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So who'se smarter /jp/? Ran or Eirin?

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Ran only knows how to be a mom

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Eirin, she's a nurse. Ran is about as smart as a fox.

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Ran has more INT, Eirin has more WIS.

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and Eirin only knows how to make shady drugs.
If they combined their knowledge, who knows what could happen.

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Nitori, Rikako, and Chiyuri are all smarter.


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For some reason it is canon that Ran and Yukari are good at advanced mathematics.

I guess thinking with borders requires good maths, but why is Ran so smart?

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But Eirin doesn't. This is the only thing she doesn't know. She's 1200-years old virgin after all.

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That is probably the best answer I could've got.

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That would make Ran a Wizard and Erin is what Druid? DND is not really my thing.

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Ran is a living computer

Read ZUN's encyclopedia entry canon thing on her I forget what the book is called

But yeah Ran is way smarter

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Tony Taka?

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A challenger appears

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lol wat

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touhou encyclopedia? sauce please.

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Tony Taka is one of my favorite artists and I am offended that you mistook this other great artist's work for his.

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Foxes are smart, crafty creatures in Japanese lore.

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Ran has a better brain, but Eirin is more educated.

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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense and Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red.

Go look on the wiki at pooshlmer for them.

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The Three Wise Magis of the East...
One from the Silvery.
One from the Library.
One from the History.

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That's, wow nice

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Eirin, Patchouli, Keine?

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Ran is a Shikigami, also known as a computer.

Therefore, Ran has high INT and low WIS.

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/thread over

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Looking at her spellcards, she's also a boddhisatva... And don't put too much stock in Rinnosuke's attempts to interpret the outside world.

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which is?

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Ran knows math, Eirin knows science and medicine.

They can both be smart.

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The Moon. I did the rhyme forcefully.
Bad, isn't it?

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No, it was great.

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I like it

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at her spellcards....

Shikigami's Radiance "Princess Tenko -Illusion-"

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Mathematics and Science are directly connected, hence the elements.

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Cirno is the smartest.

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Cam't agree you more.

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You should expect Yukari to be really good at math (and her Shikigami, as well). It is probably connected closely with her ability to control gaps, a concept that doesn't even appear to be remotely simple, and would benefit from being able to make the insane calculations needed to open a controlled spatial hole from one place to another.

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She has 1200 years of experience

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One way to think of experience is that it is the ability to make complex things seem simple. But they aren't actually simpler.

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