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Tewi is asking you to stop making lewd threads about her.

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Tewi's butt.

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Quit it!

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you made this on purpose didn't you OP?

if you're going to start a thread about this moonbitch then post that picture of her giving a footjob.

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You may as well ask the sun not to shine.

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Is she your waifu, OP? If so you are fucking delusional.

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What's the difference?

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disregard, I read the last part as
>or are you fucking delusional?

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Why stop making lewd threads about her when she herself is so very lewd?

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It is fine to admire Tewi.
Even though she is my waifu I shall permit your adoration.
No touching though.

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You stop tormenting Reisen, I'll stop making lewd threads.

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>taking orders from someone 1400 years your junior
Tewi is pretty beta

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i'd ram dat ass at full force

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Reisen is a filthy moon slut. She deserves it.

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err tewi is a loli and i aint going to jail for being a lolicon.

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Tewi is a healthy young woman with a toned and taut body from a lifestyle that gets plenty of exercise and eating well with plenty of vegetables.

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tewi is the only viable eientei character

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What are you on

Because you need more of it