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SWR thread, the old one is on autosage.

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Pic no related

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no weather US west

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You can do no weather now?

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Beginner, US West, Using Reimu Exclusively for the time being.

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I know you Ausfags are up. Let's go

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Man, sorry for the lag. GG though.

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too fucking tired, been up all night.

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IRC Tornyfags use a modified exe to stop it.

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I have not played much versus but do you even get weather in stages like Patchy's library?

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Yeah, I checked mizuumi.

I'd rather just get rid of no melee and superarmour. They're the only gamebreakers imo.

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You do, but there's no visual effect.

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No melee is GOOD!

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no melee, and super armor can be a hinder. but it forces players to flip their tactics and patterns differently. so average players wouldnt get raped in the first 10 seconds of the game.

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Fuck you. You've got more than enough ways to keep someone out of melee already.

And your 6C fucking hurts.

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Aya is worse, IMO spamming [j]B and [j]C
They do at least 1/5 HP bar drain last time I tried

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It really just forces people who benefit from them to spam, and people who don't to graze until it ends. I think the first major patch with either rework or remove them.

Turning it off is still stupid though, suck it up!

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US West - Intermediate leveled.

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Yuyuko's ability to run away and rely on her LOL BULLET WALLS AND HOMING GHOSTS is ridiculous.

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US West Coast

Hard mode Komachi, Normal (still learning) mode Alice.

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You just can't handle intermediate-level gameplay.

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still hostan'

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GGs whoever. It felt like I was playing Lazy Reaper.

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You were.

That last one was great, I accidentally hit spellcard at the beginning and couldn't tell which skill it was. It turned out it was the skill card I had been waiting for each Yuyuko match. PERFECT COUNTER to that damn corner flip butterfly homing ghost combo shit.

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Just so you know, Yuyuko's homing ghosts ARE ridiculous. First of all, you CANNOT cancel the 2C ones out with other danmaku. Second, she jumps as she does it, and they home, so as they're coming at a downward angle towards you and you're grazing them, Yuyuko is in the air.

You on the ground + Yuyuko in the air= worst fucking situation imaginable.

At this point, you can do a few things if she's still in the animation for shooting them.

1. If you have a graze attack with a high hitbox (Aya/Reimu's 66C, Youmu's 623C) then you can dash and hit her out of it. If you whiff, prepare to eat fan.
2. Fly above her and get a better vantage point than she has. This is still bad, as nobody really has better air game than Yuyuko, even though it was somewhat nerfed in SWR. From here, it's not a good idea to engage her directly; rather you just take the higher ground and hope for an opening afterwards.
3. Die.

So if you complain about Yuyuko, you have plenty of reason to. That shit is honestly tough to deal with.

In other news, hosting:

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man, they are complaining about yuyuko now? I was maining her all this time.

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Go no weather Magister.

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One of Komachi's alternate 236 skills is a good counter. Actually, both might be, I'd have to check.

One spawns a ghost from the right side of the screen. Hard to react to if you're against the wall, as it spawns in you. The other is a very long range scythe swing that should theoretically knock her out of it, but I haven't had a chance to try it, since it's useless in almost all matchups.

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hosting, US,

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Bah didn't get there in time.
Hosting from Atlanta, GA, USA.
Intermediate+ Yukari, Intermediate- Most everyone else.
Testing out no weather mod, so use it.

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GG, sorry for the shitty fight, the lag completely killed me.

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GGs, Anonymous.

Hosting No Weather.

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I hope you'll still play actual weather sometime, it would be fun to play you again after I've found myself a couple new combos(That aren't on the wiki, that is).

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Nobody wants China patched in more than Udonge.

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Like I said, I'll play either, you just have to ask.

Also, any suggestions on a new character to learn?

I dislike heavy danmaku/setup characters, so no Alice/Yuyuko/Patchy/Marisa.

Yes, I consider Marisa to be a heavy danmaku character.

Still hosting No Weather.

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It is a mystery.

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ggs, rehosting

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GGs, I got owned.

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"Help me, Eirin-sama ;_;"

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I bet Reisen can't do this

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She's gunna get raped

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I can't play for shit with a 2 year old jumping on me every 5 seconds.

