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Any idea why Zun changes eye colors for alot of characters over the years? Youmu, Sakuya, etc. I'm not saying anything's wrong with it (I mean just look at the TH9 Sakuya, much cuter than TH6 Sakuya). Just curious.

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I guess he kind of forgets, or something.

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Sakuya's case is special she tends to change her eye color a lot.
See in the fighting games whenever she uses a special move her eyes turn red.

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They're actually different characters, so there are minor discrepancies.
What you think are names are in reality just titles.

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Zun changes hairstyles and clothes over the years.

When you drink as much alcohol as he does remembering those silly details is not easy.

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ZUN likes to change Cirno's ribbon

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he realized his fans would argue about anything

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Youmu also got a change from red to blue eyes, for IN. I guess zun wanted to change her image. Soften her harsh appearance, perhaps.

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Forgets once and then never forgets again? By the way I think I remember ZUN giving a good reason for the eye color changes in Youmu. The redness in her eyes in TH7 was due to her being in the ghost world, and when she journey's out of Hakugyokurou, her eyes adapt to become more human like.

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She actually had red in her Last Word.

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ZUN likes to change her hairstyle. Well, rather he allows other shit drawers to change cirno from wavy/curly hair to straight retarded downward spikes. Pic related, retardedness.

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Couldn't give less of a fuck about it.

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You say ZUN, yet you post alphes.

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look at that eyebrows

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Why is that Cirno so fat? At least ZUN keeps his girls bad drawn but thin.
This one is too horrible.

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Makoto = babyfat, get used to it.

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No, that's wrong.

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Sorry, wrong page.

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Dude have you not seen Mama marisa? But in all honesty I don't think ZUN's characters are that thin either... i mean just look at the chubby cheeks of OP's sakuya. although in UFO onwards, the girls have gone anorexic, makoto is the only reason for us to have hope. Pic related, TD marisa with her skinny arms behind her back could learn a thing or two from Mama marisa.

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Mega Man/ Rockman syndrome, pretty common with video games characters.

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At least Makoto is better than the artist of Wild and Horned Hermit.

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nostalgia'd hard.

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>ZUN keeps his girls bad drawn but thin.


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And now for something completely different.

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I'm not used to seeing Makoto draw the girls looking lewd or exposed, so that picture really shocked me when I saw Makoto's style on Reimu's face. Having recovered from that shock, I must have the source please Hong!

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Seriously? Eye color? THAT'S the retconning you're worried about?

You know Reimu used to have a robot maid.

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Baby fat, they say.

Not even any hag fat there. Perfect, beautiful bodies.

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Last I checked, Seihou is not canon. stfu about the robot maid

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what a horrid art style

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Baby fat, they say...

Not even any hag fat there. Perfect, beautiful bodies.

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[くらっしゅハウス] 幻想水没譚 其ノ一

There's Sunny in it too.

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>Last I checked, Seihou is not canon. stfu about the robot maid
That's PoDD, you fucking turd.

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Pregnant Reimu. Can't unsee

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robot maid?? explain???

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Reported for cyberbullying.

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dat chen

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Thanks for this wonderful material Hong.

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This is required knowledge, but search for ruukoto.

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If I could...

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There should be a "Let me Touhou Wiki that for you" website.

Just search 'robot maid,' c'mawn man.

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what happened to her, or is she just assumed to be in the background in later games.

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Same thing that happened to all the other PoDD characters.

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Wiped out in the big pre-Windows purge.

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