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who is this filthy gaijin and why is he with zun

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me on the right

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Welcome to last week.

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He is the Western Zun. "Zun Ace"

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Zun sounds really drunk in this video. ;_;

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>With a gaijin

What is this?!
I thought ZUN hated westerners. One of the reasons why he won't allow any company to officially translate his games.

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Sort of looks like namasensei.

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See >>7419011

Hanging out with this gaijin pig was like Zun's equivalent of a drunken one night stand.

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He hates everything official, not independent.

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is ZUN a queer?

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Is anyone supposed to know who that is?

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Is it Roundhouse?

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I think he's the guy on youtube who yells about learning japanese and people think is funny.

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you'd better get out of /jp/

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Sounds like a real beacon of shit for these >>7419428 asshats.

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I find it surprising that you don't know who he is. But I'm more surprised by the fact that no one here knows who that guy next to ZUN is.

He's helped in the art of several games, and is one of ZUN's close friends. I've never heard of his name, but he's living the weeaboo dream of living in Japan and working on Doujinsoft.

ZUN cancelled the Touhou anime for the same reasons he does not encourage official translations. He's what /g/ would call "a freetard".

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It's the pasty nerd on youtube who puts on a tough guy persona, drinks fake beer and thinks using "fuck" after every word constitutes comedy.


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He never cancelled any anime. He just asked them nicely to change the name of their product.

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>ZUN cancelled the Touhou anime

You can't cancel something that's never been planned in the first place.

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If you don't know his name how do you know all of this?

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>I thought ZUN hated westerners.
I wanted to give him a hug...or at least a hearty handshake one day

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>I thought ZUN hated westerners.
Gonna need a source on that.

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>No westerners in Touhou
It's a start

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Half of the cast is blond haired. Japanese do not blond hair.

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Ok, um...
Alice Margatroid, Remillia Scarlet, Flandre Scarlet, Patchouli Knowledge would all like a word with you.
And that's just off the top of my head.

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Isn't Marisa Western or at least westaboo?
I thought the reason Zun calls himself "Shanghai Alice" is because Shanghai is a city where east and west meet, and he wants to have that reflected in his titles.
Marisa = West
Reimu = East

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I want to do shots of bracardi 151 with ZUN

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She's a westaboo, yeah.

>the oriental western magician

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"Shanghai Alice" encompasses the blend of oriental and western aesthetics along with fantasy
They are cartoon characters and cartoon have all sort of hair colors.
Pic is too blury.

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Marisa is a Western kind of Witch

also, Scarlet Devil Mansion

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Maribel is a foreigner.

Your point is invalid.

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>Dresses like a western-style witch
>Sticks her nose into other people's business
>Marisa has european origins (or zun coud have misspelled Melissa or Maria)
>Believes everything is about POWER

Pic related, it's her dad.

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Jeremy Clarkson is in Gensokyo?

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It was a challenge.

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It's not a misspell:

Marisa = マリサ-> mah r/li sa -> write as an l instead of r because of Japanese grammar = Malisa ~ Melissa.

They don't have an 'l' sound, so it's approximated with the ら row. So her name is validly Melissa.

Also, Reimu's name is validly 'Lame' in English. (レイム= Leimu = Lay m (u is almost silent) .

This is, of course, based on the kanji pronunciation; bit it is allowable in Japanese to simply 'decide' how a kanji is pronounced (like how can in Japanese = 缶 = kann), so he may have done this on purpose.

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But.....where I live Marisa is a legit name

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Oh, anonymous. Don't spread lies.

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Wait, wait, wait. Is there anyone seriously thinking that's not a real name? Fuck, I had a crush on a girl called Marissa.

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Marisa is actually a real Spanish name.

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Went to prom with a girl named Marissa.

Last name started with a K, no less.

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Pardon me for knowing sod-all about the Japanese language, but you're saying that a letter can be said however one damn well feels like? Why bother with them in the first place?

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The name Marisa showed up in a radio Chase commercial a week or two ago.

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He's trolling.

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Not a letter. It's more like deriving different pronunciations/meanings based on a single word. For example:
Read: to pull information from the written word.
Read: to have pulled information from the written word in the past.
They are 'written' the same, but are pronounced differently and mean different things.

They generally avoid doing this because it'd make the language confusing as shit, but it is allowable (like light's name in Deathnote). It's generally used for foreign words that become ingrained into the literature/science/when someone wants to sound fancy.

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I think that's the interview where ZUN says he wants to open a bar. But I've never seen a translation.

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Lost post? Fitting captcha to go with: you'll afaile



For more fun tidbits:

Japan had it's own native spoken language before China gave them kanji. They spent the next ~400 years bashing their spoken language with the Chinese written language until they reached something similar to Japanese today. (So, the idea of giving kanji to foreign 'words' isn't really new, it's kinda how it started).
However, before that, they would actually write in Chinese, and then 'mark' the sentence based on how it should be read in Japanese (because Japanese is SOV and Chinese is SVO like English). So, in order to read a document, you'd have to be fluent in both written Chinese and spoken Japanese.
Confusing as FUCK.

Also, Japan = じっぽん and is the Chinese pronunciation of 日本 (Nippon or Nihon depending on your pronunciation choice).

But, it does seem ZUN has some understanding of English, or is very good with a translator, because some of the English titles are disconnected from their Japanese counterparts yet still make sense in English.

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Well, in order to program you have to have a semi-decent understanding with English, since all of the keywords are English, and probably most of the documentation for anything is English as well.
But yeah, it's pretty clear ZUN knows English even better than just programming would require.

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I know a lot of Marisa in Brazil, it's a common name
In the pic, a popular department store

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So... have you been inside Marisa?

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yes, buying panties

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>people arguing over Marisa's name
>people arguing over Marisa's name

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I'm not sure there's any arguing.
It seems like:
>Ah. but did you know MORE facts!
>Additional facts!
No contradictory statements.
Simply building off of eachother.

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Off by 1 what a baka

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Wait, you guys do know that Marisa is a real name right? In just about every country?