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ggs, rehosting

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Ugh, that was brutal. Combos fucking everywhere. GGs.

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ggs, rehosting

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ggs. Got really laggy in the last few matches.
Why you lie in your post. Your Alice is way, way, way, way better than your Komachi.

>> No.741242 EU

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Fun games, Alice vs. Alice is a shitstorm!

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Sorry, laaaaag.

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www, you are very good at defensive style

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still hosting

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im not to good with that bunny girl, she kinda sucks but i still like using her lol

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Let me know if you can't connect.

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Can't connect

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What, put a book on her head?

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Thanks for the games

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ggs, thanks for the games as well

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Ouch, GGs. I was pummeled.

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741349 West Coast US (California)


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Well, I've decided to quit SWR for a couple reasons:
1. Alice
2. Yukari
3. Yuyuko
Alice is lol can hit you while you're comboing her, has as much melee range as Suika's 6C, can do 2500 dmg PROJECTILE combos.
Yukari's projectiles have WAY TOO MUCH PRIORITY, being beaten out only by Yuyuko from what I've seen. She also has an unblockable teleport attack, and a spell card (train) that's a GUARANTEED 4k damage if you fall down, and it's just about the only spell card in the game that can be guaranteed hit without doing it in a combo, thus avoiding proration completely.
Yuyuko is like LOLOL PATCHY FIREBALL SPAM, except it lasts twice as long and she has better melee on top of that too.
And these are, of course, 3 of the most popular characters. These 3 have made up better than half of all the games I've played of SWR in the last 2 days. I quit. The game isn't fuckin fun anymore.

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Someone host me, I cant host, want to play, dead IRC channels, etc.

I usually get better results with West coast.

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GG, so good for me

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ggs, rehosting

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And nothing of value was lost.

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Jesus, are people blind?

Either you've gotten better, I've gotten worse, or I shouldn't play while eating.

>> No.741413

And nothing of value was lost.

>> No.741414

Not you again, fucking Komachi j.2As all over again.
Kicked your ass, so goddamn predictable it's frustrating.

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USA West Coast

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Anyone got that pic of Reisen with a pancake on her head?


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still hosting

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Surprised it took this long for the fighting game RAGE to show up.

>> No.741436

Hosting. Novice Marisa.

Please just pick your main and stay with it. I think I learn better if people aren't switching characters every round.

>> No.741439

Not like Komachi has any other way to get close without being beat in the fucking face. You're way too good with that damned SUPER GRAZE melee attack. A blocked j.2a is the best way to get into a good melee combo against them if they block it, which you can usually turn into a hit, or at the least put pressure on them.

If you think you know a better way to get close with Komachi that isn't 'wait for them to come to you', tell me.

>> No.741443

Maybe don't play Komachi? IMO, she's even worse than Reisen.

>> No.741446

Maybe you should follow vvav.

>> No.741448

GGs Magister. I can't help but feel Reimu's air to air priority is just a little bit out of whack after playing that, especially given its overwhelming range. But it was good practice. I lost almost entirely due to being at a 10:1 or greater air to air disadvantage, so I learned a lot.

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GGs, Dimglow.

You know, it's weird. Usually when I fight someone better than I am, I can play a little better than usual, but against you, I was playing like an idiot. I ran into things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Yukarin's spin thing? WAAAY too much priority, reach, invincibility frames on startup, grazes, and all that good shit. Haet that.

>> No.741464

Hell I thought Reimu was more ridiculous than that move due to the fact she actually jumped in and -hit- Yukari in the middle of it. But really what the hell is up with that overwhelming jumping A poke? It may as well have invuln against Yukari in the air.

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I like playing as Komachi, so I think I'll stick with her than switch to a cheaper character. I also like SWR, and being beaten and having my tactics beaten just means I have to learn new ones, which is good in general and gives me more variety to use.

>> No.741476

Anyone know if there's an easier way to input short jump -> 6A? I can't seem to get it down. (Using Reimu, btw).

>> No.741478

Then do that instead of bitching about it nonstop.

