and 1 Bad character. If I had to place one in the 14th spot of GOOD characters, it'd either be Youmu or Patchi

Just MHO

Side-note: How'd those barriers work out for you?

>> No.744357

>She's a great melee fighter if you use her right.
>Once again, she's SWRs version of IaMPs Yuyuko.

I know.

>> No.744366
File: 23.00 MB, 1074x3006, 1210138331638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Magi, this is swedish.

Videos are done uploading, they're processing right now. I'll post a link in this thread when they're available.

>> No.744370

Bad character? It must be a tight rice between Komachi and Reisen, then. Time will tell.

>> No.744377

I really wish the AI in this wasn't such shit. High-level beginner here and Lunatic might as well be EASY MODO. The only way to practice is netplay.

>> No.744388


I can't even reliably beat Normal mode story.

If you can host, fancy a go at it?

>> No.744407

GG, anon.

But if you just spam Patchouli's 5C over and over, it gets really, really easy to fish for cheap hits.



>> No.744408

You're better at grazing than myself. DRAGONFORCE LASERSPAM OF DOOM rapes whatever hopes I have of 1ccing Normal mode. I could do it with Sakuya no problem, if only Yuyuko wasn't apart of her storyline. Reimu has Komachi, and Marisa has... I can't remember who destroyed me as Marisa, probably doing stupid shit against Aya, I bet.

>> No.744410
File: 222 KB, 1000x900, 1212385702039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you want to use Iku properly, learn to fly and use her j.2A properly. She works somewhat like Alice: always try to keep enemies within striking range of the tip of your scarf.

Her Drill Punch and Scarf Whip special attacks are great for frametrapping opponents. Stagger your combos and punish your opponents for attempting to escape from the corner or graze your bullets to attack you. Once you get them extremely paranoid of Iku's range, you control the game with her.

All of her bullets save probably 2C are useful to her. 5C sticks around for a long time, and if you can get an opponent to block it, fly towards them to get within striking range of her melee.

Also, don't forget her invaluable skillcards; the one that replaces 22BC and summons a tracking lightning strike from the heavens on you or your opponent, and either of the ones that replace 214BC. The one that shoots a whole shitload of lightning bolts behind Iku and then rushes at the opponent is my favorite, but the other skillcard is a pretty good replacement as well.

>> No.744419

I think patchy is easy to use, it all boils down to fly to the ceiling and spam C.

Remilia is also a beginner character.

Suika and Iku are some of the harder to play characters imho.

>> No.744442
File: 305 KB, 1000x1200, reisen cute wink ribbons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm more or less maining reisen now. The only problem I've been having is that she doesn't seem to have any viable mid screen combos.


>> No.744449

>learn to fly

And THAT would be why I'm stuck as an intermediate player.

>> No.744461

I would hardly consider story mode to be good practice for anything other than grazing HOLY FUCK BULLET SPAM SUPER ARMOR FINAL DESTINATION. I can't reliably beat that shit. I meant arcade. Y'know, actual balanced tests of skill between two opponents. Like netplay. You don't need good AI to fire lasers in all directions at once while being near impervious to attacks.

Sorry Reaper, can't host.

>> No.744472


>> No.744488

I haven't noticed ANY difference in AI in 'lunatic' arcade. No difference at all, from what I can see.

Also, the AI is usually harder than most everyone I face for me. Sometimes even harder than people like Magister.

>> No.744505

is there a way to let the cpu block in practice mode?

>> No.744514
File: 139 KB, 622x849, 1204479578979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.744557

Options menu lets you set the CPU to block high, low, all, or some of your attacks.

>> No.744564

I tried everything but it doesn't work. Well I can't read moon. But so far no success.

>> No.744572

nvm I just did it, thanks tho!

>> No.744602

Look for the one that says ガード.

GGs, Snails. I suck.

>> No.744620

GG before connection crapped out on us. Man, that had to be my worst Marisa and Yuyuko I've ever displayed.

>> No.744633
File: 79 KB, 500x852, reisen pastel watercolour skirt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GGs indeed. My reisen clearly needs a lot of work.


>> No.744641

GGs Chrissah.

>> No.744643

Haha I suck ass, I need to practice more

>> No.744643,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.744643,2 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.744643,3 [INTERNAL] 


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