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Stop it you erotic bunny. Being that sexy is against the law.

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I'd happily pleasure her vagina with my penis.

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deformed tei thread she doesnt even look like the original which is a black haired with red eyes

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'the fuck did you say?

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Black hair tends to morph into brown.

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but it looks horrible in most cases

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That's what your parents say about you.

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Why did you post Aya? Now I want to post Aya, too.

This picture made me fall in love with her all over again. It also makes me a bit sad, though.

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lol butts

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She's sorry.
Can't she get off with a warning this time officer?

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So sexy.

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i think you just gave me a huge boner after severely fucking with my childhood.

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fuck the police

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Well this is getting strange.

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Got a bigger version?

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She told me she was a thousand years old, officer.

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>/b/ bookmarked
>Sign in to Twitter

How did you even find this board?

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It could be worse.

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What's the story behind this pic?

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> She told me she was a thousand years old, officer.


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There is no story behind it. I just took a random screen cap.

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Sorry, didn't mean to bump. Here is a picture to make up.

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Is she saying it's ok to be a lolicon or something? I don't read moon.

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Danbooru says "You damn lolicons ❤".

Also, why the shit did I try to scroll.

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I hate that fucking rabbit.

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Don't feel bad, i did the same thing.

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such a little sex pot.

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You don't fuck Tewi. Tewi fucks you.

Seriously, if I saw Tewi smiling, i'd run. If I saw her smiling at me, I'd beg for the mercy i know would not come.

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You know Tewi's a slut because she's barefoot. Having exposed feet is like being naked.

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"Oh hey, you found your way out of the bamboo forest. How... fortunate.


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I'd give feed her my carrot if you know what I mean.

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Yeah, me too.

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With this thread and the Cineria thread, I will have plenty of material to masturbate to all night.

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man it's going to be fucking awkward to be you guys when you come out of the 'erotic haze' of your masturbation and realize you've been pursuing something which literally doesn't exist

i mean you guys complain about women being too hard or too scary or whatever dumb bullshit excuse but it's hilarious that you turn down insight and even the slightest chance of a meaningful relationship to beat off to something that will 100% never ever exist

what sort of genius, when presented the choice between ever-so-slight chance of success and guaranteed failure, goes for failure? really now

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>you guys complain about women being too hard or too scary or whatever

This isn't /a/.

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it's even goddamn worse

so uh while i have your attention you mind explaining?? or you just gonna jack off and carefully cover that opportunity for insight in a shower of shit and semen

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No, because we have better things to do than humor trolls.

Actually, we don't, but this one doesn't seem particularly interesting.

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See this? This is less annoying than the girl you like.

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We like to jack off.

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here we go again...

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I actually don't sexualize her. That may be because I don't think about her too much though. And when I do it's not in that way.

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My logic is that if I'm going to masturbate to anything, I'm going to masturbate to something I like. I don't think anyone masturbates to something they don't like.

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so do you not like real women? explain further


do you merely collect pictures of this creature? an odd pursuit

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You have much to learn.

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Drawings have things in them that are the most appealing to me, therefore I masturbate to drawings.

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these things would be...?

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You don't have to prove your love to your beloved waifu to this troll. Just ignore him.

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love like this can only form between two consenting adults

it does not include children, it certainly does not include pictures of children and it most definitely does not include absolutely fictional children

plus it is difficult to describe the relationship as one of marriage given the only theme ascribed to these is sexual


this is very vague and unhelpful

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Now go away. We don't come and bother you, you don't come and bother us.

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i've cut out a bunch of stoner philosophy qua religion from this summary

>'The proper waifu is a wholesome supplement for one's intrinsic need for belonging and purpose. One generally discovers his waifu after a disillusionment in the three-dimensional world, particularly after some form of romantic rejection. If one is into the otaku culture, a waifu is an alternative to the uncaring and sometimes unreachable 3D. However, this is where our first and perhaps most major misconception of waifu crops up.'

so first he asserts it is okay without evidence of that fact and then ties it to rejection from '3d'. so 'waifu' is escapism (which is bad) talk about shooting your own horse out from under you

>Think of how she might perceive it, or even of how a 3D female might.

you've already rejected '3d' and 'she' is a 2d figure, she doesn't think anything. anthromorphising things is also extremely unhealthy (yes this extends to people who use pets as surrogate children)

>The healthy man knows he is imagining his waifu, and accepts this. He revels in these fantasies, yet accepts they are fantasy.

this excuse gets wheeled out for p. much everything sexual these days and it didn't work with them either

oh stoner philosophy on what love is and how you can never truly know anybody, not worth bothering with

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Out of the two choices of being horribly physically ill and fapping to Tewi, I'll chose fapping to Tewi every time.