>> No.741480

and discarding every bit of help people give you.

>> No.741481

..I don't?

Randomly butthurt anon is butthurt.

>> No.741484


I'm just sick of hearing you bitch, goddamn. Not even the Reisenfags whine as much.

>> No.741489

..I don't whine?

..You lost me.

>> No.741494

Balancing a fightan game is hard and there hasn't even been a gameplay patch yet. Just suck it up until one comes, you won't get better sulking in the corner.

>> No.741495

Best way I know of is 96a. Jump forward, then slide to 6 and hit a. Other than that, it's just a matter of timing.

>> No.741501

Anyone hosting yet?

>> No.741506

I haven't seen a single other Yukari player. Also you really ought to be much more concerned about the real powerhouses like Aya and Reimu.

>> No.741508 ec

>> No.741510

Yeah you do.

>> No.741522

A lot.

>> No.741525

GG wish I could have beaten you at least once. Now I gotta go practice with Youmu.

>> No.741526

It's funny because your SAME PERSON bitching is far more annoying than any 'whining' I do. Which I don't see any of.

>> No.741527

ggs, dont worry, keep at it and you'll progress

>> No.741529

Trust me, I get frustrated with these kinds of things, too, but you have to learn to get around them somehow.

I've had Alice problems since the first demo, and I've since gotten past that; Yuyuko was a bitch at first, and now I can hold my own against Armando's. That one player that flies to the top of the screen with Patchy and spams j.Cs all day really taught me to time my flying and attacking. Now I have this problem with Yukari's 623B/C(I'm guessing that's the command) spin, but I'm sure I'll overcome it eventually.

Don't give up, man.

It's got reach, but no priority. Youmu's elbow and Aya's kick have ridiculous amounts of both.

It's somewhat more difficult to do since TW due to LOL HUEG startup time. I still do HJC86 rolls to do it.

>> No.741531

>don't see any of
>Not like Komachi has any other way to get close without being beat in the fucking face. You're way too good with that damned SUPER GRAZE melee attack

>> No.741532

To be completely fair, they tuned up her C from 'really good' in IaMP to 'near ridiculous' in SWR.

On the other note, Reimu's j.a has about as much range as Yukari's j.a and is significantly faster. You're almost always going to lose that one.
Only way you're going to beat it consistently is a j.c right in the face, or possibly a well timed j.6a.

>> No.741534


nice games nice.

am I getting better with reisen than komachi or what?

anyways, that aya is stone pressure is pretty good.

>> No.741544

Aya stone pressure? What?

Well I will do give you props for a decent Komachi/Reisen player though, good games. Now for my chili.

>> No.741549

ggs. I needed that. I'm a horrible Remifag but I have no idea how the fuck to use Yukari.

>> No.741554 EU

>> No.741555

as yukari, abuse her spinning thing. its her best one.

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oh wait, I mean iku, whatever that celestial girl with peaches is.

>> No.741558

If you must know, >>741413, >>741446, >>741478, and >>741480 are me. Do I really have to take up a trip over this?

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>> No.741567

Youmu's elbow has been infuriating since IaMP, and my friend mained her so I'm used that. But that was the first time I've seen a decent Reimu so cheers for that. It really opens your eyes to see the difference in characters that can blockstring well and those that can't. Yukari's weak air melee and weak spirit damage on projectiles (most actually cost more spirit to perform than they inflict on enemy) are going to be major hurdles against good defensive players.

>> No.741589

Yeah, Yukari's C is one of the best if not the best in the game, borderline overpowered so. j.6A has horrendous startup and a deceptively poor hitbox. j.A is also a little slow and awkward but is your best bet. j.C as anti air is a bad idea as it will deadzone to an extent at pointblank, especially if cornered.
I updated Yukari's wiki last night with some information. If someone would put the pictures/names up of her spellcards I'd fill those in too.

>> No.741591

No, nobody cares.

>> No.741595

Lol Alice only gets damage because you HJ and she 6C's you in the face in the corner.

Yukari's teleport is NOT unblockable, you're blocking WRONG.

