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I love hags

Whatcha gonna do about it?

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Watcha gonna do
Watcha gonna do
When they come for you.

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Agree with you

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Why would I do anything about it? Keep on loving.

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Why so agreeable /jp/... today I am full of testosterone so I hoped someone would disagree so we could fight!

Now I will have to find another outlet.

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I am going to ask you to post more images of said hags

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There's no need to fight. I'm fine with your preferences, and might say I even share some of them. I hope you have fun letting out whatever energy you have.

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Top 5 hags

Yakumo Yukari
Katsuragi Misato
Akagi Ritsuko
Touwa Meme


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...actually replace Meme with Byakuren

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Delicious hags makes the organ in my pants VERY very happy.

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I support this.
fucking saved.

Yukari is the greatest hag, with Byakuren a close runner up.

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So... what about Kazami Yuuka?

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too young, take your non-hag somewhere else

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Hmm... I love them too.