What I'm trying to say is that I literally cannot have sex without running to the toilet to vomit... Adult women are absolutely revolting.

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I'm going to post some Reisen.

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She's also an erotic bunny.

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Of course that's not to say Tewi isn't a fine adult woman... She's just far more tolerable and aesthetically pleasing. Basically, I can only get off to cute and colorful things.

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This appears to be a Tewi only thread.

Although Reisen happens to be the sexiest Touhou in my eyes.

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>The viewing of pornography when one has a waifu is not wrong, and I will elucidate why.

that this even arose as a problem somebody sat down and thought about boggles the mind

>To put it in simple terms, it should be treated as love made with your wife, whereas pornographic characters are treated as mere hookers.

no really what in God's name is this, you'd think somebody was trolling if it weren't so relentlessly and sadly earnest

>Anyone who you tell will likely be unable to understand. If they are close to you, they may fear for your sanity and ask you to seek help, becoming personally upset and embroiled in your choice of lifestyle.

if you are honestly writing out screeds like this or agreeing with them then yes they are right to fear for your sanity

>The healthy man keeps his affections to himself, not because he is shamed because of them. If he is, 2D is not for him, for he has not accepted it into himself. He keeps his affections to himself because he knows that no one will understand

the same justifications are used for any number of mental illnesses and they rang equally hollow there

>Live, and forever daydream of you and she. This delusion is not at all wrong, rather it is necessary, because we are human. All too human.

alternately stop justifying your illness and seek help - claiming you are 'simply human' is not even a good excuse

not a single argument was advanced, not a single good excuse was used

also fuck you for making me read this trash

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I have no idea if the greentexts posts in this thread are the same person or even related to the thread, but I've gone ahead and reported them since the formatting of them is distrupting the flow of the thread.

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Post some rabbit tits please

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now why would you do that

i suppose working your scroll wheel is too much exercise

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To me there are a few characters that come before Reisen when compared in terms of sexiness.

I just happen to have very little Tewi pics, and as I've just now learned, seemingly less Reisen pics.

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i would see a doctor about this

but i am fairly certain you are simply lying and that your disgust towards women is more about the fact that you cannot treat them as chattels

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I really hate to say it, but you're wrong. I get pretty nauseated just looking at hardcore pornography. It's not something I need to see a doctor about... I just can't stand the filthy pigs.

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you say i am wrong then prove me right by referring to women as 'filthy pigs'

your misogyny is showing, as are your issues. it's sad you had to invent a condition to justify them

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I should probably also add that I don't have any issues interacting with women in a professional setting, but I'll push them away if they get too close...metaphorically speaking of course.
It doesn't happen very often... Twice within the last 10 years, I have had to no-so-politely turn down two women. They were both pretty scary shark-like women, and had kids... It makes me break out into a cold sweat just thinking about it again.

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seems more like you have issues with intimacy and responsibility than with women... well, apart from the 'filthy pigs' comment

now why would you fear these two things

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>intimacy and responsibility

Typical insensitive response from someone playing armchair psychologist. I'm done with you.

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you never really engaged in the first place and you will never get better if you continue being defensive

perhaps you lack the potential for such insights or are not brave enough to grasp them by yourself. help would ameliorate this

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Excuse me Mr. Troll, I really like what your doing here and I just wanted to say that I respectfully disagree about your conjectures involving . . You know, I don't even realize what this conversation devolved into. But irregardless, I disagree. Have a nice day sir.

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We only need to live long enough until the Singularity. Or at least direct brain interfaces. Then, due to substrate independence of personhood and consciousness our waifus will be real.

I'm totaly serious about this. This year I finish college and I plan to find a part-time job, just for self-substenance, and dedicate the rest of my time to learn mathematics and AI, and so help the project in any way I can.

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question do you believe in religion or do you find it ridiculous

because the singularity is basically the rapture for atheists and manages to be even more incredibly hilarious and sad than any religious end-times event

>> No.7436253


I'm a total atheist. And yes a lot of people use the Singularity as a replacement for religion because of the superficial similarity, but you can see there is nothing supernatural or mystical with intelligence explosion (no, I don't buy Kurzweil's take on the Singularity either)

>> No.7436270


there's nothing really superficial about it given 'hard AI' is absolutely impossible

Atheists certainly invent a lot of religions for themselves which daren't speak their own names

>> No.7436302


I don't see why hard AI is impossible. We are intelligent, purely material beings, after all.

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Atheism is in itself a religion.
It requires that you unconditionally believe that a higher power does not exist even if they have no hard proof. Just like actual religionfags. They both have faith on things you can't really prove outright.

They don't just want to admit to it.

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I find you ridiculous. You're such a sad person.
I hope you're disabled, or something like that.