Maybe if you didn't spam j.2A you'd actually be a challenge to Easy Mode.
VS Yuyuko, learn to hit her BEFORE she sets up ghosts or start grazing.

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>having my tactics beaten just means I have to learn new ones

Then stop using the same readable tactics again and again.

I can always tell you're going for a Komachi j.2A, so I can just smack you out of it by flying up with Iku and doing j.6A or timing a 623C scarf whip.

>A blocked j.2a is the best way to get into a good melee combo against them if they block it, which you can usually turn into a hit, or at the least put pressure on them.

Well it doesn't really matter if a j.2A can lead to a (bad and escapable) pressure string if I can see it coming from a mile away and able to hit you out of it. At least cover your advance with coins or spirits.

Komachi isn't a bad character, I've had one give my Iku trouble but only because he was playing smarter.

>> No.741602

can anyone host?

>> No.741607

Most Certainly
Intermediate- difficulty. East Coast

>> No.741617

They're not unblockable, but there have been three or four times when I should have been able to block her ground teleport, but got hit instead. I'm starting to think that you can't block her ground teleport if you're in the air.

>> No.741618

Even Iku's default 22B/C owns Komachi j.2A

Pretty much if you throw something that goes ABOVE or AROUND you you can stop it.

>> No.741620



Shit, wait, I already did. I do not run away. I will not ever play like that, it's disgusting and cowardly. Spirits will only get you hit in the face for a 2000+ damage combo. I'd rather not lose 1/5 of my health every time I so much as want to try using a single spirit or the ridiculously bad coins.

I've tried a dozen times over to incorperate spirits and coins into how I play, and every single time it just gets me beat the fuck up and I lose the match because of it. There's a point where you give up trying to use something. You surely wouldn't touch something that has shocked you a dozen times over just to see if it wouldn't shock you this time, would you?

>> No.741623


You can block it in the air, but you have to make sure you're not moving toward or away her just be in the air holding 4.

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>> No.741633

hosting again,, US

>> No.741634

>VS Yuyuko, learn to hit her BEFORE she sets up ghosts or start grazing.
Easier said than done nigger.

>> No.741644

gg, carl kessel.

>> No.741648

Now that you mention it I don't think I've seen it blocked in the air. Part of the reason behind that is her hitbox is only her lower body, almost no one has that sharp of a downward attack. Another thing is that if an opponent is airborne on exit the ground teleport has different ranges (relative to starting position instead of opponent) letting you pop up behind. But it also means you can lose control of the move and end up a screen length's off target.

>> No.741663

Any number not 1, 2 or 3 and D is not hard. OR...Try being BEHIND Yuyuko? You can dash UP and DOWN you know.

>> No.741673


>> No.741674

Homing ghosts will follow you from the very bottom of the screen to the very top, and hit a full bodylength behind her.

>> No.741676

GGs. Weather got a bit ridiculous in the last match.

lol no melee to instacrush weather like three times in a row.

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>> No.741708

I didn't say to run away. And if you think running away is a "cowardly tactic", prepare to lose against smarter (and not necessarily advanced) players. There's times when you don't have the advantage, and you should be scrambling away to get yourself in a favorable position. You see me both launching an offensive and running like a bitch.

And learn to use Komachi's coins and spirits effectively. Know when it's the right time to use them or not; if you have no projectiles to cover your advance, I have absolutely no fear of getting CH by projectiles while smacking you. If you have coins or a spirit trailing in front of you in the air, I either have to

1) Graze it, which will undoubtedly get me hit by your scythe

2) Block, which gives you an advantage. THEN you can start doing a (better) string.

>> No.741718

ggs, rehosting

>> No.741722

Damn, you are awesome, GG. I cried tears of rage when my aya special didn't connect well twice. You are clearly better than me...

>> No.741724

There is no 'better' string.

Komachi's a shit character, and I'm too shit a player to take 'advantage' of her abilities because I won't run away.

>> No.741725
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GGs, Kyon. Seems I'm still no match for you Aya, but getting there. You have an annoying Dragonforce.

>> No.741731

i am glad i decided to just glance at the rest of the thread

>> No.741749 (EU)

>> No.741750
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Stop saying my waifu sucks.

>> No.741760

Try using projectiles more if behind. Since you play Komachi, throw coins and RUN if you're not too scared. And then there's always TELEPORT.

>> No.741770

GG. Too laggy. Rehosting.

>> No.741771


Never. Only faggots run away in a FIGHTING game. It's a 'RUN AWAY AND CAMP' game. It's a FIGHTING game, so I'll play it by FIGHTING. Her teleport is worthless.

>> No.741781

Well I'll be smart and continue to suck cock then.

>> No.741782

>She also has an unblockable teleport attack

I stopped reading there. She has an UNGRAZEABLE teleport attack. Both hers and Reimu's teleports can be blocked. Granted, if you stand in the wrong place when her portal opens, you could block the wrong way, but that's part of the game knowledge you need to pick up. And if you can't border escape Alice's DOLL-X BARRAGE, you have no right to complain. Period!

If you're going to bitch, bitch about Komachi's corner 5A, which SOMEHOW tends to push people OUT of the corners guaranteeing a mix-up hit. Even then, there are anti-airs for each character that keeps her from even getting to do it!

>> No.741809


>> No.741825

ggs Dragon person, I'm getting kinda tired now

I love SWR marisa, so many types of lasers. I'm not sure who won more games in that series it was pretty even.

>> No.741832

Yes, because tourneyfags and their faggotry is new to me.


Play to win, blah blah blah. I try to play how I want and how is fun, if you have a problem with that, go to Smashboards. Maybe you can find a section you can talk about SWR in.

>> No.741833
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I give up.

>> No.741840

tl;dr >>741771 is a scrub.

Although, I like the paragraph on throwing, although back in SF days, Sagat was a cheap bastard with hardly NO openings to get inside. It still baffles me why he's not SF main villain instead of Bison.

>> No.741860
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>> No.741879

Also I think I definitely got better during that game. I have an air 2a now instead of just an air c and 22c. Next I should try to get a 6a air working so I can stop being kicked into the corner while flying and such.

Learned much about how to block your stuff to. My next goal is to learn how to highjump, especially high jump cancel.

Also I still haven't played the Alice or Yuyu everyone is complaining about. Probably because I've been playing novices so far (being one myself).

>> No.741880

Actually, you're the scrub.

A scrub elitist, no less. If someone doesn't play the way YOU want, you get pissed off. I'm not even having to try to make you RAAAAAGE like some stupid faggot.

Oh, wait, it's summer. Probably /v/ migrants.

>> No.741883

Now you know why I feel confident that newer players can beat him with his own character, not knowing what the hell does what.

>> No.741889

GGs, though you definitely need to pick more than just a couple of tactics with Marisa. Someone with better timing than me could probably easily counter your whole game.

>> No.741899

>If someone doesn't play the way YOU want, you get pissed off

Enjoy getting continuously beaten with minimum effort and not learning anything. ...and I'm not even a tourneyfag.

I'm done.

>> No.741931

you sure like spam characters lol.

>> No.741936

GG, Profile1. Usually I die horribly to Shameimaru players.

>> No.741939

If you're not a tourneyfag, why are you getting so upset at someone who plays for fun? I play how I want for fun. If that means someone else can beat me, so fucking what?

I never said I was a good player. I'm one of the worst players, I've always said such, I've always believed such, and it's true. I'm a shitty player playing an almost bottom tier character in a way that is 'wrong'. I do not expect to win, and go into every match expecting to lose.

Trying to tell me to 'get better' by doing something I've said since a week ago I wouldn't do is ridiculous, and only makes you look like stupid. Reading comprehension can't be that hard, can it?

>> No.741943


>> No.741954

>Reading comprehension can't be that hard, can it?
>I'm done.

Obviously, it is to some.

>> No.741965

I'm going to have to teach the Komachi guy's side on this one. Seriously, who the fuck cares if he's not playing to the fullest? If he thinks running is for pussies, so what, why do you have to launch into rants and tourneyfag/casualfag bullshit? Are you that fucking defensive over the fact you use running in your playing to win strategies? This is just a thread for playing SWR, it isn't fucking /v/. He can play however the fuck he wants, dumb or not. If he won't play 'better' because of silly personal biases, who the fuck cares? Why do you have any sort of personal interest in whether or not he plays up to his potential? Are you secretly entering him in tournaments and betting on him or something?

tl;dr take the faggotry to /v/, let the fucks here play however they want to play, never say scrub again or I'll rape your mother

>> No.741977

And yet you're still talking.

You have to have the last word because you're a bad troll. This isn't a SUPER SRS VIDYA GAME, it's a shitty Touhou fighter that lacks balance and good gameplay, and almost everyone is going to forget all about it within a month in favor of the real Touhou games.

>> No.741984

sorry much too laggy

>> No.741985

GG. Rehosting.

>> No.741990


The problem is that you can't tell which way it's coming from until you're already hit, and it's fairly common to have it appear behind you. It's far too fast to block on reflex, and it's largely random, (as a Yukari main told me) even for the user. Hence, impossible to consistently block.
By the way guys, if at least some of the gameplay issues are addressed in a patch as some people mentioned earlier, I'll certainly pick it up again, but for now, I'm sick and tired of dying to the same shit over and over.
And >>741832
If the tourneyfags thought they'd win by turtling, you better believe they would. They only attack when it's advantageous, and it's simply fallacious to claim that they are always rush rush rush die you motherfucker. For instance, it's not terribly smart for Alice to attack a Suika in superarmor weather. Refusing to run away when appropriate is refusing to play the game seriously.

>> No.741992

i want to see magister with Tenshi.

>> No.741994

It meant I was done with the issue. I'm still here for matches, obviously, moron.

Butthurt troll is butthurt. Now go "play for fun" and stop flooding the thread with your nonsensical defense on why you can't play with certain characters.

>> No.742019

We care because #1 He's saying that we're faggots for not playing the game the way he wants and #2 It's just as annoying as someone who gives up if they fall behind. It's the same thing: not playing to your potential. You'd have a better chance of winning if you did either, yet you'd no doubt find my example annoying and still manage to delude yourself into thinking his is different. If you think it's A-OK for someone to give up when they're at 60% life and you're at 80%, then I guess my point doesn't stand, but otherwise, please shut the hell up.

>> No.742023

then glide up

>> No.742030
File: 57 KB, 300x300, 1212369149155.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Only faggots run away in a FIGHTING game. It's a 'RUN AWAY AND CAMP' game. It's a FIGHTING game, so I'll play it by FIGHTING.

Scrub at its finest.

also komachi doesnt suck, she is my relaxed waifu.

>> No.742038

I hate this worthless article. Everyone torneyfag who reads it jerks off to the first page and puts it in the favourites.

>Everything is fair game, stop asking people to play by your rules, do what you have to win, scrub.
>Except playing as Akuma! Holy fuck, that's totally different. Oh jesus. Akuma BAWWWWWW

>> No.742040

hosting again,, US

>> No.742041


>> No.742042
File: 151 KB, 479x682, 1212369270269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody hosting for a novice in the US?

>> No.742054


I hate it too, but your example is completely retarded. The point is that there ARE certain rather extreme exceptions, and Akuma is a good fucking example of one.

>> No.742058
File: 152 KB, 700x800, 1212369477520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

West Coast US Hostan

>> No.742059



>> No.742060
File: 19 KB, 276x376, 1212369526361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's just as annoying as someone who gives up if they fall behind.

Also, I never said I wanted people to play how I do. Never once. I want people to play how they want to play, because that's how I play. It would be rude and stupid as fuck to want people to play how I play, since it's a stupid way to play. I love how people are forcing entire concepts and ideals into my mouth when I've said none of them.

>> No.742062

I've nothing against the example, it's how he puts it forwards. Pages of "DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO" and then he breaks down to tears.

>> No.742067

It's not cheap.

If they're using Akuma and you're not, SWITCH TO AKUMA.

You either play to win or you're a fucking scrub. Why won't you use Akuma? Too cheap? What a piece of shit scrub. I mained Marth and Fox in melee, and I didn't give a shit if I were playing with my friends or not. They deserved every second of ass rape they got. You use the cheapest and strongest character you can if you're playing to win. You can't have it both ways, scrub.

>> No.742073
File: 504 KB, 960x720, 1212369659541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reimu with Youkai Buster only. FINAL DESTINATION!

It's a teleport, it's not suppose to have a fixed location, unlike Reimu or Sakuya's. Testing it, it appears 2 body lengths away on defautl. Pressing either 4 or 6 either shortens or lengthens the distance. Basically, just hold back when you see her go in. If it's near, she'll appear exactly where she entere and you either get the block or the whiff. If it's normal, you'll block and be ready to counter since after the initial kick is blocked she has a spin delay. If it's far, it'll whiff tremendously, so unleash your quickest bullet or dash towards to combo. The air version is the same, only she's pretty much dead in the water on blocks (LOL, 1 second delay?) Same properties, same exit as entry on default, 6 shoots her diagonally forward, and 4 shoots her backwards. ALL are punishable on block or whiff, so simply hold back on entry, any set-up bullets be damned.

tl;dr Block when you disappears. Simple, no?

>> No.742077


Please stop. Don't continue this tourneyfag/casualfag bullshit. This isn't fucking /v/, stop making it /v/ you faggots. This is just a thread to play fucking SWR FOR FUN. If you want to be faggots about it take it to /v/ or IRC. God, I hate every last one of you.

>> No.742078


If you'd actually read it, you'd notice that he's also talking about having fun, just like all you casualfags whine about us missing out on so much, and his logic is stuff that messes up the game to the point where it's not fun anymore = bad. Not terribly hard to figure out, eh?

I wish casualfags would just realize that tourneyfags enjoy different things. Same goes for the tourneyfags who bitch when people play *OMG* SSB WITH ITEMS ON?! of course.

>> No.742080

Fuckers need to stop arguing and play me.

>> No.742084


>> No.742090

Wah, we are in different leagues. GGs though

>> No.742092

GGs. You were all over the place. I didn't even have time to think.

>> No.742094

It's a cancerous cyst on /v/'s left testicle that was surgically removed and thrown into the trash that is /jp/.

>> No.742100

Holy shit that looks like Yoshitaka Amano

>> No.742102

Trust me sometimes even I'm amazed those moves actually work.

>> No.742113
File: 270 KB, 850x1100, 1212370044462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Indeed it does remind of Amano's art.

>> No.742121

While these are words of wisdom I'd like to add the following from a Yukari main: Covering your teleport(s) with bullets, or using the 'ports your opponent is airborne significantly reduces your opponent's ability to block. Blocking it also allows Yukari to pin opponents in the corner very well. Unfortunately she can not capitalize or blockstring well once there. The recovery time of the move can be deceptive depending on the time of hit it will grant frame advantage if you hit them late in the ground spins or low from the air. Is it overpowered though? Hell no. I mostly use it to trick my opponent into thinking I messed up, or make them think I'm an idiot thus launching an easily countered attack.

>> No.742123

Taught me a thing or two about Sakuya at least. That bounce-back from 5C is hella effective if you fire it off high enough.

>> No.742152

So I found out that you CANNOT block Yukari's teleport under one condition: If she is doing her GROUND teleport and you're in the AIR. Other than that, you can block every other instance of teleport.

Turns out I fail against other Reimus. I need to practice not being so foolhardy. Somehow, it's hard to just change that while still being aggressive. Any ideas?

>> No.742157

Run and hide. You're a good Reimu user, you know the blockstrings and combos, you know how to beat them. Use it to your advantage to stop them and punish them as hard as you can.

>> No.742158

You didn't know? You can't air-block attacks from an opponent that's on the ground.

>> No.742165

I think that's stupid

>> No.742170
File: 125 KB, 800x565, 1212370663675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope this hits auto sage soon so we can have a new thread temporary devoid of this faggotry.

If you want to insult the people on /jp/ for their SWR opinions and playing ability there’s actually an entire channel devoted to it on irc.mizuumi.org #SWR. There you can sit around on your high horses furiously circle jerking that you dislike or beat anonymous people on the internet in a just-released, imbalanced game relatively nobody plays, whose main attraction is little girls in frilly dresses designed by a mad Japanese alcoholic.

>> No.742172
File: 68 KB, 430x610, 1212370680588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>or make them think I'm an idiot thus launching an easily countered attack.

I'll admit, I would've fell for it, more times than I wish to count...

I didn't take jumping or flying opponents into account because being in the air is halfway to being dead in the water anyway. If you're in the air, no matter how long Yukari's delays are, you'll either take a laser trying to pinpoint her with a bullet (and if you're already blocking or flying to avoid the initial bullets, any block would be taxing or simply be crushed), or simply block all the way back to land and restart from square one eating kunais and lasers again. I was only talking from a grounded opponents standpoint, because the damn Practice mode won't let jumping opponents block...

>> No.742173

Most characters can't hit that high anyway. Yukari's teleport fucks that all up though.

>> No.742182

No it does--wait, I'm sure tha--there's no way that coul--

You know, I can't think of a single instance where this isn't true, but Armando was surprised about it when he tested it.

>> No.742188

can somone host?

>> No.742190

>Turns out I fail against other Reimus.
>Any ideas?

No, if YOU'RE asking for Reimu help, then there's no hope for the future... I'm finding her stationary boundary skillcard most helpful. Tried it yet?

>> No.742202

Well, to be fair, that Reimu was just a flat out better player than I am. I know how to fight offensively, but I fail at keeping my own hide intact.

And I tried it, didn't like it. Maybe you can persuade me.

>> No.742216

This is why you should never airtech towards Komachi. Unless you're pretty high up, you'll get a nice 5a to the face, and I'm sure someone better could find something to combo into it.

>> No.742218

new thread time?

>> No.742225

yeah, ggs

>> No.742227

Low level Remi here, can't host

>> No.742238


>> No.742239
File: 11 KB, 230x236, Spin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Screenshot just for comparison. Hit isn't that higher than Yukari's head, but Yukari is a big girl. Her huge hitbox is a big liability.

>> No.742243

Sure Thing. Yuyuko could use a snack.

>> No.742244

Imagine a elementary school basketball game with lolis. The lolis are just bein all cute and shit, playing their basketball. Now imagine Charles Barkley passes by, and totally destroys them at basketball. And then rapes them.

That's what being a tourneyfag is like. And it's awesome.

>> No.742271

Things are civil now. stfu and gtfo

>> No.742273


>> No.742278
File: 28 KB, 192x256, reimuIaMPsmile.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First off, my Reimu is NO WHERE as pressurized as yours, but I've managed to put together some nice blockstrings to those who fail to tech out of corners because of it. Set it underneath on wake-ups (timing is crucial when it must be set, otherwise you'll set it as they're flying off to safety or tech forward out of the corner, or simply it'll detonate itself and you've wasted an orb and an opening), j.6A/j.2A > j.2B j.2C j.6A > whatever it is you do afterwards (failed to mimic that part of your corner strings yet, so I just end up improvising) for jump outs or grazers. If they're in blockstun, you know the rest.

Then, it's nice as a surprise tactic, just randomly setting it and waiting for them to accidentally land on or around it (I've caught many Aya players this way). Most of her bullets follow up nicely to it, but from then on, it's up to the player what to do. You being the rushdown player you are, you'd probably have more success chasing them down and following routine during and afterwards. Me, a simple 6C will do, then repeat the above.

I'd say experiment with it a little more, it is much better than the other two boundaries cards. Just some thoughts, from a Scrub to an Advanced.

>> No.742293


Oh noes!

>> No.742294

There's no limit on when it explodes? It just sits there until someone walks on it or I reset its position?

>> No.742295

God, why did I LOL at the vision of Barkley two-hand gorilla dunking, then yelling at a crying white girl "JUST SHUT UP AND JAM!!"

>> No.742313

Yes, it explodes and trap the opponent if they get within a few pixels of it. It'll disappear after a while, granted (est. 5 seconds), but under a knocked down player, it explodes almost immediately and stays in effect for about a second or two. Long enough to do what needs to be done.

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